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Founded with a global vision and distinct aesthetic, Sag Media Communications Agency is a Bucharest-based, full-service PR & Communications agency, specializing in strategic press office, digital services, events productions and creative brand consulting. With our uniquely collaborative culture, Sag Media Communications Agency utilizes multi-platform channels to communicate, create, market fashion and lifestyle businesses and products with a strong and direct focus and approach to the evolution towards the digital realm.

VISION Our agency shapes and communicates the unique visions of our clients. We have a deep understanding of the dynamic cultural landscape, combined with an intuition that anticipates industry innovation. We create a dialogue between brands and their target audiences that is integrated across print, broadcast and digital media. We have worked for top women’s lifestyle magazines and top online fashion stores, including such brands like Unica magazine, OK! Magazine, ForbesLife magazine, Fashion Days, Stilago, Iza Van Dee, Bigotti, Click4Fashion (now FashionUP).

Our fashion lifestyle expertise includes collaborations with Romanian and international bloggers like Fabulous Muses, Festy in Style, Fifty Pairs of Shoes, Mademoiselle AĂŻa.

Brand Consulting â?–


Sag Media Communications brand strategy and image consulting service concentrates six years of experience in communications to advise our clients-be it on a niche initiative or a comprehensive global vision for a brand. Starting with a thorough knowledge of the brand, we work closely with in-house commercial and marketing teams from all around the world to determine short and long-term goals. From creative consulting to development of communication strategies, our repertoire of expertise is reinforced by influential connections within the industry, bringing bold ideas to life.

Press & P u b l i c R e l a t i o n s â?–

Our agency is expert in all aspects of public relations for fashion, beauty, art and design leaders. We deliver creative and focused press strategies that leverage our network of style influencers and agendasetting contacts in print, broadcast and digital media. We handle everything from collection management and product placement to editorial features development and creative collaborations. Working with a brand’s unique assets we build authentic connections across cultural industries, establishing a powerful image for each client that is both current and enduring.

F a s h i o n Events

PRODUCTIONS Our agency produces and manages fashion shows and special events for brands and cultural organizations. Our approach to every production is highly creative and bespoke, with events designed to realize the creative vision of our clients alongside their business goals. Guests lists from important press-media are curated from our database of media contacts and celebrities to ensure the optimal balance of exclusivity and prestige with high-quality editorial event coverage.

DIGITAL SERVICES Our agency develops digital strategies that amplify brand awareness and drive business impact online. Elegantly crafting a client’s online presence and audience engagement initiatives, we create authentic brand experiences integrated across web, mobile and social platforms. Our digital team has in-depth experience working with digital influencers, filmmakers and developers pioneering new modes of expression in the online realm.

Creative A g e n c y Sag Media Communications was founded in 2011 like creative agency and the concept was simple yet surprisingly unprecedented to create an agency capable of supporting image makers within the realms of both art and commerce at a time when there was renewed interest by artists in working for the printed page. The agency has grown to represent celebrities, stylists, online stores, creative directors, hair and makeup artists and is an illustrator for assignment, special projects, and image licensing. Today, Sag Media Communications Agency collaborates with a diverse group of image makers, from emerging artists to the most established, preeminent talents in their fields.


Your Sag Media Communications Team

Account Director: Andreea Paleologu

Sales & Strategic Manager: Cristian Paleologu

Sales & Marketing Manager: Mirela Dumitru

Your Communication Consultants

Contact: E-mail: Phone: +40.732.710.894

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Founded with a global vision and distinct aesthetic, Sag Media Communications Agency is a Bucharest-based, full-service PR & Communication...