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CHEAP MOBILE PHONES: BACK TO THE BASICS The mobile revolution has been progressing at such a rapid pace that the generations of network upgrades and phones have outpaced the once booming generation rate of the human race! What this fast transition means is also that, the older phones which were once in circulation are fast becoming obsolete, as the newer models come into the fore. But some of them, because of their balance of features, tend to stay longer in the market. And these are the ones that are available as the cheap mobile phones offers from the various carriers. These are mobile phone deals which bundle a mid-range phone with all basic functionality that is required from a phone, with a regular usage tariff for the best user experience. These kinds of offers score over the other options that one can consider for other relatively pricier phones, when one doesn’t necessarily have the need for it. These kinds of phones can be advantageous in the following situations: •

Kids & teenagers: As a first phone, these kinds of phones are an excellent option in the

matters of pricing and simplicity of operation. Also, parents can put a limit on the number of texts that their child can send, the number of minutes they have per month etc. so that their usage is kept in check. And at the age, kids generally do cope with them. Phones in these categories are generally built for texting, as it is the in-thing among the youth of the present generation. And the present trend though has seen an increase in the trend of usage of mobile internet from these devices, with the social networking revolution of Facebook and Twitter. •

Elderly people: These people generally like their phones to be uncomplicated and most

preferably the least expensive in the list and preferably with buttons, as touch devices are generally not suited for the elderly. And since texting is not that popular, Contract Mobile Phone Deals which are bundled with these phones generally have a greater bulk of voice minutes, though this trend, like the trend in the teenagers, is slowly changing because of the newer tech-savvy generations of the elderly today. The cheap mobile phones commonly have a keypad, either the compact one or the full QWERTY keypad, in either the bar or the slide body form and as mentioned before, are the most economically convenient pricing options that are available from them from the mobile phone deals.

CHEAP MOBILE PHONES: BACK TO THE BASICS - Mobile Phone Deals, Contract Mobile Phones and Get Cheap Mobile Phone Deals. Best prices and mobile phone deals with...

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