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Andre Alves Rochester NY tells you all about the Genesee River and High Falls in Rochester

Andre Alves Rochester NY HighFalls and the Genesee River

Andre Alves from Rochester NY explains that the Genesee river floats downhill it starts at south of High Falls in PA passing by Geneseo NY, Lechworth Park in the southern part of Rochester NY, then the downtown Rochester where the High Falls area is. Lake Ontario is only about 8 to 10 miles from the High Falls (Rochester NY), when the water is clear the river is free of sediments that make the water dark in color. The more sediment deposited in the water the darker the color would be. Rivers get a lot of sediments when it rains. The Genesee River in Rochester NY carries sediment into Lake Ontario from where it has passed before. A lot of sediment can be deposited with the years. Earth is around 4.4 billion years old, that’s very old a good example given was that Bill Gates has a lot more than 4.4 billion dollars. We humans were around for just 3 million years. If we had to make a comparison and fit everything in just one year, Dinosaurs would have been born around Thanksgiving, we Humans 1 minute before midnight on December 31st and the Ice Age one second before midnight on December 31st. Adds Andre from Rochester NY. The Ice age changed the course of the Genesee River, before it did not pass around the city of Rochester NY. Studies show that it flowed into the Irondequoit Bay. The glaciers blocked the path of the river and it changed its course to Rochester. Because of the ice, Lake Ontario became much deeper than was before. The falls were created due to the lack of level of the river water falls migrate upstream. The falls today keep going back due to erosion and still going back and away from Lake Ontario. The Falls were used for Mills and they were of very important historic value, the top of the river is very flat.

Water Falls are made up of rocks that water goes on top, Shale are soft rocks, Limestone are very hard stone and dulomind. The top layer of water fall also used on construction. These rock layers go sideways east to west, making Niagara Falls in the same layer of rocks that High Falls has adds Andre Alves a Rochester NY resident. The rock geology pancake that are sedimentary, horizontally composed and made up of sedimentary rocks and particles of sand, clay. The ones made of sand particles are called Sandstone, the ones made from Lime particles are called Limestone, and Dolomite is also made of Limestone. If it weren’t for hard stones the falls would not exist in Rochester NY.

High Falls Rochester NY | Genesee River | Andre Alves Rochester Andre from Rochester NY explains when water gets inside the rocks and the change of temperature transforms the water into its solid state and then back to the liquid stage that expansion contributes to the breakdown of the rock layers. Rocks then come down in smaller pieces and start to get a different shape than what they had before. A valley starts in a V shape and then evolves to into a different more wide shape due to the erosion and the rock brake down. Mr. Alves also says: “Because Rochester was under water very old rocks were formed even before insects and animals existed. The top rock layers are always the younger layer.� The different rock layers represent different time periods; this can be proven because some layers have fossils in it that proves that animals , plants or insects were around when they were formed. The Red Sandstone had animal fossils in it. The lower falls have the Kodak stone as its cap layer explains Rochester NY Andre Alves. The City of Rochester NY should make the lower falls an attraction just like the High Falls, Niagara Falls and not let RGE built a fence around the rock layers, as we could see nature will take care of that fence like it did with the previous one mentions Andre Alves from Rochester NY.

Andre Alves Rochester NY All About the Genesee River and High Falls in Rochester  

Andre Alves from Rochester NY explains that the Genesee river floats downhill it starts at south of High Falls in PA passing by Geneseo NY,...

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