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MTV EMA Madrid 2010 / Press Release Dvein Client: MTV World Design Studio / Prod. Co.: 8 de Agosto

The Concept.

One of the first commands that we received on how to approach the creation of the EMAs show identity was that we had to search for the look and a feel of one of the most outstanding musical events of pop music in Europe, and not only of Europe anymore, but of the world. We were quite new in conceptualizing in images a music event, and working for MTV was a huge proposal. “Impact” was the first word that came to our mind. The creative team of MTV gave us two clear directions on what they would like to work in: arcade games and sports. The choice of such contemporary allusions, and the will of taking them to the future, was not at all thriling. Both of those concepts are strongly linked to how the MTV EMAs are perceived, not in the strict sense but as underlying significations that we consider an award ceremony signed by MTV echoes. MTV has an original, unorthodox touch, always explosive, visually bold and foremost innovative, and we got the opportunity of adding the fun Dvein spirit to it. One of the visual references that we first took to build the EMAs show identity was the logo, already developed by MTV. We saw in it the meeting point of the concepts that we wanted to develop for this-year’s EMA. Together with the MTV people, and embracing pop culture, we directed our proposal having fierce competition as the key point of the EMAs visual identity. It is an awards ceremony, and we cannot ignore that only one can win.

We decided to portrait the competition with a balls’ race, featuring speed, adventure, thrill. We wanted to make those concepts visible with a three-dimensional net of slides painted with the vibrant colors from the logo’s palette, and making the logo a representation of the competition arena, with several tracks where the balls would compete. Visually, our main reference was pinball. Pinball games have frequently been featured in pop culture as a symbol of rebellion and nonconformity, and that fits the MTV spirit perfectly. Just like in a pinball game, the show begins with the impulse of an eager ball, willing to find out what comes up next –the audience-, willing to compete –the contestants-, the ball is the metaphor of them: it moves from one space to the other, it mutates, it reacts to the circumstances. The result of all these reflections, and the hard work that came after, which would not have been possible to deal with without an awesome production team, is the MTV EMA 2010 identity. Let the party begin!

The Process.

Visual Treatment Evolution. First Draft


First Draft


Visual Treatment Evolution. Drawings & Sketches of the Slicers and Bowling

Visual Treatment Evolution. Proposals for the look & feel of the Slicers

Visual Treatment Evolution. Final Look & Feel

Visual Treatment Evolution. Pin’s First Draft

Visual Treatment Evolution. Pin’s Second Draft

Visual Treatment Evolution. Pin’s Final Look & Feel

Visual Treatment Evolution. First Drafts of the graphic elements

Visual Treatment Evolution. Final Team Logo’s development

Visual Treatment Evolution. Walker’s Drawing’s & Sketches

Visual Treatment Evolution. Walker’s First Draft

Visual Treatment Evolution. Walker’s Final Look & Feel.

The Credits

Client: MTV World Design Studio Concept: MTV World Design Studio Milano & Dvein Production Company: 8 de Agosto ( Direction and Art Direction: Dvein ( Character Rigging: Hugo García ( Animation: Hugo García, Bernardo González, Physalia Studio ( & Dvein Post-production: Physalia Studio, Dvein, Bernardo González, Alba Ribera & María Anton Illustration & Graphics: Superexpresso Music and Sound Design: Alejandro Candela at Flowaudio ( Executive producer: Carolina López Producers: Ico Romero & Sergi Roda

Identidade Visual: EMA 2010  

Detalhes sobre o projeto de identidade visual do EMA 2010.

Identidade Visual: EMA 2010  

Detalhes sobre o projeto de identidade visual do EMA 2010.