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Top of animals endangered

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Top of animals endangered in Colombia

Top of animals endangered in Colombia 3. ManatĂ­ del Caribe It have bad luck by two factors: the first, that its reproduction is very slowly, females become sexually mature at four years and 13 months delayed brewing one baby to look two years more. Secondly, they are victims of indiscriminate hunting to use their skin, meat and even your fat. According to the Ministry of Environment, living on the Caribbean coast and in the Magdalena and Orinoco rivers. They are very difficult to see because they survive in parts of the river full of vegetation.

4. Oso perezoso It is living a bad moment because the traffic of its kind is increasing, Also it are endagered because its environment is destroyed. According to the Ideam, each year 90,000 hectares of natural forests where these animals live are destroyed.

Top of animals endangered in Colombia

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