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Providing a large amount of good things.

I had a bountiful production line.


Things that cause difficulties

Some clients are headaches because of their attitudes


Official rules or the act of controlling something

It is important to follow the regulations imposed to be out of problems.


Changing or improving a product or service.


Getting rid of things which are no longer useful or wanted

Some people create amazing albums scrapping.


To examine a machine and repair any faulty parts

Our washing machine needs service.


Guarantees: Written promises to repair or replace products that develop a fault.

My furniture has two months of warranties.

We had to rework with the new product.


It involves an attitude and a corporate It requires all staff to be The culture that company are involved in should do dedicated the search the right to providing for customers things in the continuously first time. with improving products quality. and services that satisfly their needs.

Take a look at this: atch?v=8znOK1b612o

• A product is anything that can be offered to a market that might satisfy a want or need. • The product lines are groups with closely related products. • Because different products are generally at different stages of their life cycles, with growing, stable or declining sales and profitability, companies are always looking to the future, and reevaluating their product mix.

• A brand is a name, or a symbol, or a logo that distinguishes products and makes consumers remember the company. • The key objective of branding is to create a relationship of trust.

Distribution channel: All the companies or individuals involved in moving goods or services.

The wholsaler is anintermediary that stocks manufacturers’ goods or merchandise.

Market segmentation is to divide a market into distinct groups of buyers who have different requirements. .

Making a product different from silimar products offered by other sellers is product differentiation

Market opportunities are possibilities of filling unsatisfied needs in sectors inwhich a company can prifitably produce goods.

The attributes or characteristics of a product, such as size, shape, quality, price, etc. Are product features

Settting a high price for a new product to make maximum revenue before competing products appear on the market is market skimming.

Sales representative is someone who contacts existng customers, and tries to persuade them to buy.

The extend to which supply or demand of a product is price elasticity.

Market penetration is the strategy f setting a low price to try to sell a a large volume increasing their market share vocabulary.

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