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Ilford Football Club Brand Guide -Proposed by Andreea Neagu

The purpose of this guide is to is to provide the basic rules for the use of the identity so that every item produced helps build the Ilford FC’s brand. These guidelines have been produced to present the Ilford Football Club identity and to provide clear, concise advice regarding the correct usage of the crest, detailing of what is and isn’t allowed. The guide is aimed at all authorized users who use the Ilford FC identity in the design and production with any material associated with the football club, and should be referred frequently and whenever necessary. Compliance with the guide will build consistency and meaning into all communications produced by the Ilford FC. It is important that all the people involved in the reproduction of the Ilford FC crest are fully aware of its permutations allowed. No variations, adaptations or modifications other than those allowed for within these guidelines are acceptable. It is essential to maintain the visual consistency of the Ilford Football Club Crest by conscientious observation of the principles that follow in this guide.

In order to ensure a common understanding throughout this Brand Guide, we have listed explanations for specific terms that have been regularly used in the Brand Guide The Crest The official Crest of Ilford Football Club consisting of the fox mascot side view profile, the 7 crowns representing the Seven Kings, two parallel lines in zigzag representing River Roding and the Oak Tree. Brand A brand is a mixture of attributes symbolized in a trademark which, if managed properly over time, creates value. Brand Identity The outward expression, including its name and visual appearance. The brand’s identity is its fundamental means of consumer recognition and symbolizes the brand’s differentiation from its competitors. Brand Image The consumers net ‘outtake’ of the brand. With respect to Ilford Football Club, this will be based on people’s practical experience of the product in the written media, at the stadia and so on. Brand Mission What the brand users must do to bring the brand vision to life. In this instance “To make Ilford Football Club’s players and supporters the best football community!”

Brand Values The code by which the brand lives. The brand values act as the benchmark to measure behaviors and performance. In this instance: -

Leadership Teamwork Dignity Progression Stability Pride

Brand Personality The visual way in which the club should be projected/perceived. In this instance: -

Passionate Focused Wise Clever Friendly Stubborn

The Ilford Football Club Crest is made out of four different elements.

The Fox – derived from the original Ilford FC Coat of Arms which made the football club also known as ‘The Foxes’ The Seven Kings Crowns – the club always have been neighboring Seven Kings area River Roading – is the English river that starts from Molehill Green near Dunmow in Essex flowing south through Essex and London, passing through Ilford, and then forming Barking Creek as it reaches the River Thames The Oak Tree - symbol of the Fairlop Oak area The Crest should never be modified/distorted in any way, including the positioning and/or alternation of the fixed elements within it. Distortion - on the next page are just a few examples of what is meant by ‘distortion’

Current Logo Variations Basic version

Basic version with name and type

Basic version with name

Simplified version

Previous Logos – Not to be used unless approved

The Oak Tree trunk has been filled in

The crowns have changed colour

All elements have been repositioned

The crowns have changed shape

The fox has been reversed

The logo has been squashed

Legibility – The Ilford Football Club Crest should be applied over an appropriate background. It must never appear on a complicated pattern, a brown background or one that compromises legibility. When placing the crest on a photograph the placement must be carefully chosen in a suitable position on the design, so that the visual impact of it is maximized and a distinct contrast is achieved. The crest can be used either with the photograph background or with a white/light colour background over the image if it enhances the visual impact and is aesthetically pleasing.

Colour Palette – Very little flexibility for the main colour of the crest but quite flexible for background colour. Any variation of the main colour is subject to a non-standard approval procedure and typically only considered for practical reasons.

Main colour

Background colour suggestions

Typefaces – Two typefaces have been chosen to be used on any platform available (e.h. website, printed materials, etc.), Montserrat and Arvo. These typefaces should not be distorted or alterated in any way, they can only be used in their true form and can be obtained from various typeface suppliers i.e. Google Fonts. Montserrat appears in 18 weights:

Arvo appears in 4 weights:

Thin Thin Italic Extra-Light Extra-Light Italic Light Light Italic Regular Regular Italic Medium


Medium Italic

Semi-Bold Semi-Bold Italic Bold

Bold Italic

Extra Bold Extra-Bold Italic Black Black Italic

Regular Italic Bold

Bold Italic

Terminology – When referring to the club by name, the instances shown below are the only permutations allowed

Ilford Football Club ILFORD FOOTBAL CLUB Ilford FC ILFORD FC Ilford F.C. ILFOR F.C. The Foxes THE FOXES Ilford FC Ilford F.C. ILFORD FC ILFORD F.C.

Approval Form – Approvals are granted when the identity has been correctly applied and the item submitted is consistent with the positioning of the Ilford Football Club brand. Unless an item is approved for production and distribution. The brand approval element is a process and not merely a submission of an approval form. If the use of the Ilford FC brand identity is being considered, then the appropriate sections of this guide should be referred to in detail. For complex and costly design projects, users of the identity should clarify brand application issues in advance of undertaking design work. A briefing document can sometimes be of assistance for such purpose. Practical V.S. Creative Reasons In certain instances, an approval may be granted for an application of identity which does not comply with these guidelines. This can only occur for practical reasons, which are typically of a legal nature, relate to a technical constraint or are of a compelling functional nature. ‘Creative’ reasons are not to be sufficient to warrant approval when there has not been compliance with the guidelines. Example of approval form:

Ilford Football Club Brand Guidelines V2  
Ilford Football Club Brand Guidelines V2