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Interviews: Olin Borgeson- Creator of Recess Clothing Pg 5 Kyle Tiehrmann- Surfing For Change & Pros vs. GMO’s Pg11 Matt birt- Santa Cruz Board Room Team Rider Pg 15 Josh Hart- Interigation Pg 28

Local Music Scene: Upcoming concerts, shows events and stuff. Pg 19

Tide Chart pg 31

Dr. E. giving this bottom turn it’s daily adjustment on a crispy Lane nug. Photo: Allen Hughes


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Fraink flips out harborside with an artsy Nollie heel, Photo Kelproots Bottom right: Cory Mayer refurbishing waves in Indo.

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Interview with TEAM S.C.F.B.M. Age: 18 Hometown: Santa Cruz Sponsors: Santa Cruz Boardroom, my buddy Matt

Mezio flows me gear outta NHS. Fred Murphy and Brian Reed from Love Dog Tattoo have really helped me out a lot as well. Thank you TC, Matt, Brian, & Fred you all rule!

Favorite spot? Gotta be Jose or Buena.

Goals? Live life to the fullest in every moment and be kind to people.

What do you do when you’re not Skateboarding and working at the Boardroom? Im always down to camp, play guitar, draw, read, I love ping pong .

How has Skateboarding changed since you started? I dont think skateboarding has changed

much but its changes me all the time. Its taught me be confident & courageous, and its always humbling when you eat shit on a flatground trick. And not taking myself and things in life too seriously is a big one for sure.

Best skate brands to ride? Creature, Indy, & Oj

Where do you want to be in five years from now? Healthy and Happy with all my folks.

Role Models? I’m still a young’n but I grew up seeing guys like Lanny Headrick, Mikey Curtis, the Wilhems, Tom Watson, and more recently Matty Contreras ripping and these guys continue to inspire me on and off the board.

Do you have a favorite food or beverage?


I drink a lot of tea.

What’s your favorite event the Boardroom hosts? Our annual Contest in June is always a good-

time, same with Bills events, but TCs Random Acts of Shredness are my favorite. pg 15

Left: Matt at the anual Boardroom Skateboard Art Show... Right: Back 50-50, Photo Alex McWorther

Pg 21

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Pg 27

Sc pool skating master Nathan Horton boardslides the shallow end, we all await his recovery. Photo: Travis Blymyer

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