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Thin for ever Adriana Gazabon

Rolls of ham and mushrooms

Rolls of ham and mushrooms. • Ingredients:  200gr of mushrooms  ¼ cup of olive oil  1 spoonful of juice of lemon  1 garlic clove  ½ spoonful of bad parsley  Salt and pepper to taste • Procedure  The olive oil, the juice of lemon, the bad garlic, the fresh bad parsley, the salt and the pepper are poured in the bowl and mixed up to forming a seasoning of soft consistency.  The mushrooms are cut thin sheets and the Spices are poured in the mushrooms  One spoon of mushrooms and spice are served on every ham and do rolls

Soup of gourd

stuffed chicken

stuffed chicken •         

Ingredients 1 boned chicken Salt and pepper to taste 1 lemon 3 cups of whole meal bread in buckets 3 spoons of margarine ½ cup of milk descremada 250g of lean ham cut in strips 2 eggs 1 apple

• Procedure: The chicken is seasoned and sprayed it with the lemon juice The bread is guiled in margarine , sprayed with cold milk and stop to rest fifteen minutes. The jam, eggs, flour, apple, Grated rind of lemon are added. The chicken is refilled, cooked the openings, to accommodate it in the roasting, sprayed with lemon and baked for forty minutes. The chicken is served

Mediterranean salad

Mediterranean salad • Ingredients: 1/2 Roman lettuce 1 tomato  1/4 of purple onion 100 gr. of cheese 50 gr. of black olives  3 spoonful of olive oil  2 spoons of vinegar Oregano Salt to taste

• Procedure: The lettuce roman is cut in squares and poured in the bowl The cheese is added with the blacks olives. The oil, vinegar, salt and oregano are added. And is served with purple onion.

Strawberries with juice of orange

Strawberries with juice of orange • Ingredients: 400 milliliters of nectar of Orange  600 grs. of strawberry • Procedure:  The strawberry are cleaned and cut in squares.  Added the nectar of orange and gone to the icebox.  Is served

Thin for ever