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f you thought there was already enough bewilderment in Krabi, think again. The dawn of a new artistic epicenter in Thailand has begun its rise, and it sets its sights in our beautiful province. This year, Thailand was the honored host – for the first time - of the 27th Annual Asian Art Exhibition, where 40 artists from 20 countries in Asia were invited to create unique pieces inspired by the natural wonders of Krabi province.

their focus on drawing more artists and attention to Krabi province in the coming years, in hopes of making Krabi a burgeoning center of creativity. But the event also marks the developing kinships with other Asian countries, as artists joined together to connect and share cultures through their work. And as the artists return home, the pieces created will act as ambassadors for Thailand in their home countries.

The event kicked off in January at the Sofitel Krabi Phokeethra Golf and Spa Resort, where artists toured island clusters, jungles and mangroves, and the Emerald Pools to then develop works in a variety of mediums. During the weeklong event, workshops were also held to foster the exchange of ideas, watch live works and also mentor young interns. Guests were invited to freely drop in on workshops and live works during the week.

Thailand represented 20 artists of the 40, along with many other high profile Asian artists. There was even a strong presence of female artists representing Pakistan, the Philippine Islands, Iran and Afghanistan.

In the opening remarks of the kick off dinner, the Ministry of Culture (MOC) emphasized

The MOC is planning additional events such as this one to take place in 2013. These include more exhibits, live works of paintings, sculptures, and other mediums, and possibly a sand castle competition. That last one is included in the sculpture category I suppose but it was worth specifically mentioning, as we are at the beach.

All pieces created during this event will be available for viewing at the Rajadamnern Contemporary Art Center in Bangkok until March 22, 2013. Additionally, famous works from the artists themselves have been brought along to be included in the tour. Admission is free and also includes handson activities for children and older children adults alike. The pieces will then move on to Chiang Mai and eventually tour all of Asia, so we encourage you to take a gander if you’re in Bangkok.

Art you glad you live here?  

for KM March 2013

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