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Character List Catherine - The girlfriend of Tito. A tall girl who has a big dream to become a comedian and work for the committee club but takes a chance by quitting committee school. Tito - The boyfriend of Catherine and a cool man who is trying to help Catherine become a comedian for the committee club but has to convince her to quit her committee school to help her for fill her dreams of working their.

Nerdlandia Act II A play by Andre Poon

scene I In the park

(Eyes downcast Tito asks the girl to introduce herself to his friends) Catherine: Um hi.

(Martin interrupts) Martin: how did you two meet senorita? (Tito interrupts their conversation anxiously) Tito: That is none of your business!!!! (Tito says loudly) Martin: ok ok ok (he mumbles) I didn’t want to know anyway *mutter mutter*. (The lights dim down the girl returns to her seat but Tito gets her back up on to the stage and behind the curtain and tells her what to do during intermission) Tito: (he whispers) good job now here’s what I want you to do (I can’t tell you all the things he said now can I?)

Scene II (The lights come back on and the intermission ends. Tito and Catherine on the stage.) Catherine: I have to now go to my committee class now see you later k? Martin:why must you go to that school your funny already. Catherine: because if i’m going to be a comedian i’m going to have to learn even more funnier jokes.

Martin: are you kidding me you’re funny enough to be a comedian already besides Fluffy (Fluffy AKA Gabriel Iglesias world renowned comedian) learned by experiencing and doing things that are funny and he never went to a committee school. Catherine: I know I know but i’m different. Martin: okay hold on (he yells) what makes you different from him? Catherine: well i’m not fat i’m still 17 and i’m… (Martin interrupts) Martin: And what you’re not funny enough to be like him.(he says sarcastically) (a pause came over her and Martin helps her out by telling her the next line) Catherine: Welll (she says cautiously) Martin: Well what! Catherine: Welll i’m not exactly the funniest girl in the commebian list. Martin: No don’t do that don’t ever put yourself below anyone else at all!(Tito says anxiously) Catherine: Ok fine I won't go any more but how am I ever going to become famous? huh? Marine: I will book you a gig in small places

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