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reLIVE A Haute Couture Project

CONTEXT The following project was inspired by 1900s-1930s fashion in Ecuador. The project is divided into two parts, wherein the first part, a garment from the era was to be replicated. The first garment shown is a replica of a garment worn by Florencia Astudilla, who at the time and to this day is considered an important figure in Ecuadorian society. Florencia Astudillo was a socialite and philanthropist, and at the time garments were so embellished to show one’s wealth and valor. Black was also a color that represents a mature woman, and the embroidery that was composed of small snail like figures was executed using machine embroidery. The second garment makes up the second part of the project, where a reinterpretation of the first garment takes place. Taking into consideration the wealth and royalty that Florencia exuded, this is represented by the rich colors of gold and the embroidery was inspired by Rococo designs was made using backstitch with double gold thread.


The adult woman of Cuenca, a symbol of society and family that also represents the family base, projecting a domestic image of society, which is defined by its values.

According to society, men make laws, and women the values, however, women ambition to find joy in celebrations, always with the hope that times are changing, and that their heirs can enjoy the rights of a new century. The woman becomes an icon of beauty, and therefore, not only represents the head of the family but a figure of inspiration for future generations. Until the end of the 19th century, women's dresses are long, corsets are tight, and dresses were adorned with lace and velvet ribbons. Fashion takes on the features of European culture, fabrics such as chiffon and silk represent a noble beauty, and as the years pass the silhouette of the woman disappears under the fabrics and lace. Accessories such as hats of different models served as a touch of distinction. The Venetianstyle transparent cloaks reveal a symbol of luxury. The mantles cover from the head to the edge of the dress, and these are held on the head or neck with gold pins and beautiful stones. The mantles are fastened with black-headed pins, and the ladies are dressed in mantles for their entire life. The dark colors of this suit represent a badge of sobriety and simple elegance. In addition, the A silhouette is manifested by its long and covered dresses, the use of embroidery, adorned with lace allow to reveal a character of respect and mature beauty.

Florencia Astudillo


Garment Replica

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Sample of Backstitch for the Skirt and Coat