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Colegio El Sagrado Corazón de Jesús Customer Service Unit 2 Miss Ana Lucia Pérez

María Andrea Mirón Rivas 10th CCLL “C” Key: 13 1





Compare with others.

Products and services benchmarking.


A web site containing a writers own experiences, observations or opinions.

Ricardo Arjona’s fans have a blog for his new son: Fuiste Tú.

Click Path

Sequence of hyperlinks, one or more web sites visitors follows on a given site, presented in the order viewer.

SCJ School page has a very long click path about its administrative offices.




The use of information and communication, technologies to facility the delivery of service.

E-services are a very easy way for customers to contact companies.


Frequently asked questions a customer does.

Samsung FAQ’s are about their durability and devolutions.

Knowledge bases

Is a centralized repository for information: a public library, a database of related information about a particular subject.

Good introductions help readers to understand what they will learn by accessing the knowledge base.

Live chat

A kind of communication over the internet that offers a real time transmission of text messages from sender to receiver.

Tigo’s live chat is available from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. for customers to solve their doubts.


Online Forum

Online discussion site where people can hold conversations in the form of posted messages.

I can see other customer’s opinion on their posts in the Online Forum.

Social Networking

Is the phrase used to describe any web site that enables users to create public profiles.

The best internet advertising way is by social networking.


Flooding the internet with many copies of the same message.

Maria is spamming about her new song in Facebook.

Web Chat

System that Let’s talk by allows users to Line’s web communicate in chat. real time using easily accessible web interfaces.




Summary Listening refers to the psychological processes that allow us to attach meaning to the patterns of energy we “hear�; hearing is the purely physical activity of sent sound waves to the brain. There are internal, like dealing with a noisy environment or with a static-filled phone line, and environmental elements, like noise, that contributes to the listening process. A Gatekeeper is one who previews incoming information to determine if communication is appropriate.





Summary Evaluate your talk ratio, if you are like most people you talk a lot more than you listen and it can be converted in a problem. Discipline yourself to be quiet. Prepare to listen (disconnect from other matters playing in your mind), avoid faking attention (a wide-asleep listener), be patient and defer disagreement, listen for more than facts (customers often make buying decisions by feelings), bite your tongue before interrupting (appropriate time to talk), solicit clarification, minimize the number of gatekeepers, take the other person’s position (CAA) and take notes.






Summary The cost of creating and maintaining a web site continues to come down, cause every day millions of people access to internet worldwide. The internet is a perfect sales channel, by search engines, email and social networking. A web-based Service should have at least one of the following: knowledge base (make possible for customers to answer their questions), web chat or live chat (requires lie people available to the customer and this is expensive), blogs (journal maintained by a company), serf-serve personalized answers (technology-assisted service to know about a product). A customer service expectation is to provide personalized products (customization), with integrity, collaboration and speed on workers and entertainment and innovation in products.



Summary E-services are not only cost-effective, but they can provide additional benefits, but a poorly managed e-service can negatively affect the business image. Provide data for constant improvement of your web site’s effectiveness, like online knowledge bases; self-services that have significant cost advantages over traditional customer service channels, such as talking to a live agent on the telephone.


Burger Supreme 1. What is Burger Supreme dedicated to? What do they sell? They’re dedicated to sell hamburgers and an excellent service of fast food. 2. How many items do they have in their menu? They cover dozens of sandwiches, salads, soups, desserts, and specialty foods like gyros, onion rings and frozen yogurt. 3. Locate a link that mentions customer loyalty towards Burger Supreme. 4. Analyze the link mentioning important information.    

Customers are very satisfied with their service. For Burgers Supreme Catering they are one of biggest catering customers. Mountain America Credit Union has used Burgers Supreme Catering for 3 branch grand openings and 1 corporate executive conference. The feedback from employees, credit union members and guests has been outstanding.

5. Would you like to go to Burger Supreme or do you prefer going to fast food hamburger chain? Explain. Even though I still don’t know Burger Supreme restaurants, I’d like going to because of the good comments and writings about this food hamburger chain. Other competitions like McDonald’s or Wendy’s are delicious, but sometimes service is what makes us feel better in a place and prefer it. 6. Using the reading answer the following:  Who are the owners of BS? Steve and Debby K.

Are the actors active in the business? Yes they are, knowing their customers by name, smiled and cheerfully fixed any mistakes; all this earned by Debby’s example, who always gave a personalized service. They didn’t just talk the talk of customer service; they “walked the walk”.

Mention examples from the extract that help us understand that customers are loyal? Many clienteles ate there almost every day, taking with them friends and fellow workers. They were recognized and benefited by receiving free lunches, not every day, but it reflected the owners’ belief in them: their loyal customers.


Action tip 2 – Break the ice

The start of a conversation depends on what the customer needs. Customers want to browse and get the feel of the place before they commit to doing business, to dispel those worries is necessary a nonthreatening icebreaker, like an off-topic, friendly comment. The best ones might be: a compliment(Your children are so cute, how old are they?) , weather-related or local-interest comments(Isn’t this sunshine just beautiful?), small talk like the customer's interests in different aspects. When a browsing customer seems to be focusing attention on a product is a "focused shopper". The best icebreaker for these ones may be: to anticipate the customer's questions or needs(what size are you looking for, sir?), provide additional information(those widgets are all 25 percent off today), offer a suggestion or recommendation(Those striped suits are really popular this season). Give customers time to browse if that's what they need, reassure customers that you can help them, ask questions to identify their needs, concerns or problems and finally listen to their responses.


Listening habits What is the difference between hearing and listening? Hearing is purely the physical activity by which sound waves are sent to the brain for understanding, and listening refers to the psychological processes that allow us to attach meaning of what we “hear”. Mention the three types of factors that complicate the listening process and pose potential barriers. 

Internal elements o Trying to hear in a noisy environment. o Dealing with a static-filled phone line. o Encountering people who speak too softly. Environmental elements o Individual listening capacity, it can be overloaded with too much information or underutilized with too little. o Thousands of messages call for our attention. o As we can listen faster than people can speak, sometimes we drift off. Noise o Sounds that are irrelevant to the conversation, they can be environmental or internal.

What two things can generate communication problems?  

An aggressive communication, which uses two most manipulative emotions: hurt and anger. A passive-aggressive communication, which is the most difficult one to deal with in a relationship, avoids direct confrontation but attempts to get even through manipulation.

What does CAA stand for and what does it mean? CAA is counter-attitudinal advocacy, and it makes us to take the other person’s position and reduce the degree to which a listener listens through his or her own bases. CAA force us to listen objectively until you truly understand.  Mention, describe, and explain in your own words the three Action Tips that you consider most important.


 Greet Customers like Guests: In customer service an 80% of success is to treat customers as if they have just showed up. This tells us to initiate the conversation or to make a friendly greeting to the customer within a few seconds of entering the business, this will make them feel comfortable and let them know that you’ll be ready to help them.  Listen with More than Your Ears: This helps to increase the ability of listening, you have to focus on the content of what people is saying, not the way they are saying it, and seek clarification from customers to understand at a 100% what they need or ask for.  Be patient, defer disagreement: Be patient for customers essential, sometimes they don’t know the terminology or how to describe their problem. Try to help them with a good and sincerely attitude and be sure they’ve finished talking so you give additional information. In your own words define the following:  Faking attention: Is to give automatically nodding responses when you’re not really paying attention.  Gatekeepers: People who previews the incoming information or messages and determines if is necessary to getting it to the person they are working for.  Listening capacity: make sense of the sounds we are listening to and be capable of ignoring the distractions around us.

 Wide asleep listener: Someone who makes an attempt to be polite when it’s not really listening. 

Noise: Environmental and internal sounds that are not part of a conversation and interrupt it. Habit: Things we learn or tend to do over a period of time routinely.


Homework Garth’s call Problem 1: The receptionist didn’t met Garth at the beginning or told him what was he going to do, he just told him to “hold a minute”. Problem 2: There was confusion and two receptionists answered to Garth’s call, making him repeat many times what he needed. Problem 3: The persons who attended Garth didn’t answer with much professionalism or kindness. Problem 4: The man cut-off in mid-sentence Garth’s call when he was thanking for their attention. Mention six telephone tips in this chapter that could avoid these issues from happening. 1. Action tip 4 – Answer with Professionalism: Answer business phone calls by stating your name or your department, and attend customers with courtesy. 2. Action tip 10 – Keep your conversation tactful and businesslike: Nothing turns off a customer or caller like poor wording or abruptness. Keep comments positive and oriented toward solving the caller’s problem or concern. 3. Action tip 13- Do not let “Dead Air” happen: If you need to transfer a caller, look up some information, or read some material, tell the caller what you are doing. And use courteous statements to reduce the customer’s annoyance. 4. Action tip 3 – Avoid unnecessary call screening: Routine screening of calls by a secretary or receptionist often creates resentment in the caller. Reduce the usage of gatekeepers. 5. Action tip 5- Use courtesy Titles: Use proper courtesy titles for the people to whom you refer. Titles and formality can create credibility. 6. Action tip 6- Thank people for calling: Express appreciation regularly. It reassures the customer that you are interested in serving and that the call was not an intrusion.


Actions Tips for Efficient Use of the Phone Action tip 15- When Calling Others, Ask: “Is This a Convenient Time to Talk?” Make sure that your call is not interrupting the other person’s activities, and if it really isn’t a good time, let the caller know and arrange another time to talk that would be more convenient.

Action tip 16- Take messages cheerfully and accurately Be willing to take messages for others, keep a notepad handy to record key words and phrases. Confirm the message back to the caller to be sure of pass the message correctly.

Action tip 17- Make your greeting message efficient When you are not available to answer, keep recorded greeting messages so callers leave their messages correctly. Assure the caller that you will return the call.

Action tip 18- Learn to use your phone’s features As technology is constantly coming up with new features, people has to know how to use their phone system’s and the tricks in them; like how to program a DVD recorder.

The rest of the document was not available to see it.


Use blogs as a real-time online conversation. If there’s a conversation going on about your issue or organization, you need to be involved in the dialogue. Today`s customer expects efficient access to answers, so if you want to give an excellent service about solving doubts or requests, you have to be prepared about what you’re promoting to give quick responses in the online conversations.

Remember the 80/20 rule; 20 percent of the people in the world have great influence on how the other 80 percent think. The 20 percent are actively reading blogs. A positive word of mouth will have an impact on the posts people make in the blogs, so this will rule on the thinking of 80% people, from which a 20% have great influence

Understand that almost one-third of all U.S Internet users read online forums (according to respected source Forrester Research), so the potential for communicating about customer service (good or ill) is high. Similar to the 80/20 rule, is important to keep a focused attention on what people replies or comment in blogs, so the company or organization can increase the online-customer attention.

Reach out to bloggers who follow your issues. If possible, have conference calls with them. Engage them. Be involved with bloggers and clients will make them feel important and that their issues are being taken in the company.

Submit posts/comments from your organization’s leaders on blogs. It establishes that you are willing and able to be part of the conversation. Showing bloggers that their posts are being read can be submitting grateful comments or responses about what they are willing to be attended.


Investments 1. Corning These entrepreneurs’ main market opportunities are large along Guatemala City, because their unique service characteristics makes easier many activities and daily work for companies, or even for an individual person with a diversity of uses. The world is getting into the technological era, and this product is just a sign of advance, so by acquiring it many people will be interested on the flexible display glass offered by this company; reaching the advance that our country have always fought for. This is the first company I’d invest in.

2. E&E Nail Polish Women, as a female law, spent a considerable quantity of money for their personal care and image on makeup, nail polish, hair-cuts, spa, etc.; so style never goes away. A constant problem is when something doesn’t always fit with all we put on, as our nail’s color. E&E’s Nail Polish target market is mainly young and adult women, which increases a lot their market opportunities, especially for their unique characteristics: Polish never goes away, and changes color depending on the clothing someone’s wearing. The most incredible about this product is its duration: from 5 to 6 months. Even though a hard market leader is the Gelish line, the E&E Polish is an investment that is worth more than any other product for its advanced changing color without making damage on the nails.



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