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Empress! Welcome to 2020, collection two of The Empress Magazine. As you make plans to light this year up remember that you are capable of doing anything and everything with a plan. 92% of us will drop our goals by the third week of January, don't be one of those people. Create a strategic plan and take baby steps and work on them each day. You got this! Now, go hit your big wins. 2020 is your year! From all of us at The Empress Magazine we wish you a prosperous year + beyond.

The Empress Magazine is your guide to professional and personal development through inspiration, motivation and training. We believe that all women should be recognized for the impact they are making in society, not just the top income earners. An Empress is a women who is an elegant, elaborate, entrepreneur of great power and rank, especially one ruling an empire.


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WILDLY AWAKENED The first key to getting everything that you want? Being crazy clear on what that thing is. The second key? Being relentless in pursuit of it. The holdup? It’s hard as heck some days. And you need encouragement + tools to stay focused and in action. The good news? We’ve got that for you inside Wildly Awakened™. Not only will you learn our 5 step, process to get your manifesting game on.

But you’ll also get a community of sisters who care about your happiness as much as they care about theirs. There aren’t a lot of corners of the internet that you’ll find that. But we know that this will be one of ‘em. You’ll also find Drake, Unicorns, and Rosé… so no brainer, yes? Once you have all of those, you’ll actually be unstoppable. And you’ll have the metric ton of results to prove it to yourself over and over. You don’t have to put yourself on the backburner anymore.









Wildly Awakened:

The Course

Do you feel lost, overwhelmed, and alone in this world? We created The Wildly Awakened Program to help newlyawakened people & not so newlyawakened people gain the knowledge and tools necessary for finding peace, hope, clarity, and deep inner healing. In The Wildly Awakened Course, we walk you through the beginning stages of reconnecting with the loving and eternally wise place within you known as your Soul. Some of the topics covered include: What is happening to you, why you’re experiencing a spiritual awakening, the three internal spiritual worlds to explore, how to retrieve and integrate any fragmented pieces of your psyche, what spiritual “traps” you need to be mindful of, and how to communicate with your soul. Through the Soul work practices of Inner Child Work, Self-Love and Shadow Work, this course helps you to personally initiate deep psychological healing. By removing the blocks and walls that surround your Soul, you will be able to access deep levels of joy, creativity, energy, courage, peace, fulfillment, freedom, and love. The Spiritual Awakening Process is a psychospiritual guide that is composed of various articles, tools, guides, worksheets, prompts & experts that have helped us all awaken. We have also added extra contents to help illuminate your path and guide you through this sacred time of life. join the course by clicking here.

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WHERE EDITING IS DONE RIGHT: ADRIENNE HORN I know it is frustrating to receive negative feedback on your manuscript. However, your editor is right about how the grammatical errors hurt your writing. Therefore, you need to improve your editing and proofreading skills. If this is not done, these errors can have a severe negative impact on your work.

Editing and Proofreading is Essential Editing and proofreading are essential parts of the writing process. They help with the effectiveness of your writing style and the clarity of your ideas. Often, students and writers think that they are similar, but there are apparent differences between the two. Editing requires you to reread your draft to check for more significant issues, including organization, paragraph structure, and content. However, when you proofread, you are focusing on finding and correcting errors in writing, grammar, and language. To begin with, you can inspect your supervisor’s comments. This will help you recognize what to look for as you start the process. I hope you enjoy the following interview with Adrienne Horn as I did! Andrea Williams Editor-In-Chief



What do you do? What's the name of your business? I A.M. Editing, Ink is responsible for assisting first-time and established authors with book editing and book designing needs. We also offer professional development services, which include resume development, business cards, and dissertations. Why do you do, what you do?

Photo: Jonathan Barnes Photography

In the winter of 2016, I had the unfortunate experience of being laid off of my job as a new mother and the sole provider of my household. I tried everything that I could to find another job, but no one would hire me because I was overqualified. In the midst of despair I remembered that I minored in English in college and decided to put it to use.

From there, I A.M. Editing Ink, LLC was born, and I want to share my editing gift with the world. What started as an answer to my problem became the answer to the issues that many others were facing, and I began an empowering journey through entrepreneurship. My desire is to make sure that my clients have a quality experience that leaves them with the confidence that they need to excel. How long have you been in this business? Although I have been editing documents since I was in college, I A.M. Editing, Ink will have been in existence for two years on May 28, 2020. What’s one mistake you made at the beginning of your business? I made the terrible mistake of thinking that I could do everything efficiently on my own. As the company grew, I learned the importance of delegating tasks and have now become more efficient because of it. What type of mindset did you have before you were an entrepreneur? I believed that being an entrepreneur was too hard. My father would always tell me that he believed it was an avenue I should explore. Being laid off from my first job forced me to try my hand at entrepreneurship. I couldn't be more thankful for the push.



Was there a time you were ready to give up? There was never a time where I was ready to give up. However, there were a few times where I felt like I was going to fail. In my personal life, I had a lot of challenges the past couple of years that required a great amount of attention and time. Having a four-year-old daughter didn't make it any easier, either. But, I remembered reading a statistic that stated 20% of small businesses will close after one year. I was determined not to be in that 20%. That statistic coupled with my refusal to fail my daughter is why I did not give up



How did you keep going? I thought of my daughter every step of the way. She was just shy of two years old. I knew that she was depending on my success for her necessities. Looking at her everyday made me want to work so much harder. My desire to support her is the primary reason why this business has grown the way that it has. Who’s your favorite female entrepreneur? Oprah Winfrey Top 3 pieces of advice for new entrepreneurs or seasoned entrepreneurs who may feel stuck? 1) Always put your client before the cash. 2) Make a plan to develop one idea at a time. 3) Never forget why you started your business.

Empress Magazine is dedicated to motivating and inspiring women and organizations that are making an impact on society. To nominate a deserving lady email,



MAKING A BRAND OUT OF LOSS With Roxanne B Homayun You could say that I’ve led a pretty charmed life. My parents stayed together, I went to good schools, pursued higher education, found decent jobs, dated good men, and traveled more than the average person. I’ve never been abused or violated. I’ve always been pretty healthy, any challenges to health were rectifiable. What on EARTH do I know about loss? I’m often told that a person’s most tragic story is their best selling point, but I didn’t really have one growing up, and yet, my whole life I was always sought out to help people with loss. When I say my whole life, I mean from the age of 8 years old up to my 42-year-old self today. What was it about me that attracted people who needed to cope with losing something significant enough that involved a mourning process? I finally had a dear girlfriend tell me why after I helped her come to terms with her divorce. She had been struggling because her parents had divorced and she earnestly wished for her daughter to be spared the heartbreak she experienced, without having to sacrifice her mental health by staying married to this man who was, to put it simply, the wrong fit. She told me, “we all have to go through loss, Roxanne. What you give is the time, space, safety, and perspective for us to sort it out.” Huh. Okay, I can roll with that. So, I’ve continued on my path. I studied interpersonal communication, psychology, program planning, family education, all the while working 9 to 5s to pay my bills and underuse my gifts. I would wax poetic to friends and acquaintances about dreams and aspirations, while they quietly praised my intentions and not-so-quietly giggled at my naïveté. When I finally wrote my book about recovering from heartbreak thanks to HOURS of hand-holding and conversations with friends who needed to find their footing and my own experience with dives into the heartbreak spiral, some eyebrows were raised that it was done and in print. I heard a faint smattering of applause, got a few pats on the back. Growing up, I had a big mouth and a bad temper, but it wasn’t the grownups who told me those qualities were unattractive, and it wasn’t the guys either. It was the girls. And they didn’t tell me, they just showed me. They showed me by ostracizing me. It was more acceptable for me to be depressed and quiet rather than pissed off and blasting people for crossing my boundaries. I can’t say that I blame them, why couldn’t I just draw the damned boundaries? Why did I get ignored or punished for using my ‘no?’ Why did it have to build up to a nearly atomic level explosion of emotion to make sure I was heard? I frankly don’t care why. I care that I learned that happy midpoint of making myself heard without having to yell. I care that I know what to say to assert myself without escalating (though I can STILL escalate like nobody’s business!), I care that I can put that into a program for other people to take, practice, and learn too.


LIVING This all took a while to get done. In the meanwhile, I found a lovely man to marry, and we met through loss. He had lost his wife, and I was tutoring his son. He took his time to grieve, and when he came out of it, we had a friendship. From that friendship, we dated and then married. Charmed, right? Sure, but yet… It came time to make my family happen. I had all my ducks in a row, led a really healthy lifestyle, and figured I’d get pregnant on the first try as it had for two of my girlfriends. Okay, not the first try but the second? The fifth? Nine months of trying, with no luck. To say that I was fixating was an understatement. I couldn’t think of anything else, and the two-week wait was torture.

Loss finds us all, I think it’s the hallmark of this living dimension we have to go through on our way up and out. I am thrilled to think that I am able to hold space for people while they grieve, and I am grateful that I go through it, too, and glean the wisdom I need to from it. I’ve made it my brand not only because I can relate to it on multiple levels, but because somehow being able to sit through people’s stories of loss and tragedy, help them face it, maybe reframe it, and move on from it, is in my gift zone. That’s my selling point. I can do it, and do it well. Take a look at what people seek out in you, and whether you have unlimited energy, even hunger for it. That’s your gift zone. Share it.

AND THEN, THAT BIG FAT POSITIVE FINALLY SHOWED UP! Thank God! Ok, call the in-laws, we have a baby in my womb! I called my ob-gyn because I was supposed to be considered high-risk because I was over 35 and had an ovarian cyst, but nope, he wouldn’t see me until the end of my first trimester. That’s okay because I’m charmed and I can start picking names! But this is LIFE we’re talking about here. No one escapes loss. When my bleeding started in my 10th week, I tried not to freak. I tried not to freak while I sat in an emergency room at the hospital. I tried not to freak when I finally was seen by an ER doctor after seven hours of waiting while my bleeding picked up speed and all I wanted was to be able to reach inside and stanch the bleeding like I did when I cut my hand. I didn’t want to use the toilet because I was terrified that somehow, my unborn baby would suddenly fall out into the water and I would have to face that this pregnancy was, indeed, over. I tried not to freak out when the ER doctor couldn’t find my sac on the ultrasound, mentioning ‘ectopic pregnancy,’ and made me wait another two hours for the ER gynecologist to finally come and see me…who would tell me…that this pregnancy was over before it began. I’ve got a little girl now, and she’s the light of my life, but I’ve had six pregnancies in total. That’s five miscarriages. That’s five years of my life trying to make my family. I am grateful for the one daughter I have, and yes, I waited for my thirties to start a family plan, but I do mourn the expectations I had for the big family I dreamed of forming. If I can’t make baby number two happen, I will need recovery time. Why do women talk about miscarriage so nonchalantly, anyway? Because it’s natural? Because so many of us have gone through it? How does that help? It doesn’t, in my humble opinion. It’s a tragic loss. It’s my big tragic loss.


Roxanne B Homayun is the owner of Trellis Relationship Institute




IRENE VAKSBERG Photo: Isabelle Shumaker

What do you do? What's the name of your business? I’m a hairdresser, been in the business for 35 plus years. I always knew that this would be my job from a young age. Another business I run as an Independent Associate is Got Health/ Voxxlife. It’s a Wellness Company that makes wearable technology products that help with pain relief, stability, mobility and range of motion. Why do you do, what you do? I know what it’s like to live in chronic pain and not feel beautiful. I want to help people find their beauty from the inside, out. It wasn’t easy finding my passion again but I knew I needed to get out of that hole and fight for my life in spite of the painful obstacles. Photo: Isabelle Shumaker

What’s the hardest thing you had to experience in your life?

On November 3rd, 2013, I was on my way to celebrate my birthday with friends. Instead, I ended up getting t-boned, ending up in the Emergency room that night. I didn’t know the severity of my injuries at that moment. Through this accident the inquiries I had were: Sympathetic nerve damage, L1 to 5 and lumbar tare. Painful Neuropathy along with Depression and Anxiety. I have had 9 epidurals, 4 hip injections, and sympathetic nerve blocks. Doctors told me that this would be my life and that nothing could fix me. How long have you been in this business? I’ve been in the beauty industry for 35 plus years and been part of VOXXLIFE for two years. How did you keep going? It wasn’t easy because I was basically trapped inside my own body. Lost 70% of my hair salon business and it was painful to watch something I love doing fade away. Even in the darkest moments, I pulled myself out and even prayed when I didn’t believe in it. Sometimes you pray and the universe provides in mysterious ways. Then my good friend Kim blessed me with the wearable technology and it changed my life in seven seconds.

IRENE VAKSBERG is an independent associate with VoxxLife WWW.THEEMPRESSMAGAZINES.COM



Addiction Tried To Break My Family With Joani DiCampli

Addiction is devastating. It can ruin a family in so many ways, physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially. Denial, embarrassment, shame and the cost of getting treatment often keeps addicts and their families from seeking the help that they need. Recovery costs can vary between a few thousand dollars and tens of thousands of dollars. I know, my family has been there. This is my story and my offer of help. Hi, my name is Joani DiCampli and I am the Creator and founder of Boobalicious Breast Deodorant. My story starts out simple: I was laid off my job in 2010 and was working in retail to financially support my family. One hot summer day of July 2012 I was assisting a customer at a boutique and I had that awful boob sweat not to mention an odor, which never happened before, I was mortified at that moment and said to one of my co-workers that there should be a boob deodorant and I am going to make one and call it Boobalicious! Fast forward, I first asked my customers (of course females), if they would wear an all-natural breast deodorant for their boob sweat and to my surprise, a better part said yes. After a couple of months of questioning this and constantly talking about it, my husband literally said stop talking about it and just do it. After that comment, I went up to my office and started the process on how to make a natural deodorant. By trial and error, I came up with natural ingredients that I would want to put on my body and grew very informed about every one of them to make sure the ingredients were something I would put on my boobs. I handed out samples to my friends to try and went on Etsy to sell. To my surprise, I started selling right away. Boobalicious was a way to help pay bills until I could find a full-time job, as most of us live paycheck to paycheck. This is truly what I thought was the purpose of Boobalicious. Little did I know that a couple years later, that Boobalicous would have a bigger purpose? We all have stories in our life that we don’t talk about it as it can be trying at times. By this time I have a full-time job, being a mom to three children, (with 2 dogs and 2 cats), and working on growing Boobalicious. My plan was to really grow my business but sometimes it doesn’t work out that way. I put a stop on saving all my investments that I was making and devoted my business to my young adult children. My daughter who at the time was 24 (diagnosed with Bi-Polar at the age of 13), also had an addiction. She was suffering from mental illness and addiction which is called a dual diagnosis. As some of us know this affects the whole family. My daughter came to me and said she was tired of being tired. I instantly told her to do the right thing for one year and suck it up no matter how hard it is and I promise you will love being you as I love you for who you are today and who you will be tomorrow. I immediately went upstairs during that moment and looked up "Miracles Do Happen in Delray, FL" because I heard of the woman who owns it. The owner of " Miracles Do Happen" is named Millie and she truly was my gift from God. My daughter was on her way to Miracles Do Happen within that week. The moment she left I devoted my business to her to pay for the flight, board and other expenses that came with getting her in the right direction.



HEALTH A year or so later my son who was 24 needed me as he was battling alcohol addiction and of course, I devoted my business to him as well. It did not dawn on me as I was writing this story until last night, as not being a writer my mind is racing on what to put down because there is so much I want to tell but need to keep a limit to this. My son came to visit me last night 8/25/2017, it was a surprise as he lives two hours away. He caught the bus in the morning to see me, his mom! I have never seen my son as he was at that moment, he looked amazing. Not only did he struggle with his addiction he struggled with his weight. He was once considered obese and the results he had in his weight loss and addiction are freaking awesome! It is now three years since my daughter went away and I am happy to say she will be celebrating three years sobriety on September 16, 2017, and my son will be celebrating one-year sobriety on the same day. So you see how blessed I am to have both my adult children here with me today to celebrate moments like this. I applaud them for their strength and courage and thank them for inspiring me to be strong and how to be a better parent in every way. This is why Boobalicous was created for a purpose! I am in the process of working with Millie in creating a charity called Miracles Do Happen. I will donate three percent of Boobalicious sales directly to the organization. If you would like to donate to our cause, please follow us for more details. Boobalicious is creating a charitable foundation to provide support for those in need of recovery. Grants will cover the cost of travel to a rehab facility or sober living house and assist with one month’s rent. Boobalicious works with Miracles Do Happen.

Joani DiCampli is the owner of Boobalicious





It is an act of courage to see the truth, the soul-level truth of a situation whether it be related to past, present or possible future outcomes. With awareness and understanding comes healing in the discovery of these truths. The sessions uplift the vibration of the one being read and reveal not only truths but possibilities of concrete steps to move forward on one’s path.

People are suffering; suffering from fear, anxiety, the unknown, but also the very known that they know all too well. We need a revolution of the spirit, the whole self and practitioners who are channeling for the highest and best good can answer this call. The call is a need for a more holistic approach to our well beings. Who we are is not dictated by others although it can be. It is meant to be that we belong to ourselves. All of us to ourselves. This is not a selfish or self-centered act. ' This is an act of rebellion against all those that wish to own our choices, own our spirits and even our lives. We need a way, a path, back to our whole selves, body, soul, mind, and spirit. To deliver us to ourselves. What better way than to find our path, our mission, our true calling and be in service to it. An Akashic Record Reading does just this. It enables your highest knowing, your highest wisdom, your team on the other sides’ wisdom and the wisdom of the Akashic reader-practitioner to work in tandem to give validation, unconditional understanding, and love to the client.


Having one’s Akashic Records open through a sacred process, guided through over the phone, is a healing in and of itself. The practitioner acts as a channel for what is needing and wanting to be seen.




PEOPLE ARE SUFFERING; FROM FEAR, ANXIETY & THE UNKNOWN. This revelation is nothing short of a return home to one’s purest self. A reading with Siri Baruc Thornton is also accompanied by spiritual tools with which one can gain relief from confusion, invalidation, what we call non-havingness or low-havingness and uncovering belief systems that no longer serve one’s life. When one experiences relief and a new awareness of themselves, they create a ripple effect in their home, their community they interact with, and the world. What the world needs now is love sweet love and it is this love that the process gives over to. My hope is that more people will discover the Akashic Records and receive the guidance, direction, courage, and truth they are wanting! It is my honor and pleasure to serve through the Akashic Records in this way to whoever is seeking this.

Siri Baruc Thornton is the owner ofReiki & Akashic healing with Siri




Photo: Aleesha Kelly I had a story for many years about people not liking me so, I didn't take risks like; business, career, friendships or even going after goals because what others thought of me really mattered a lot to me. My whole identity became about results and achievements, that's how I dealt with my mass insecurities. I had this horrible life: my biological parents gave me up, I was molested as a kid. I was then raped from the age of twelve until I was sixteen. I was told because of that rape I would never have kids, I attempted suicide and was barely spared my life. I eventually had a kid to only have to bury her three months after birth. I was in a terrible abusive marriage were I stayed for years, losing myself all because I wanted to be loved. Eventually, I left dated out of loneliness and one of my ex's had pulled a loaded gun to my head, I escaped naked running for my life.


I thought I finally got my life together with a wonderful man, God blessed me with kids, I thought I was living this perfect life, but if he can't make me happy, there is a problem! Everything I clung to was stripped away, I was laying on my bathroom floor. P.S, Ladies! Why do we go to our bathroom floors? Why? Their disgusting! I was on the floor and I thought about how I could end my life. All humans have some core misunderstandings; I'm not good enough, there's something wrong with me, I'm broken, I'm unlovable! We all have these stories that we carry around like backpacks and as much as we want to change them we're still attached to our story. When we are carrying around that backpack of our story life tends to affirm it. The universe is like if you believe that here's more of it.

For most of us we have this little zone of life we live in called our comfort zone. When we step out of that comfort zone a lot of fear comes up. Fear is basically "what if" followed by something negative. It's in those times that we bust right out of it that we learn who we really are. Sometimes, we do that by choice and sometimes we're busted out of it! How many of you have been busted out of your comfort zone and didn't even see it coming? We will often decide to step out of our comfort zone if we know exactly what's on the other side and we will wait like "ok, now I can do it." I had to make a change in my life so I took a step outside of my comfort zone. Ya'll I thought when you took a leap of faith, you'd land on some fluffy cloud and the arms of an angel would be there to say wow you did it, no, no, no, there is a free fall, literally!



Photo: Aleesha Kelly

If you're waiting to do something that's in your heart that you really want, if your waiting not to be scared, you're going to be waiting a really long time. Instead of just choosing something, moving forward and then getting feedback from the universe, as to if it's an alignment or not. WE analyze, rationalize, make lists and talk to people...AHHH enough, enough, enough! Just choose! You can not make a wrong choice, you can't fail. When you feel that fear come up follow that "what if" with something you want. Because, anything in the future your totally making up anyways. So make it good!

Andrea Williams is the owner of Glow Girl Publication & Company, a international multi-media platform.




The Empress Academy The Empress Academy is a place to keep female entrepreneurs focused on and working towards their goals, we intend for this to save our members time from googling on the internet for the next big piece of tips and to save women from spending thousands of dollars on multiple different courses.

Elite Membership Includes: +Live Q & A: Get your hardest questions answered and needs met. +Courses: Step-by-Step lessons on how to start, grow & evolve your business and brand. +Resources: Strategically constructed templates, guides, tools and checklists to save you time and implementation. +Empress Experts: Accelerate your implementation by learning from the professionals. +Supportive Community: Stay connected online, plus the benefits from the talented, supportive, connected group.

free spirit


As a small business, you may not think you’re in the business of (or in need of) public relations, but you are. Public relations is crucial to the success of every business, big or small. The difference is that a small, budget-conscious business doesn’t have the luxury of hiring a highpriced PR firm, so you have to take a more DIY approach to mastering your public relations. Here are seven  inexpensive, creative and effective strategies for putting together a small business PR plan.

By: The Empress Magazine

CRAFT A COMPELLING STORY (OR TWO) The surest way to get a reporter/blogger/editor to write about you and your business is to get their attention. And the way you do that is with good, old-fashioned storytelling. You won’t get coverage for just being a successful small business, or a new one, or a growing one. Focus instead on what is unique about the business, whether that’s the product or service you offer, the culture you’ve built, the problem you solve, the way you hire, how you give back.

PROMOTE YOUR EXPERTISE (AND THAT OF OTHERS IN YOUR BUSINESS). One way to get mentioned in the press is to promote yourself as an expert in your industry, niche, sector, etc. For instance, if you own a small accounting firm, create a list of tips for business owners as they head into tax season. Send that out to finance and money reporters at newspapers, magazines, business news wires and other publications, so that when they are doing stories around tax time, they may quote you as an expert in one of their own “tax tips” stories.

USE SERVICES LIKE HARO (HELP A REPORTER) AND PRWEB. HARO is a free service that allows journalists and bloggers to connect with you as an expert. Once you sign up as a source, HARO sends queries from journalists—looking for sources for stories—throughout the day. If any of the queries match your expertise, you can respond directly to the journalist and, possibly, be interviewed for the story.



Housewives of MLM

Share Your Story Are you a female who runs a network marketing, direct sales, MLM or attraction marketing type business to gain financial freedom? If so, join us in our next book "Housewives of MLM," and no you don't have to be hitched to qualify. With so many different compaines, compensation plans, and missions we are eager to grab the attention of our readers by including a vast variety of stories from all walks of life. There has been a bad stigma around this industry for eons, many people think this profession is a pryamid scheme but we want to break that stigma by bringing real stories by real people. We have a few spots open to join us click here.


"Let's publish that book"

JOIN THE CONVERSATION If you're looking to meet other amazing women, just like you, then why not join our Facebook community for free? Come on over and tell us all about yourself and what you do. It's the first place we post our brilliant content and where you can chat with our contributors, guest editors and bloggers. See you there!


Have you experienced some dirt that life may have thrown at you? Maybe you were overweight, maybe you were on some type of medication to control your blood pressure, or even struggled with depression. Whatever your story is you probably decided to be the change you needed, WWW.THEEMPRESSMAGAZINES.COM

you took the holistic route so that you wouldn't become dependant on big pharma drugs. You started your own business to help others who walk the same shoes you once did. We need your raw story to include in our upcoming book collaboration. We are on a mission to help others get in full alignment with themselves in mind, body & soul.


r u o y e t i Wr y r o t s



Empress Slayer

As we help out clients strive for 5k months in their business we realized that many of them are stuck due to fear holding them back. We made it our mission to put together a manuscript of valuable advice, tips + encouragement from the experts leading the way. We want to supply our customers, your customers with the strategies they need to move past their fear and into their truth.

We are among a growing group of women all around the world discovering that they deserve to have success + happiness in both their lives and careers. These women are stepping around their comfort zones into their dream business. This is so significant because a lot of us have dreamed about being successful but only the strong acquire it. Success takes hard work, sleepless nights, sweat, tears, missed parties, headaches and a lot of doing the things that 99% of the world won't do.

The Empress Slayer: Mindset + Money, The Million Dollar Tips is a practical guide for female business owners to help them gain the confidence and money needed to build and run a successful business that is untouchable. Pre-order now at 36


90 Days of Power is a daily, interactive journal designed to aid you in selfexploration, healing, and reflection. Featuring thought-provoking prompts, inspiring quotes, open-ended questions, daily practices, and motivational soul food with room for writing, this journal is the ultimate tool for personal growth. The countless positive benefits you will receive from this journal will transform your life. To name a few, journaling is the ultimate positive habit to add to your daily routine.



Taking a few moments in the day for reflection will help you stay grounded, present, and in touch with yourself. You’ll receive healing on many levels, as writing helps release stress, anxiety, and disturbances in daily life. You will accelerate your ability to manifest your goals. You’ll increase your gratitude. You will learn so much about yourself.

Order your copy today at

This journal has been designed to be a safe space for you, where you can grow into the best version of yourself. When done effectively, it will change everything in your life for the better.

By the end of the journal, you will know yourself on a profound and deep level. Join the thousands of people around the world who have transformed their lives through this journal!



A WORLD WHERE EVERYONE IS RECOGNIZED Far to often as business owners we see all the top income earners being featured on magazine covers, sought after for events and always being recognized for all their "hard work." The strange thing is that most all business owners are doing "hard work," wouldn't you agree? What makes your income bracket able to determine if you are worthy enough to be recognized? Foolishness! We all deserve to recognized for the impact we are making in society, EVERYONE! Imagine a world where we honored everyone who was doing so? A world where we applaud the beginner to the seasoned vet, a world where we celebrate all women doing big or small things.

At the end of the day, starting a business alone is a tainting, tiring, and lonesome effort. Nothing about starting a business is easy, you put more hours into running your own business then you do at a 9-5 job. Another thing is that our impact isn't measured by likes and followers, most times people don't even know you have a page but you could have 10,000 tribe members, but an outsider wouldn't know that by judging a book by its cover. We want to break this stigma and be the change by leading by example. We are dedicated to showcasing all women-owned business owners; small, big or large for the impact they are making & will make in their communities. We are proud to announce our Empress Awards, a royal experience. A one night awards ceremony that we will bring together businesses of all industries to present them with awards. You can now nominate a deserving lady today and purchase a ticket to the event by clicking here.

let's celebrate everyone!

The S.O.S Bundle

Slaying Online Sales By: The She Boss Movement

Admitting that you’re not at full capacity and you have a lot of room to grow, is a hard pill to swallow. There is a study going around that shows most coaches make $100k a year. You can live a relaxing lifestyle at that point which is why most coaches get “stuck” there. What was working in the past is no longer working and now they’ve plateaued. So, instead of doing what you’ve been doing and hoping for a different result- try this: Create a 4-step customer journey with multiple offerings so you can get your existing customers to buy from you over and over. Because it’s easier to get a happy customer to buy AGAIN than it is to get a new lead to buy for the first time. Makes sense, right? These two steps combined have literally increased coaches businesses 10x. I’ve created "The S.O.S Bundle: Slaying Online Sales" a day-by-day, step-by-step guide on what to post daily & how to implement each of these things in a lot more detail. The Bundle includes: Broadcasting Topics Sales Tip Video Time Management Training Video Customer Relationship Building Training Goal Setting Training Leadership 101 Video Mission Statement Workshop Bonuses: Professional Biography Writing Course. 30-Day Action Plan (2) 30-Minute Strategy Calls


"My worst fear (yours I bet too) was having to tell my family that my business isn’t working out and I'm going back to an old job." My second worst fear was to have a business that only gets by and isn’t really giving me the lifestyle and opportunity I desired. But, I never wanted to admit to anyone that I had the second fear because it would mean admitting that I can do better in my business.


6 Steps to Achieving your Goals in 2020 BY MELISSA A FALCO

As we venture into this new decade, I’ve encountered an

Step 1: Make clear and specific goals

unusually high number of conversations around the desire for clear vision and direction in 2020. Many people are switching

In order to get anywhere new, we need a destination. Here

gears. Many are testing out new career options. Many people

are some questions to ask yourself to get the thought process

are seeking growth and redefining their life’s path. It’s a time

started. What is it that I truly want? What, if achieved, would

for cleansing, it’s a time for adventure, and it’s an opportunity

fill me with such a sense of purpose and fulfillment that I get

to launch on a journey to a new and unexpected place. As we

warm or teary-eyed thinking about it? Jot down whatever

step into the beginning of a new decade, we are bathed in a

comes to mind and circle the key words. If you can get quiet

cloak of optimism and excitement, but those two things alone

and connect to your inner voice, you’ll be able to create some

are not enough to see our vision to fruition. These 6 steps will

goals that are really heart-centered and those are the ones

help you focus your lens, set up for success, put a plan in

that unleash the magic in our lives.

motion and get you to where you want to be.

Now that you have a connection to a desire, make it crystal clear. Commit it to paper and keep it in a place where you’ll

Clarity and Vision:

see it every day. An example on clarity was when I was

A 1979 Harvard Business School MBA Study, a group of

moving to San Diego in my 20s, people would ask “what part

graduating students were asked one question about their life

of San Diego?”. My reply was “San Diego”. As a young 20-

goals. They were asked: Have you set written goals and

something I saw this move as a relocation to a city on a

created a plan for their attainment? Prior to graduation, it was

beach, neglecting the fact that it was a very large county

determined that: 84% of the entire class had set no goals at all

with tons of towns sprinkled in. After living there for a few

13% of the class had set written goals but had no concrete

years, I redefined my answer to “Solana Beach”, a small

plans 3% of the class had both written goals and concrete

beach town inside of the county and several years later when

plans. The results? 10 years later, the 13% of the class that had

I was looking to purchase a home, I specified even further by

set written goals but had not created plans, were making

identifying a street that I wanted to live on. Do you see how

twice as much money as the 84% of the class that had set no

that example got clearer and clearer as did my focus? When

goals at all. In addition, the 3% who had both written goals

setting goals, you want to be crystal clear with descriptive

with a written plan were making an incredible ten times the

words and timelines. Building a vision board is another great

amount of the other 97%.

way to help aid in this process. I’ve made them for years and I’m always astonished at how many things have come true when I look back. It’s fun to gather a bunch of fun,

Having a goal gives you an automatic advantage and making

successful, sassy women together and focus your year with

a plan, has a significantly higher impact on your chances for

this creative activity.

achievement. Here are 6 clear steps to help us set up for success.



Step 2. How will you feel if you achieve your goal? and What

What we’re focused on is building up the internal dialogue to

would happen if you don’t?

support you in the direction of your dreams, vs. trying to be too modest and in turn sabotaging any chance for success.

The key to a great goal is that it needs to matter. If you want

Our thoughts become our reality so be reverent to that soft

to achieve something new, grow, or change old habits it will

voice inside. Affirmations are helpful for shaping this inner

come with a cost. There’s a cost for attaining it. but there is

dialogue. One author I like and admire is Gabrielle Bernstein,

also a cost for not. Make sure you are really clear on both of

Spirit Junky. You can find her on Amazon.

those things because that energy will drive you. Inside of that step you will need to “set the stage”. What that

Step 4: Count your Steps

means is that you’ll want to evaluate how much time and energy it will take to conquer this new goal. If running a

Any type of attainment is strengthened when measured. If

marathon for example it’s going to take time to get in shape.

you’re losing weight, it’s important to have a starting point

Schedule it. Some runs will be 2+ hours in proper preparation.

and check in along the journey. If you’re saving money,

You’ll also need the right equipment; sneakers, clothes,

specify how much and by when. If you’re building a business,

protein, supplements, etc. And maybe most important, you’ll

there are aspects of your goals that you can measure,

need to establish your “A-Team” to support you as you work

evaluate and adjust when necessary. I find this check-in

towards the finish line. Whenever we make any major

process vital to moving the pendulum forward. This is a great

changes in life, we need to evaluate the circle of energy

accountability step to step #1. If a goal isn’t clear or

around us. You want to surround yourself with people who 1)

measurable, it isn’t truly defined, and you may want to spend

believe you can do it, 2) are cheering you on, 3) are genuinely

more time there. It should read as clear as: “I will add 100 new

happy for your success, and 4) will celebrate with you when

clients by X date.”

it’s completed. Leave the drama out of it. find strong, healthy, focused individuals to support you through this period of time.

Step 5: Celebrate

Sometimes this needs to be outside of your inner circle. Don’t

When I’m coaching clients, one of the first questions I ask

be bashful. Meet new friends!

after we’ve established a goal is “When we complete this, how do you want to celebrate?” One client is working on a big

Step 3: Mindset

goal this year and her reward is to take her family to Hawaii. When I went to Hawaii I sent her pictures of the beach and

How likely you are to achieve a goal may boil down to just

had her save it as her screen saver. She looks at it every time

this. Our brains produce 50,000 thoughts per day. You want

she logs in. I’ve also encouraged her to download some

to make sure that you are uber positive and focused on the

Hawaiian music to put on when she’s cleaning or folding

feelings of having had completed your desired goal. A trick is

laundry. Most recently, she added the pictures to her vision

to set your goal as your password to your computer. That way

board and right now she’s building to be able to go in June.

every time you log in you have to imprint it in your thinking.

Celebration is huge. For some it’s downplayed, and I think

Example: “MBAin2020” or “$200,000in2020”.

that’s a mistake.



When I reached a big milestone in my business I celebrated with a big party with family, coworkers and friends. I used that as an opportunity to celebrate my win, but also to thank them for supporting me and playing a role along the way. People want to engage with successful, happy, fun people who are going somewhere. Identify ways to celebrate the inspire you and only reward yourself with them when you’ve achieved your goal. If you celebrate too soon, you’ll pull all of the wind out of your sail and revving back up will be hard. In closing, clear thoughts establish a direction. Supporting them takes work and intention. Setting them in motion creates energy, and it’s more fun to go after something big with the support of friends who can later join you in celebration. People are attracted to individuals that are going somewhere. Life is such a gift. I encourage all of you to be courageous enough to go after something big on your heart in 2020. Know that I’ll be cheering you on all the way!

Melissa Falco


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Affordable Global TV Marketing

SIMPLICITY THE EASY 5-STEP MARKETING SYSTEM TO HELP YOU GAIN MORE CLIENTS IN 2020 I’m so excited to share The Best Week Ever template I developed this because I saw the need from my clients who loved planning big things for their business but struggled to follow through. Can you relate to that? I know I can – us entrepreneurs are IDEA people. Many of us are great at the BIG IDEAS and the START of new projects but struggle to follow through to completion.

Let’s start with the marketing section on the top left corner. We start each week by mapping out our simple marketing system – ATTRACT, ENGAGE, NURTURE, INVITE, INDULGE. This little system is so important to focus on each and every week in your business – because if you drop the ball and STOP MARKETING, you’ll find yourself in the feast or famine cycle in your business. But if you have a system that makes it easy to always attract new potential clients towards your business, you’ll always have a steady flow of clients and cashflow.

1: Attract Attract is all about going out there and getting in front of new audiences full of people who do not know who you are. This is getting the word out about your business. Now ideally you’re getting the word out about your business in front of potential audiences that are actually a good fit for you. Not just random audiences. You’re actually getting in front of the right types of people. What could this look like for you? This could look like being a guest poster. Somebody who contributes articles and blog posts to other websites and blogs. This could look like being featured as a special guest teacher or an interviewee on a podcast. This could look like doing public speaking and going out to speak in front of new audiences. It could also look like publicity so going out there and trying to get opportunities to be on the radio, be on TV, be featured in local newspapers and magazines. Maybe you run Facebook ads or Google ads, something along those lines. The goal of attract marketing is that it’s getting eyeballs to see your business. 2: Engage Once you get in front of those new people you want to engage them. It doesn’t make sense to spend all that energy attracting new people to come through the door of your business or to land on your website if you don’t actually collect their information and start building that database of potential clients. This doesn’t mean you just need any information. It means you’re probably going to get access to something like their email address. Now, if you have walked into a store recently and bought something … I know any time I go to buy clothes for my kids they always ask, “Hey, are you on our email list?” They want to know that because they want to continue sending me things so that I’ll come back in the store. Same concept applies in your business. Once they walk through your doors or your virtual doors, what are you doing to capture their contact information? Are you offering something so that you can continue to nurture that relationship? What are you doing to build that contact database so that then you can go on the next stage of the marketing process?



As I mentioned before – I realized one of the reasons my clients were struggling with self-accountability and follow through is because they didn’t have their BIG ROCKS aka their biggest priorities right in front of them each and every day… so they were constantly getting distracted. So I designed this planning template that I call The Best Week Ever to help keep the most important tasks right in front of you and track your progress.

What are you doing to market your business and to sell your products, programs, or services? Let’s go through those really quickly so you know exactly what each of those pieces are.





5: Delight

Many people, in especially the heart centered world nurture marketing is what you think of first. Nurture marketing is putting your message and your information out there in front

This is taking care of the people who have already signed up to work with you. I think this is so important and so many

of people who already know who you are. They know who

people just forget this part completely. But every single

you are. They know what your business is about. It’s just

week I make sure I’m doing something to indulge the people

building that relationship so that when they are ready to take

who have paid me. Who have helped me to build this

that next step they know I can trust you. What does nurture

business. I want to make sure I’m giving back so that could

content look like?

mean dropping a thank you note in the mail. It could be

For a lot of us it’s going to be things like your newsletter, your social media, your blog, your podcast. Anything you’re

sending birthday cards out. It could be just giving a quick surprise check in call to some of your clients. It could be

doing where you’re getting in front of those people on a

jumping on a quick Q & A call with people in your group

regular basis to bring them back into your business or to build

program. What are you doing to indulge the people who

the relationship to where they are ready to say yes to

have already signed up to work with you? Once you sit

working with you. Those first three parts of the simple

down and think about this and every single week you write

marketing system are pretty straightforward. Attract, engage, nurture. Get in front of new people. You want to engage them, get their contact information so you can nurture









what you’re doing in these different five parts of your marketing strategy out you will see very quickly whether or not what you’re doing is impacting your bottom line. For example, maybe your attract strategy you’re choosing for this month is going to be guest posting. Every week your

4: Invite Then you want to invite them to work with you. This could look like having a free consult. It could be hosting a webinar. It could be hosting a workshop. It could be offering a

goal is to submit one guest post to a new website. You’re engage strategy is a special irresistible free offer that you’ve created. Maybe it’s a free guide to the topic you’ve

specific package or program that you have. The invitation is

been writing all these guest posts about and your goal is to

where the sale actually takes place.

send those guest post traffic people to this free guide you’ve created. Then in your nurture content, you’re also writing blog posts and newsletters about that big overall topic area. Then your goal is to get those people, whether they’re coming to you from your guest post articles or from your existing community, you’ve been talking about the same topic everywhere, then you’re going to invite them into your product, program, or service that is focused on that topic. Get the complete system inside of The Empire Planner






The Empire Planning Retreat Accomplish More In 90 Days Then You Ever Did In A Year!


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As you know our skin the epidermis is our biggest organ and needs the most love. I am consistently moisturizing my skin with my handmade hemp creams and lotions. I am in the process of converting 90 percent of my products to hemp-based products. Mentioning hemp, it is a very beneficial ingredient that not only helps the skin but can benefit the entire body tremendously. In addition to human use, hemp is currently being used by Pet Parents for their fur babies. I will go over a few benefits of hemp for you and your family.

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Hemp is also known as Cannabis Sativa L. Hemp is grown in stalk form like the way bamboo is grown, due to the fact its stalks and seeds are used in creating an array of products such as skincare, building materials, and many other products. Therefore “hemp” is referred to as industrial hemp.




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Profile for The Empress Magazine

The Empress Magazine: Collection 2: January 2020 Issue  

In this issue we will be taking you behind the scenes with six female ceos who are conquering their empire in the new decade. We also bring...

The Empress Magazine: Collection 2: January 2020 Issue  

In this issue we will be taking you behind the scenes with six female ceos who are conquering their empire in the new decade. We also bring...