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FOLDER Report about Richochet What : Man and dog was found shot. Where : In a cottage on a farm. When: Sunday afternoon. Why : Unknown, probably family issues. A terrible tragedy left the people of a small valley in Wales in shock. Owen Perry and his dog were found shot and killed on his farm in Wales this Sunday afternoon. The police spoke to some witnesses who had met Owen earlier that day. We interviewed them about this: Me: Did Owen act any different his last day when you met him? Mrs Price: No Owen was just like he usually is, he went to the chapel soon as he left us. Me: What is your opinion on this case? Do you think that someone did this on purpose? Ma Hughes: I don’t want to say anything or blame anyone but I think its suspicious that a man who always shows up in the chapel does not show up that one day, same day as Owen died and a another man’s dog was at Owen house. That’s something the police should check Me: Did you know about anyone that had something against Owen? Mrs Price: No I don’t know for sure but I heard rumors about Rhiannon and Owen, that she had cheated on her husband for Owen. Ma Hughes: I also heard that Margo looked a lot like Owen and she was about that age when Rhiannon was supposed to cheat on Huw. But these were only rumors I heard.

Ricochet discussion 1.

Which do you think was more important for Owen, sole possession and management of the farm, or living with Rhiannon and being able to claim Margo as his own daughter?

I think that living with Rhiannon and being able to claim Margo as his own daughter is more important to him. Because he talks more about his wife and daughter in the story and he says that it is the most important. . 1.

Why do you think Rhiannon chose to marry Huw rather than Owen? Describe both brothers from her point of view. What is your opinion of her own character? Is she partly to blame for the tragedy? why, or why not? I think she married Huw because he is a black-haired giant, bass-voiced and rock-strong. Owen had lower confidence and she described him as a river, slow and deep. And she only used Owen. Rhiannon is unfaithful and she used Owen when she was lonely. She is dishonest to Huw. And doesn’t tell him that Margo is Owens child. I think that she is partly to blame because she drove Owen to madness. I couldn’t image how it would be like to watch my own child being raised by my sister.


Do you think that tragedy would have been prevented if Rhiannon and Margo had left Huw and moved in with Owen? What do you think Huw would have done, that 'upright Gofearing chapel man'? Yes I think that it will be prevented but I think that Huw wouldn’t react like Owen. Huw couldn’t even kill his dog, Beth. He is also a very god feared man. So I don’t think that he would have reacted on it.

Verkefni úr The glowing future Ruth Rendell Ruth Rendell is an author who often writes short stories when the main character is socially isolated, suffers from mental illness or otherwise disadvantaged. Some of her traditional detective novels got into television. They feature Detective Chief inspector Wexford. The television series are very popular. She also writes chilling psychological thrillers, grim stories of obsession and paranoia. Ruth started her carrier as a journalist. And one time she wrote about tennis club dinner without attending. Missing out that the after dinner speaker had died in the middle of his speech. 2. A letter to Betsy. Dear Betsy. I am deeply sorry and shocked! I never did like Maurice but this is just plain evil and cruelty. I can’t believe that a man could do such a thing. I know that you are going through a hard time now and I completely understand that. But you have to stay

strong. You need to be the bigger person in this awful situation. Maurice is an idiot. So don’t do anything you will regret. He doesn’t deserve anything from you. I think its best that you come and stay with me for a while now just do get things sorted out. Love Andrea. Betsy is still in love with Maurice so it really hurts for her to be rejected like that after she had waited for him for two years. Maurice doesn’t understand that and shows no sympathy. He is really cold hearted and doesn’t go around things but just gets right to the point. She is really desperate and tries to talk to him but he cant wait to just get to the bar. He just sees it as a boring and pointless complaining and just goes to the bar. He doesn’t even listen to her.

Sauce for the goose 1. The author chose this title because they are always setting traps for each other, it like they are hunting the goose. Part of the saying what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. What is suitable for one person must also be suitable for another. The story could have many other titles that are more obvious than this one. For example: What goes around comes around. That is more appropriate then the original one because it is the main massage in the story. 2. Olivia wanted to kill Stephan rather then divorce him because they were married and she would inherit all his money. She needed them because Loren didn’t earn much money. Maybe Stephen wasn’t really happy with Olivia and he was acting the whole time and that is why he wanted to kill her. Because of her money that she had inherit from Loren. Olivia wanted to kill Stephen because she had probably realized what Stephen plan was and because he would inherit her money if they got divorced. 3. They both got locked in the deep freezer. Stephen was trying to set a trap for Olivia and he slipped because there was suet on the floor. Olivia’s plan was to check on Stephen before she would call the police so it would look like an accident. When she did that she opened the door exactly the same way she always did. But Stephen had already set the trap for her so the door swung back earlier then she had expected. Or it was like someone had pushed the door. Maybe it was Loren’s ghost. We don’t really know what happened. The ending didn’t surprise me because I thought it was obvious the whole time. The both got what they deserved. What goes around comes around So I did find the ending satisfying. Tough it was a bit cruel way to die.

4. I felt sympathy for Loren in the story because he was always thinking what was best for Olivia. He was a good man that did not deserve to be killed like that. I didn’t feel sympathy for the other two because they could blame themselves for their fate.

Short films A. Please 1. Why is the film called "Please"? It was a common word in the film because they were always asking each other for something. For example to forgive, change or sort their thing out. 2. What is the main conflict in the story? The main conflict in this film is that he wasn’t successful and that drove him to insanity. Therefore he lost his wife and daughter. 3. Who is the main character? What is he like? What do you think of him The main character is the novelist. He was very emotionally unstable. It drove him nearly insane that he wasn’t successful. I think that he really needs some help and that he should be more patient because successfulness comes with hard work. 3. Did you like the film? Why?Why not? I liked the film but it was very dramatic and hard to watch, It isn’t light hearted and it quite depressing. But it had a good point. 4. Is there a moral to the story? What is it? What does the gun signify? He used the gun to get peoples attention and get them to listen to him. He easily could have done it some other way but he was insecure and in the end his daughter killed him accidently with the gun. She was playing with it, maybe because she was used to watch her dad “play” with it.

B. My Name Is Lisa 1. Who is Lisa? What is she like? She was a little girl who loves books. Her mother was sick. 2. What is the main plot of the story? How Lisa reacts to her mothers’ sickness. 3. What is the message of the story? That life is like a hard book and that the

book is usually better then the film because you can see it from more then one point of view. 4. Did you like the film? Why? Why not? Yes i liked it because even tough it was short it had so much to say and it had a big inflict.

C. Short film - alternative ending - chose either Please or My Name Is Lisa to work with. 1. Write an alternative ending for the film - and explain why you chose to end it differently. Please ‌Her father was talking on the phone while his little girl started playing with the gun. Then a shotgun made place and hit her fathers’ leg. Just as the sound of the shoot came to the fathers ears. Then he had an epiphany. He realized that he had naive and that his life had been turned upside down and now a new chapter in his life had begun.

Bunny and culture 1. What is the message in the story? I think that the message in this story is that it helps provide a bit of hope for those who have lost a loved one...a hope that there might be something beyond this life.

2. Write a short story or a poem about what happens in the story.

The old bunny was baking. A cake was in the making When a big fly Made the bunny almost cry Of irritation. The bunny tried to whack The poor fly in a hack But in the in end

The bunny could meet her old friend

Culture 1.

What does the title of the film refer to? The title refers to Culture section. Which Timothy is the manager of.


What kind of character is Tim Stevens? What is his work ethic? Tim is a good guy who is optimistic after getting a promotion. He wants to do well in his new job, and make changes to the magazine to make it better.


What kind of workplace is the Culture section? It is a little office where timothy works and his secretary Faye. Their relationship is stir, and bad. She doesn’t like Tim 4. Who is Faye Templesman and what is her part in the story? She is Timothy secretary .And her part in the story is to make Tim‘s life miserable, she doesn‘t help him in any way. And then make‘s the bosses fire him.


How do you interpret the plot? What is the meaning of it? I can’t really say… maybe it is that it’s never good to make people work at the same place for too long, they get stuck in the past and never want to change a thing…but changes are usually good.


In your opinion, what meaning does the word CHANGE have in the story?

Change means bad in this story. Every change needs to be little and not too fancy, the bosses like Faye and old stuff. When he gives her new things to use because they are faster and more efficient she goes back to using the old stuff.

The Importence of being Earnest.

1. ´The old fashioned respect for the young is fast dying out' (page 22) is the opposite of what we might expect to be said. What would we expect to be said? Find other examples in Act 1 where what is said is the opposite of what we might expect. We would rather expect “the old fashioned respect for the elderly is fast dying out” to be said. Other examples is when Gwendolen is talking about that she would never get married to a man named Jack, only Earnest. But she really is getting married to a man named Jack, she just doesn’t know. And when Jack says that he is sick to death of all the cleverness. I would rather expect him to say im sick to death of all the stupidness.

Algernon. I hear her hair has turned quite gold from grief. They assimilate gold to something negative, 2. Re-read the scene where Jack is proposing to Gwendolen. What opinions do you form of the character? Gwendelon talks to Jack through the proposal, so you can say that Jack is not very insecure but Gwendelon is. Gwendelon is also very formal and sophisticated but Jack, 3. Is Gwendolen afraid of her mother? why/why not? I would say that she isn’t afraid of her mother. She stands up for her self and she obviously respects her mom and she does what she says. She knows her mother is the “Boss”.

Lady Bracknell. Mr. Worthing! Rise, sir, from this semi-recumbent posture. It is most indecorous. Gwendolen. Mamma! [He tries to rise; she restrains him.] I must beg you to retire. This is no place for you. Besides, Mr. Worthing has not quite finished yet. Lady Bracknell. Finished what, may I ask? 4. What differences are between Jack and Algy? Jack is much more romantic then Algy. Algy embrace the joys of life. Algy is also very practical; he is a business type while Jack is more a romantic, fantasy type.

Jack. Oh, pleasure, pleasure! What else should bring one anywhere? Eating as usual, I see, Algy! Algernon. [Stiffly.] I believe it is customary in good society to take some slight refreshment at five o’clock.


1. In what way does your impression of Cecily change, or develop, through Act 2? Look at her conversations with Miss Prism, then with Algernon and lastly with Gwendolen. She is very adult and grown up when she is talking to Miss Prism. When she speaks to Algy she is witty and enjoys the pleasures of life.

Cecily: Oh, I don’t think I would care to catch a sensible man. I shouldn’t know what to talk to him about. This is supposed to impress Algy. 2. Is the relationship between Algernon and Jack different in this Act? They do not get along in this act. Jack doesn’t want Algernon flirting with Cecily. Jack feels like he has too protect her. Also they both want to be named Earnest. Jack is loosing patience with Algy wanting to marry Cecily. And Algys views of life. Algy is getting fed up with Jack stiffness. 3. What will be the effect on the audience of seeing Jack enter dressed in mourning clothes? (page 31) They would laugh because nobody really died and the situation has gotten really complicated. ACT 3 1. What impression do you get of Miss Prism in Act 3? Take all the evidence into account - the temperance beverage, the three volume novel and so on I think she’s very stupid and careless. I look like she is a bit behind. Normal people don’t lose a baby at a railway station. She mixes up the baby with the novel. 2. What reason do you think Jack might have for refusing to give

permission for Cecily to marry Algernon other than the explanation he gives (page 60)? He was very clever. He has a tromp in is hand witch he uses against Aunt Augusta to get her permission to let them get married. Also I think that Jack feels like he has to protect Algernon. 3. What difficulty is still unresolved? - though no one seems to mind - at the end of the play? Gwendolen and Jack are related. Their mothers are sisters.

A Letter about the course A)

what do you think you have learnt? I think I have learned to be more independent in my work and also to organize my time better. Also I have learned a lot about my field of interest and I think I am closer to knowing what I want to do in my life. Also I have learned a lot of clever things that you can do with the Internet. Such as and b)which assignments did you like doing and which not? why? I didn’t like creative writing and translating texts. It was the hardest part for me. But I liked the leaflet assignment. I thought it was really exciting to find a school you would like to go to. I also liked the Interview in the webpage assignment. c) reading material (short stories+Earnest) what did you think about it? I liked the short stories but I didn’t like reading the play. I thought it was really hard to understand and I couldn’t get any context. It wasn’t until I watched the play on the Internet. Then it made sense. Sum verkefnin unnum ég og Rakel svo í sameiningu 