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Works List

I divided this list of works in two parts; - Part 1- Chamber and Acousmatic works - Part 2- Audio-visual performances, Interactive Installations and video art.

Part 1 - 2012 - Curvo- for piano,cello,violin,viola percussion and clarinet -2012- feedtheradioback- acousmatic- 8 channels* -2012- array-$1- acousmatic- 4 channels* -2011- Pressing the Pillow against your EARS- for 12 instruments* -2011- Zíperes Gordos- acousmatic- 4 channels* -2011- Haw(r)one- acousmatic- 4 channels * -2010- Ventre-vento-vidro- for piano,cello,crotales and berimbau* -2010- Uncle issues song- acousmatic- stereo* -2010- Performance Purpose- acousmatic-stereo* -2010- Do abacaxi ficou só a coroa- acousmatic- stereo* -2009- Dentro- for alto-recorder* -2009- No news good news- for percussion and live electronics -2009- Abstrata nº1- for piano -2008- Silêncio nº1- for piano and tam-tam -2007- Cradle Song- for voice, harp, cello, violin, viola and percussion. * pieces available for listening at the website:

Part 2 WIMP is an audio-visual performance. This piece explores the most basics graphical user interfaces of the computer to generate different types of dialogue between sound and image. The title abbreviation stands for Window, Icon, Menu and Pointer which are the elements that compose the visuals of this performance.

Crack.Var.-op. $ 2 is an interactive installationin which a piano is played by the movement of the audience that transits in an area demarcated by adhesives glued on the floor. The result is the creation of an interface that relates sound and space and places the viewer as a performer of a contemporary music composition.

The performance $1-min-LCPD (Live Coding with Pure Data) is a piece of live coding which is made with the software Pure Data. The work is divided into seven parts, going progressevely from 1 to 7 minutes, totalizing 28 minutes of performance.$1-lcpd/

Thermal is an audiovisual composition for laptop orchestra, in which I developed small acrylic cubes equipped with sensors and an Arduino microcontroller, which enabled network communication between five computers, which reacted according to the commands of each and sounds performer.

em_bruto is an audio-visual performance that was made with the objective of exploring the interface of the software Pure Data (PD) as a medium of visual composition. Imagining that in this manner it would be possible promote an aestheticization of the “raw� interface of the sofware in an interesting way, as an allusion to the aesthetics of live coding, and so it would be feasible to add new values and meanings to abstract shapes like squares, circles and crosses..

ENTREAOCUBO is an interactive audio-visual instrument. It is controlled by three luminous acrylic cubes sliding on a transparent plate that sits on top of a stack of plastic boxes. Each cube has a different code in tis base, and an on-off switch at the top, these codes are read by a camera that captures the variables X, Y and rotation of the object. From these data are calculated distances between the cubes, and the distances generate the sounds and images.

hast {ROO} is an interactive multimedia installation . The installation aims to explore issues of perception of the viewer through the interactivity with sound, image and space, created by contact with an interface made of lycra mesh. The interface commands a back-projection, made on lycra, and the sound is spatialized for 6 speakers that surround the viewer.

Window $ Passacaglia is an audio-visual performnce, which had its imagery inspired by audio-visual glitches, transported to an algorithm that regularly produce results similar to those caused by glitches.

Reactattoo is an audio-visual performance the interface are tattos of fiducial symbols. All the process was registered and composes the final performance, in which sounds and images are controlled by a camera, the tattos and a software specially developed for this performance.

Kinect Sequencer is an audio-visual virtual instrument. This instrument is based on a sequencer of sounds and images that are triggered by the interactor’s gestures in the air.

Window$ Passacaglia is an audio-visual performance, which had its imagery inspired by audio-visual glitches, transported to an algorithm that regularly produce results similar to those caused by glitches.

No news good news2.2 is a video instalation, it makes part of a series of compositions for different types of media.Every piece of this series aims to raise questions about mass media communication.

CabanonInteractif is a sitespecific work in which I recreated a space by mapping a house with interactive projections. The public could control sound and projection by moving around the space.

works list  

works list by André Damião