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The Woods It’s not about a distribuition of rooms, but a sequence of experiences.

The task was to redesign a 25m² space inside the university facilities so the student would live inside it for a month. In an effort to improve the overall experience of the building, the actual living space was moved up, leaving a large public area underneath. The evocation of nature through strictly geometrical forms integrated into the program was how this lounge, exhibition and living space came to reality.


ABOUT: ANDRE BARROS Between my favourites, Marcio Kogan is the most inuential architect to me, as well as various of the architects in the Case Study Houses program, documented in the book by Elizabeth A. T. Smith. A major czech inuence is the National Technical Library, a proof of a sucessful multi-disciplinary design.

Born in 1992, graduated in secondary school in 2009. Former administration student of UFSC (Federal University of Santa Catarina) in Florianópolis, Brazil. Joined ARCHIP in Prague on 2013.