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I chose this photo because I am trying to make the digipak relate to the music video as much as possible and this photo reminds me of the video not visually however Romy in this photo is in the costume she wore in the music video. She wears ( denim jacket, blue crop top, hoop earrings, golden chain) this in the most memorable scene of her music video which is at the end and that is why I decided to use this photo because it will link to the music video straight away and keep the target audience focused on it. Additionally, this costume is trendier than the other costumes she wore in her music video and her audience are most likely to be wearing it and as an upcoming artist her first digipak has to give a good first impression of her therefore to attract attention to the digipak she has to be wearing something her audience can relate to. I am aware that when teenagers want to buy albums/digipaks they tend to go for what the artist is wearing or the visual look of it. Furthermore, this photo uses the rule of thirds successfully and catches the audience’s attention

I told Romy to lean against the graffiti wall and I got my inspiration from the photo on the left. I chose this pose because it shows a little of the graffiti which there are in the music video but not too much of it and it concentrates on Romy as she looks directly into the camera.

I decided to do a photshoot with Romy at the Mile End skatepark again because I thought that by incorporating the video onto the digipak going to the setting is best and I was fascinated by the graffiti! This wall certainly caught my attention because of the ‘girly’ pastel colours I thought followed the video’s colour scheme.

Photo I am using for my digipak cover  
Photo I am using for my digipak cover