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1. Old big Effe Erre, handsome like a skinned larch. Effe Erre lives as an ascetic now. Effe Erre is really strong, he can make it all by himself.

1. Effe Erre gets potatoes for the work he has done. Or other vegetables. The dog also likes sugar beets. 2. The dog is Effe Erre’s sister’s female puppy. 3. Effe Erre has a sister. She’s gorgeous. 4. Her white skin shines through her dresses. The marrow of her bones shines. 5. And even her organs. But Effe Erre can’t marry his sister. One night they went down the pond.

1. “Don’t look here, Effe Erre!” 2. And Effe Erre didn’t look. 3. Effe Erre felt like a whistle inside. 4. And from the first sister came another sister. 5. And Effe Erre felt another whistle. 6. And new sisters came from the first. 7. Effe Erre was amazed. 8. And this was something he couldn’t do.

1. The call came at 5 in the morning.

1. Through the emergency phone located in the housemistress’ corridor.

1. We had to walk immediately towards the dried part of the river, where they celebrated another of their parties for the end of the time.

1. For two of us it was the first time. But the oldest one guided us self-confident.

1. We quickly had to bring in a safe place away from the burning sun the few people that had survived, lifting them up from their dried up drooling beds that by this point had the consistence of fine glass.

grano blu  

graphic novel

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