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Š 2013 Andre Bradley All rights reserved under international copyright conventions. No part of this book may be reproduced or utilized in any from or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the author Atlas Jones. Aknowledgements The sweetest and most appreciative of thanks goes to my nephew Hajeer Bradley, his father, my sister, and my mother, and father. To Robert Seydel, Rashi Anderson, Lorne Falk, Jacquelyn Hayden, Thomas Palmer, and every artist to come out of Hampshire College.




To all my relations, for all my life. Out of Philadelphia, I talk hot for those nights.

Euphrates shimmies around hums a pass at mates speed and prizes you Seems to be the blur of muscle to sort out the athlete the all and everything guy on a plane Aerodynamics and rubber and steel Two few elite and seven percent body fat Sneakers hold court Sugar cane sweet Menacing through defenders space On a second star Directing the night, on low black work

My Uncle, Dwight Eisenhower Campbell(2003) Graphite, Oil Paint, Graph Paper, Construction Paper 12 x 14

Class Program #1 (2009) Pen, Oil Paint, Paper, 8.5 x 11

Class Program #2 Mixed-media 50x40

In All, Spectacular Work Michael (2010) Mixed Media 50x40

The Hand That Frees You (2010) Mixed Media 8.5 x 11

Think Your Right? Compared to Incarceration (2009) Oil Paint on Canvas Board 16 x 20

Bad loop (2009) Acrylic paint, oil stick on canvas board 16 x 20

The Last Sale of Slaves in St. Louis (2010) Oil stick, marker, graphite on Canvas Board 16 x 20

During Martin’s Death A Woman Looks Back, Nick Cannon’s Hands, and An Air Force One (2010) Mixed media 16 x 20

1965, February 21st Assasinated, Audubon Ballroom, Harlem, NY 1968, April 4th

Assasinated, Lorraine Motel, Memphis, TN

1970, August 7th Attempts kidnapping of superior court judge from Marin County Civic Center, with three guns registered to Angela Davis, San Rafael, CA. 1995, June 10th

Born, Philadelphia, PA.


Graduates from Leidy Elementary School, Philadelphia, PA.

2007 Begins to collect photographs in photo-album, calls it The Deep River Archive. 2008

Graduates from Mayer Sulzberger Middle School, Philadelph, PA.


Enrolls in University City High School, Philadelphia, PA

2009 2010

Drops out of University City High School, Philadelphia, PA


Spends year copying in long hand Marcel Proust’s seven vol ume work In Search of Lost Time and W.E.B. Du Bois’ Soul Black Folk (seven times) dared to by his uncle, Robert Anderson.

Moves the Deep River Archive to 3852 Wyalusing Ave. Arranges collection of photographs in basment. Begins collages and paintings. Arrested and later released by Philadelphia Police Department.

2012, January 23rd Killed, Philadelphia, PA.

Atlas Jones was a an artist. His archive was framed to conserve and seize the inkling of an individual from the constancy of time. The substance of death and the eidolon are fact builders: Atlas Jones was murdered when he was seventeen, in Philadelphia, on January 23, 2012. However, through history, we continue to discover Atlas: he has always been with us, in America. He was raised to be a terrible idea. Selection is what sealed his fate. The images he collected — the ones I have archived — glow from misinterpretation. They are images that explain us. For some of us, they also reveal an irony in triumph; I do not need to know how or why they could be considered art. The idea of a murdered black child becomes a filter for material play. Atlas and I become both collectors and creators. We express unspoken and spoken truths through the coded apparatus of the Deep River Archive, which is a smart system of gift giving. It is easy to snatch power from a black man who dies young. Think of his life as layers: thematic (the archive), metaphoric (creativity), and literal. It is within this reality that I have made Atlas Jones to be a support for our collective entablature. I wanted to express his memory — to save us from the second spiritual death, at a site where spirit may outweigh the flesh. Atlas Jones visually represents an entire process of intellectual and artistic production. What becomes the structure on which images are arranged, extends from the idea of two Titan brothers contesting power. The collection of Atlas Jones is a battleground for a psychomachia, or to pull from Greek mythology a titanomachia, only this time Mount Olympus is America, and the gods are white and black. Atlas Jones is a perpetual tragedy, made of segments, arrangements, modified orders, spirits, and book piles. The configuration of it all is a set of constellations that speak of our transpositions. TOYTOAPECHTHXWPA (May this please the People) Andre Bradley Director of Eidolons Deep River Archive

Slight son The gold shifts backwards For longing is a breeze filled with dust Brooms are what make men lustful For them Hope soars and none can find it Salt is their sad surplus When pearls are an open ocean Jump in! Jump in! A. was the first letter J. was the second Third. Fourth. Fifth .


Atlas Jones, Deep River Archive