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Brimstone Bride & Brotherly Ritual Guide Revision 1.01 World of Darkness Sorcerer Fan-Fiction © Andrè M. Pietroschek, all rights reserved

Warning & Recipe for Adult Fiction in one!

Arcane Merit & Arcane Background quicker&simplified: Arcane works like passive Obfuscation, as it hinders Sleepers to draw awakened conclusions, thereby triggering Paradox, and it camouflages the Identity of the Owner from curiosity, paranoia, scrutiny, spying and investigation. Sadly though, it was always ST whimsical, never a clear rule for rolling it when you are the investigator or competitor depending on it as well! Two Variants: •

Per Dot in the Merit or Background (only one is used for WoD Sorcerer) the Person or Institution attempting to find out about the Sorcerer or Sorceress needs one more success. That's quick and easy.

The Arcane Owner rolls his or her dice number (each dot is one die) of Arcane to neutralize successes of the investigation or divination used against him or her while unaware of that. This approach is fairer, allowing the highly skilled investigators to catch the sorcerer or sorceress proverbially off-guard.

Arcane works against the Perception+Empathy roll of a Vampire using Auspex just as well, as against a sleuth or journalist using Intelligence+Investigation or against a competing Sorcerer doing a Divination via Perception+Fortune Telling or similar.


WoD Sorcerer – Ranks and their Benefit “Sorcery is subtle in effect and because of that does NOT cause Paradox like the Magic of Mages in The Ascension or The Awakening...”. The sentence both guides and haunts, as actually there comes a point, where Sorcerers&Psychics, as the only faction, are too subtle to remain playable. If one settles them in the generic WoD and expects them to survive among Vampires, Werewolves, Sin-Eaters, and all the other denizens, then they need a way which makes them more durable without crushing playability. This text here is just my 1st quick-fix. It is untested. •

Novice:The Sorcerer or Sorceress is capable of spending his or her dots on two Sorcery Paths, which both start with one bonus dot. Most Survival-Enhancing Background, like in example Arcane or my Obfuscation-Variant, starts with one bonus dot, too. Being a Novice usually measures the 'Chosen few Sane' in their 1st year as a Sorcerer. Cost: 1 Freebie, as this rank is a must!

Initiate: The Sorcerer or Sorceress is capable of spending his or her dots on three Sorcery Paths, which each start with one bonus dot. A 2 nd Survival-Enhancing Background, like in example Arcane or my Obfuscation-Variant & Mentor, Sanctum or Past Life, receives one bonus dot, too. Being an Initiate usually measures the 2nd to 5th years as a Sorcerer. For Playability the Aura of an initiate grants him or her one soak die against harm, including aggravated & preternatural damage. Cost: 9 Freebies or later 18 EXP. Prerequisite: Novice

Adeptus & Adepta, Minor: The Sorcerer or Sorceress is capable of spending his or her dots on four Sorcery Paths, which each start with one bonus dot. A 3rd Survival-Enhancing Background, like in example Arcane or my Obfuscation-Variant & Mentor, Sanctum or Past Life, receives one bonus dot, too. Being a minor adept usually measures the 6 th to 10th years as a Sorcerer. For Playability the Aura of a minor adept grants him or her two soak dice against harm, including aggravated & preternatural damage. Cost: 15 Freebies or later 30 EXP. Prerequisite: Novice&Initiate.

Adeptus & Adepta, Major: The Sorcerer or Sorceress is capable of spending his or her dots on five Sorcery Paths, which each start with one bonus dot. Major Adepts may create the 5th Sorcery path themselves and gain the bonus dot nonetheless. Being a major adept usually measures the 10th to 20th years as a Sorcerer. For Playability the Aura of a major adept grants him or her three soak dice against harm, including aggravated & preternatural damage. Cost: 50 EXP. Prerequisite: Novice, Initiate & Minor Adept.

Adeptus & Adepta, Extraordinaire: Here the adept must decide, whether to remain a Sorcerer or to ”reawaken”, as a Mage, by worshiping each split personality aspect or undiscovered manipulator as an “Avatar”. The Sorcerer or Sorceress is capable of spending his or her dots on six Sorcery Paths, which each start with one bonus dot. Three Survival-Enhancing Backgrounds, like in example Arcane or my Obfuscation-Variant & Mentor, Sanctum or Past Life, received one bonus dot, too. Being an extraordinaire adept usually measures the 20th to 30th years as a Sorcerer. For Playability the Aura of an extraordinaire adept grants him or her four soak dice against harm, including aggravated & preternatural damage. Cost: 75 EXP. Prerequisite: Novice, Initiate, Minor&Major Adept.

Each Rank receives one automatic bonus die when using sorcery for or against a lower ranking Sorcerer or Sorceress. Likewise it needs more successes, to harm higher ranked Sorcerers and Sorceresses as well.

A Sorcerer or Sorceress can decide for lower-ranks as Allies, Contacts or Retainers. A higher ranking mentor is possible too.


The Pathway of Seeing the Unseen (via video obscura) This variant is not completely equalized with the purposely unfinished version used in my “Dreams from within Ceoris�. For Sorcerers it is merely a guideline, much less important than a Vampiric Road is to Vampires. 1. Handle your personal and spiritual needs in a mindset of modesty and caution. Safety and Survival are needed to progress. 2. Never endanger your family or fellows on the pathway by your words, deeds, and neglects. 3. Progress to Adepthood and fortify your Arcane, as they help you in both, survival and discretion beyond your own limits. 4. Practice the Arts of Detection and Awareness, as other means to discover the camouflaged and unseen. Note principles & discoveries properly. 5. Share Key-Principles and discoveries with those who walk the pathway as your equals & Higher ones. 6. Invest efforts to re-investigate the known for new options due your progresses through the years. 7. Meditate in Death-Trance and wrestle your proverbial inner demons to fortify your personality against the risks of madness and despair. 8. Kill, when it has to be! More than one Sage or Mystic was bloodily undone, as our nonviolent ideals were turned against naive minds on the pathway. The Inquisition never deserved our forgiveness, and neither do those who harm us on purpose. 9. Prepare for your own Death and handle your private and social affairs. With the Final of the Pathway begins the final chapter of your Life. 10. Face the judgment of God and the World, stand in for your decisions and sorcery when the inevitable catches up with you! This includes yet is not reduced to the choice between a dignified death or the limited longevity sorcery may provide.


Mortals and their Quests for Longevity Roleplay should be fun for all participants. If players take on the task of playing Psychics&Sorcerers which are much less powerful than Vampires, Werewolves and Mages, then there should be both, solutions and opportunities for them! Same for Combat. One in the group focuses Healing Sorcery. Reminds much of the D&D Cleric, eh? Now a 2nd player focuses transportation or Conveyance. Effect: When the group gets bled against story-schedule the ST allows them a teleport to place where their healing works more rapidly or more efficiently. It is still far from healing potions by the dozens for all, yet it allows the group to make sense of their abilities and hold their own against the odds. Herbalism and Alchemy surely should allow balms or potions which reduce aging effects. Fortune Sorcery combined with Divination may make Sorcerers search and discover secrets of older Sorcerers and similar. Remember that in the official Vampire Dark Ages mortal Sorcerers and hermetic Magi both could reach a lifespan of 280 years! While that is quite overdosed, there should be chances for players to achieve what they imagined and live long enough to enjoy the results once or twice even in a World of Darkness. Or especially in a world of darkness, as masters of the path of shadow could whisper! When I wrote the figure Bartholomew van Weyden found in my “Dreams within Ceoris.pdf” I decided, that his 1st own achievement was, to develop a ritual to grant temporal darksight. Is much more convenient for a Shadow-Sorcerer to blind others, then to tap around helplessly through the own darkness? Yes, it is. Dark-Sight is a 2point merit for Vampires, not for Mortals. His 2nd achievement then was actually incorporation of merits into rituals. Needless to note, one needs the merit to attempt the ritual. He molded “Spirit Guide and Totem” into his Shadow-Sorcery, making the darkness whisper alerts and hints to him whenever he did spend a willpower point for it. Allowing players such blending of existing parts actually may give them the experience they need, to really craft a full Sorcery path with all dots and rituals themselves later. I limited that by raising the prerequisites. You need 5 dots in one existing parts, which was too easy, as a freshly made Sorcerer could have them already, PLUS you need Major Adept rank as I defined it above. Now you needed ten years of experience due surviving as a Sorcerer before you could rewrite the rules. Instead of just taking away from the players I switched places as creating their own rituals and combining merits with rituals gave them a quite potent and easier option to start with. While official books supply aplenty, I found making players develop what they find important actually credits them more and increases atmosphere. Vampire offered the idea, to create effects by combining two or more disciplines, using them in unison for one specific effect. That principle is static enough, to work for Sorcery too! Fortune Path OOO with Summoning, Binding&Warding OO to make one insect per success sting or bite a deserving target to infect it with a nasty disease or ugly looking bloody blotch! Divination OOO with Alchemy OO find a medication in your drug store, 4

which, as a side effect, cures the problem you suffer from. Both plausible and subtle enough for Sorcery I would guess.

Snuggling them in – An old habitual tradition While some never realized it and others never admitted it, there has been a very great number of roleplayers who simply couldn't enjoy the World of Darkness before they had managed to smuggle their favorite Dungeons & Dragons stuff or spells in! Fast Healing Rituals in Example: Healing OOOO with Shadows OO, Healing Sleep. Target falls asleep for eight hours and heals rapidly in that time. Effect: 50% of lethal wounds healed or one Disease removed. Healing OOOO with Summoning, Binding&Warding OOO, Healing Circle. A ritual circle, typical in size, allows all to enter it, to heal at accelerated rate. Heals one level of bashing damage in ten minutes, one level of lethal damage per hour and one level of aggravated damage in 4 hours. Duration: 6 hours if not dispelled. Combat Measures: Hellfire OOO with Conjuration OO and Summoning, Binding&Warding OOO, Gift a Grenade. The Sorcerer seemingly makes a firebomb or grenade show up in the pocket of a target in line of sight. Clearly a revenge from a player who was fond of Fireball? x-) Shadows OOOO with Hellfire OOO, Disguised Blast. A lightning bolt, acid splash or flame dart hits one target, while all minds of witnesses around are so befuddled, that nobody notices it and henceforth no direct Paradox is triggered. Weather Control OOOO with Fortune OOO, Nature as Ally. Wind blasting dirt into a snipers eyes, rain making it harder for a fiery foe, bending it subtly to your temporal benefit comes in a variety of ways, depending on situation. Mana Manipulation OOOO with Fortune OOOO, Invisible Slayer. The Sorcerer does not only harm the internal flow of energies in the targets body, but does it in the most harmful way possible. Causing one point of Aggravated Damage per Success. For the duration of the effect the target may not use Mana, Quintessence, Blood or Gnosis or similar and sustained effects active will be ended by it. A target failing a willpower roll, difficulty 8, will be impaired as usual in the round it happens and shocked in the following round. As only Awareness, Auspex or similar powers allow to witness it, there is no Paradox triggered.


The Sorcery Path - Arcane Ways This path is based in versatility. Limited as this may be for Sorcery. Arcane Ways helps to temporarily bolster weaknesses and temporarily master otherwise unknown rituals. It is no standalone path, as it is fully designed as supporting effects for times of need. O Sense Arcane Winds This power equals the Synergy O effect, as it allows to recognize other Sorcerers in the line of sight of the caster. The duration lasts for ten seconds and the effect can be opposed by Arcane or Counterspells. Roll: Perception+Awareness OO Parry the Mental Grasp By expenditure of a temporal willpower point the Sorcerer or Sorceress gains the equivalent to Psychic Mind Shields for one scene. Four dice against Psychic effects yet only 2 dice against Vampiric Disciplines or Mage Spheres and similar powers. OOO Spellwrest Mind By expenditure of a temporal willpower point the Sorcerer or Sorceress invokes the ability to learn any effect which is targeted upon him or her. This does not modify the Counter-Magic roll or damage suffered, it merely grants arcane insight into how such an effect or ritual could be achieved by Sorcery. A Vampires Presence or Majesty O could be Glamor with Warding against Humans, an unknown ritual would be intuitively understood, a Werewolf Gnosis Gift might be mimicked via Mana Manipulation. OOOO Bliss of Hermes Trismegistus By a quick and often desperate incantation one invokes the ability to refresh oneself as those closely around. When the subtle light of the evoked magic lantern colors the scene in a golden shine all regain one willpower and feel refreshed, as if having successfully meditated for one hour. The Sorcerer or Sorceress suffers one level of lethal damage though. Roll: Stamina+Occult OOOOO Desperate Spellwrest By paying in raw life-force the user manages to deflect a supernatural effect or even redirect a mortal magical effect. User must defeat target in a contest of wills (willpower versus enemy willpower) and successful or not, suffers two levels of lethal damage from the enormous and overdrive fast strain to the nervous system and metabolism. Roll: Stamina+Occult or Science OOOOOO Arcane Self-Mastery With the true level of mastery reached, mortal limitations start fading. Arcane background does work even for Sorcerers&Sorceresses with dots in Influence, Status and Fame now, as the social aspect no longer betrays the sorcery aspect. Forbidden backgrounds & merits can be purchased at their regular costs from now on.


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