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He will be a winner in this championship. He has traits that show me that he will be a race winner – and whether that is this year, it is hard to say. The category is so incredibly tight and even to be in the top 10 is an outstanding performance in itself. It's so close – but he definitely has the raw speed, no doubt.

Tim Edwards, Prodrive Racing Australia boss.

THE V8 SUPERCAR DRIVER In the toughest touring car series in the world, young gun André Heimgartner is looking to continue the success he tasted when he became the world’s youngest Formula Ford National Champion. He has been called a future champion by respected members of the sport and has made many hardened observers throughout pit lane take note of his skill, raw speed and maturity behind the wheel. With off-track smarts, media know-how and the right attitude and marketability to go with that racing talent; he has been heralded as a ‘sponsor’s dream’. Competing in the third most popular sport in Australia and also racing in New Zealand, he provides the best of both worlds for companies looking to make their mark in those markets. Already, Heimgartner has proven he has the determination to succeed - locking down top ten finishes and qualifying in the top three; representing his team, his sponsors and himself with grace and professionalism even amidst trying circumstances; and seeking mentorship from the best – including motorsport superstar Greg Murphy. With the correct backing and equipment behind him, the heights this determined young racer could reach are limitless.


Go-karts, following his father’s footsteps


The minimum age for a motorsport licence in NZ - Formula First


Won Mini challenge Endurance event


3rd in his Bathurst debut - Formula Ford


Youngest ever in world to win a National Formula Ford Championship. Wins it twice.


Youngest to race in a national V8 Series - V8 Supertourers Youngest ever to race a full season in Porsche Carrera Cup Winner Australian Porsche Scholarship to Italy Erebus Academy in Formula 3 single seater


Dunlop V8 Development Series- Finance EZI Racing Wins Bathurst 12 Hour class D BMW


V8 Supercars debut – Super Black Racing’s wildcard entry to 2014 Bathurst 1000 - ran 6th until petrol light forced pit stop, finished 11th.


2015 V8 Supercars Championship Series - representing New Zealand’s Super Black Racing youngest driver, and stand-out rookie often in top 10


2016 V8 Supercars Championship Series – Lucas Dumbrell Motorsport

He is a very smooth driver in the car and a very likeable driver outside the car, in other words a ‘sponsor’s dream’. I wish André all the best in his racing future and am sure that he can go a long way in this sport with the right financial backing needed.

Mike Eady, one of NZ’s most respected racing drivers, Senior BMW NZ Driving Instructor -Tracktime Driving School.

THE PERSON On and off the track, Heimgartner is dedicated to his craft. As a graduate of the New Zealand Elite Motorsport Academy of Otago University, a dedicated student of fitness and training year-round, and having completed public speaking and commentary duties to hone his skills in front of the camera; there is no questioning ‘the kid’ lives and breathes all aspects of his chosen career. At the same time, he has a life away from the race track. André has three sisters (one older than him) and he is the only son to his mother Sher-yl (a chartered accountant) and father Mark (a manufacturing engineer and former racer, racing extensively at club level within New Zealand and a successful competitor in Super Sedans/GT1). He is a keen musician (guitar) and sportsman - playing soccer at Premier Grade at club level while also participating in rugby, BMX, cross country running and mountain biking. While living in Melbourne with his sister Renée (who is pursuing a medical career) and his pet snake Basil – the only pet he can keep due to his rigorous schedule – he regularly jets back home to New Zealand to hit the track in his homeland, visit family, and catch-up with the family dog, Oliver.

THE PROFILE André Heimgartner is proving to be a strong media talent and as his star rises, so too does the interest of journalists on both sides of the Tasman. Live on air, in print, and on television; André delivers mature and considered representation for his sponsors and his team to provide the complete on and off-track package. André is also quickly becoming an ‘influencer’ on social media as he builds his profile on and off the race track!

6k+ Facebook likes

In the last 12 months, likes have grown 118%

6k+ Instagram followers

AndrĂŠ is presented to you with my strongest recommendation as an honest, determined and very talented young man who is absolute deserving of commercial support as he strives for the top echelon of motor racing.

Andrew Neale, Canterbury Motor Racing School.

THE CATEGORY: V8 SUPERCARS The V8 Supercars Championship is widely regarded as one of the best and most entertaining motorsport categories in the world. It is the third most attended and fourth most watched sport in Australia; and growing at a rapid pace. Competing on the best race tracks on both sides of the Tasman while also taking the show to locations such as Kuala Lumpur, China and Abu Dhabi; V8 Supercars offers a dynamic entertainment package to fans and exciting opportunities for business.

Australia’s 3rd most popular sport 72% fan recall of sponsors 19m Australian TV viewers 500m TV viewers worldwide 2m+ spectators 10 month season 1,140 hours of live coverage

50m page views and 22m video views – 700k Facebook likes 95k twitter followers 79k Instagram followers

Demographics: 74% of fans are from a family environment 92% of fans are <55 years of age 64% ‘actively support’ V8 Supercar sponsors 40% increases in sponsor awareness year on year 66% aged 17-39 60% fans earn >$80,000p.a Fastest growing segment: females 17-29

I have been involved with literally hundreds of drivers over the past 10 years and very few stand out like André has. With the right backing behind him I am sure André will make the top of the sport. André certainly is a future champion.

Mark Rundle, TEAM BRM

MARKETING OPPORTUNITIES André wishes to present to you not only a chance to expose your brand and your message to millions, but the opportunity to leverage a valuable marketing asset to take your promotional activities to a whole new level. The best marketing ideas are the ones that have been specifically created and tailored to achieve a purpose, to carry a message, and to drive forward a goal. For this reason, André and his team hope to have the chance to meet with you to create a plan that not only helps you meet your goals as a business, but exceeds your expectations entirely.

THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS… From professional brand activations to drive your message home, expand your customer base, and inspire leads; to the ability to drive relationships with your key stakeholders forward through money can’t buy experiences – the possibilities are endless. A relationship with one of this generation’s up and coming V8 Supercar drivers means access to a valuable asset that you can use to drive your agenda forward – whether you are looking to see your name up in lights, or simply want to drive your connection with your customers forward with a unique twist. ü At-track activations – promotional staff and iPad promotions, posters with tear-off data collection for use at autograph sessions ü Unrivalled corporate hospitality options ü In-store promotions ü A unique asset (race car) for your next event or display ü Brand exposure across multiple platforms ü Exciting stakeholder engagement activities – driver meet and greets, autograph sessions, hot laps, garage tours and more ü Exposure in the media ü Pre-event website and social media promotion

ü Car, helmet and racesuit branding plus pit crew apparel branding, providing TV/online/media promotion ü Joint promotions with other team sponsors ü Integration with existing digital marketing ü Product endorsements ü Customer/staff incentive programs ü Dedicated track days – slalom, skidpan etc ü Personal appearances ü Road safety tuition and corporate drive days ü Follow André’s personal journey with personal race reports, including supporter branding

André Heimgartner only turned 20 in June, but that hasn’t stopped him from stepping up to the big time. The Kiwi comes well-credentialed, racing in the Dunlop Series, Carrera Cup, New Zealand SuperTourers and making a wildcard appearance at (2014’s) Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000. That impressive drive convinced team bosses he was the man for the new squad.

Cameron Kirby, Auto Action journalist

Every successful motorsport professional got there in no small part to the generosity of a sponsor or a group of sponsors. This sport not only extends and demands athletic ability, mental toughness, and outright skill â&#x20AC;&#x201C; it also requires considerable funding, especially in the early years of competing at the top level. With the right partnership, the return for those who invest can be significant, and I am committed to working with my valued supporters to make sure that the returns they receive for their support and faith in me is rewarded through the progression of their business goals. To this end, I sincerely hope that my management team and I will have the opportunity to discuss the possibilities between us at your soonest convenience, and I invite you to make contact at any time using the details below. In the meantime, I wish to thank you for your time and consideration in reviewing this document. It is much appreciated. Kindest regards,

AndrĂŠ Heimgartner

Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a richly-deserved second chance for the 20-year-old Kiwiâ&#x20AC;Ś.There were times that Heimgartner was the best of the Prodrive fleet last year. An impressive feat against three pilots who, between them, accounted for 16 wins and the 2015 championship.

Will Dale, Fox Sports

We believe Andrė has already proved he has the talent to succeed in the international motorsport realm. As you will have read in this booklet, he has excelled from the very start – becoming the youngest ever national Formula Ford Champion, being the youngest to compete in the world’s fastest single-make championship, and impressing from his very first days in the V8 Supercar Championship. As well as having the skills on the track, he has worked hard to develop the attitude, the marketability, and the presence necessary to represent his backers off the track at all times. Even amidst the most trying of circumstances, Andrė has become known for his grace under pressure, his professionalism, and his loyalty. With this in mind, an opportunity to associate yourself with an individual such as Andrė Heimgartner is rare. At the same time, Andrė cannot rise to the challenge without a sound support network and financial backing. With your assistance, Andrė will have the ability to be not the next Scott Dixon or Greg Murphy, but the first Andrė Heimgartner – paving a new way through the field of motorsport to achieve his ultimate goal of international success. Yours sincerely,

John Ruggiero Manager – André Heimgartner To book André Heimgartner or to discuss potential sponsorship options, please contact John Ruggiero on 0414 543 634 or

To book AndrĂŠ Heimgartner or to discuss potential sponsorship options, please contact John Ruggiero on 0414 543 634 or

Introducing Andre Heimgartner  

In the toughest touring car series in the world, Kiwi young gun Andre Heimgartner is looking to continue the success he tasted when he becam...

Introducing Andre Heimgartner  

In the toughest touring car series in the world, Kiwi young gun Andre Heimgartner is looking to continue the success he tasted when he becam...