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My Dreams Fulfilled.

Sofia Monsalve Calderón 10°2

My name is Sofia Monsalve Calderón Born on June 25, 2001 in Girardota In my residence my father attended the birth, my parents are Francisco Luis Monsalve and Claudia Calderon Carolina, Alejandra and Catalina ... I was baptized at 8 months in the Catedral Nuestra Señora Del Rosario, when I was 2 years old I did not like my skin color then to make limp in the pointer and I got on the phone because it was also black, I started my studies at the age of four in Comfama, at the age of five I started preschool at the Institucion Educativa Colombia, also at five years was my first family trip to Santa Marta which was very exciting because I was going to know the sea and to spend a very pleasant days with my whole family.

My first communion was when I was nine years old in the catedral Nuestra Señora Del Rosario at first I was a little nervous, but after a while I felt super good, I had a meeting with my whole family which was a very pleasant time.

My confirmation was when I was 14 in the parish Juan Pablo ll they also made me a family reunion also had a very nice time.

My first trip by plane was towards Tolú it was a moment unforgettable because I was too scared, almost I did not ride the plane was something as unexplained only I travel with my mom and big sister.

One moment that marked my life was when between high school.

I felt a bit strange at first did not know how to act or react, it was very difficult for me to engage Because I was accustomed to play in all the rest, always be cheerful, I did not find it difficult to study ...

And to adjust I was separated from all my friends and I was practically alone, due to the situation I started to make very bad friendships, I was doing very poorly academically, some teachers told me that they did not favor me but did not pay attention to them and seeing my academic performance drop, they quoted my mom and things got worse.

They scolded me a lot; they punished me and even banned me from friendship with her, but still I did not leave her without my parents knowing, but in That time my sister Catalina was still studying there and she told everything to my mother, at that moment I do not see how bad she is, it's even up to my best friend

After many scoldings and calls of attention of the teachers, I reacted and I realized that she did not suit me as a friend and now more than anything I thank my sister for always telling my mom Because now if I see the bad friendship that was‌

My friends have been a great support in my life more than all Juan Esteban Ramirez who has been the best because over time He showed me too many things, it was me who supported me, help me, who made me laugh‌ When I needed it the moment my grandmother died

Also one of the friends that is the moment have influenced in my life is Laura Suarez to which I have known her since we were in preschool but unfortunately we have been too far

Andrea Hincapie has also been a friend since we were little with a coincidence that we have been in preschool we also distanced ourselves too much after we were separated from grade but we were back together last year and we had the same confidence again Because of my young age, my friends have been influential in my life both good and bad

but thanks to my family and some teachers I could leave behind all those bad friendships.

My most significant birthday was the fifteen, my parents celebrated me with a Hawaii party It was one of my best days all I think What I missed that day was dancing vals Because I did not want I shared with all my family and my friends I felt very good was the moment I was waiting anxiously I thank God because I allow myself Spend this moment with my family

The moment that has marked my life was the day my grandmother died was the most fatal moment of my life. My grandmother was someone very important in my life was beautiful; I loved their stories from so many years ago, which left me some very good teachings, I liked too much spending time with her, to feed her, to comb her, to sleep with her, to do the massages that he liked so much‌

My adolescence.

It's strange because I get depressed for anything, I get angry all over, I do not feel comfortable with many things, Stresses me everything, Changes from moment to moment my mood, I can not stand people who want to stand out among others. I consider myself sociable, but very few people accept me because they do not tolerate my way of being.

Thank God he did not let me be carried away by my bad friendships, People say that a will always do what friends do but in my case it is not so, One has to have a lot of personality and be clear that it is what he wants in his life that does not let anything hinder him

Always following the advice of superiors, , To me at the moment I get too angry when my mom or dad scold me but after all they tell me why they do and one less I understand In some occasions I feel that I do not give the best of my, perhaps it is because I am a little lazy

I like pop music, I like to take care of my baby cousins, in few occassions I like to cook, I love to consent to my dog and my cat, spend time with my family, collaborate in everything that I can in my home I do not like to organize a kitchen but it still touches me, that they are giving me orders every time, to be scolded in front of people

At the time the time I have to rest I dedicate myself to practicing volleyball on Tuesdays and Thursdays

In my future I have not yet decided the career I want to study but it will be veterinary medicine or early childhood care, but I would go more with veterinary medicine because since I was very young I liked animals, I like to defend them, take care of them to provide what they need and have my own center, but I would also study early childhood care because I love babies. Over time I will know which of the two courses to choose with the help of my parents or maybe God allows me to study both in due time...

My dreams fulfilled  

my life

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