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Andre Alves Rochester NY (Aware Bear Computers Rochester NY) Perennial Exchange Group Andre Alves from Rochester NY is a local business owner, an active member of the RIT alumni association, member of the Pittsford Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and founder of the Rochester NY Perennial Exchange Group. Aware Bear Computers Rochester NY is a proud sponsor of the Rochester Perennial Exchange Group. For more information about Aware Bear please visit: When Andre Alves from Rochester NY is not at his office on 5 Monroe Avenue Pittsford NY (Aware Bear Computers) Rochester NY or is doing his community projects (helping the less fortunate), Andre likes the simple things in life. Andre Alves loves to garden whenever the cold Rochester NY weather permits, Andre has over 90 species of perennials at his home in Rochester. “Gardening helps me unwind and by midsummer when my flower gardens start to bloom I really enjoy spending time at home (whenever its possible) and enjoy all the benefits of my hard work” says Andre Alves from Rochester NY. Between the months of May to September its possible to do a lot of gardening around the Rochester NY area. We had an extremely hot 2011 fall and winter months. Temperatures in Rochester NY were close to 50F in December, we had no snow on the ground during Christmas. In 2011 Rochester NY had a “brown” Xmas. Temperatures in Rochester NY are getting warmer every year and the winter is getting pushed forward. A few years back we still had snow in late April.

Aware Bear Computers Rochester NY (Andre Alves Rochester NY) Perennial Exchange Group “20 years ago when I moved to Rochester NY says Andre Alves, I remember being really cold in October and November. I also remember it snowing on Halloween, I have not seen any snow in Halloween for at least 5 or 6 years” says Andre from Rochester NY. Global warming is out and in full effect; during one of Andre’s travels to South America he noticed that the weather temperatures were a lot higher than the usual. Rain is also a problem; it either rains too much on certain areas or not at all. While Andre Alves was in Brazil last year for example, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo (South East cities) got way too much rain, trees were falling down and cutting down the power while in other Brazilian locations there was hardly any rain at all. Andre Alves from Rochester NY also plans to expand the Rochester Perennial Exchange. Andre wants to create an organic vegetable garden exchange group in Rochester NY and an indoor plant exchange group in Rochester NY as well. Growing your own vegetables is very easy and

very rewarding; you cannot put a price on being able to eat fresh produce without the use of any chemicals. Anyone that shops around local Rochester NY supermarkets knows how expensive organically grown vegetables cost. If you are a plant lover you probably have indoor plants as well, indoor plants can also get big pretty fast. Andre Alves from Rochester NY has a gorgeous African violet collection. “My African Violets grow very quickly and multiply even quicker. I have been giving away some gorgeous African violets to friends and family. It would be great to find someone to trade with. Someone that understands them and is able to care for them, growing violets is not an easy task� mentions Andre Alves from Rochester NY. These are only a few ideas we can use next year, if you have any suggestions, ideas or would like to get involved without Rochester NY Perennial Exchange Group please contact Andre Alves. Please keep warm during the winter months and hope to see everyone soon.

Andre Alves Rochester NY (Aware Bear Computers Rochester NY) Perennial Exchange Group