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Spring 2014

  Public Speaking ∞ Writing ∞ Managing Work Connecting with Clients and Career Supporters


Delivering a Really Good Presentation All Lawyers and Senior Support. 50 max. 1 hour $1,250 Most lawyers are not asked to give lectures on a world stage or speak at high profile public events. Most of us just want to present information in an engaging, informative, and relevant way that has a lasting impact. This workshop provides a simple guide to: (1) plan for your audience; (2) structure your message and materials for greatest effect; and (3) deliver in your own style while focusing on your audience (rather than your jitters or your PowerPoint slides).

Approved by the Law Society of British Columbia for 1 CPD credit.


Clear Writing Students and Associates. 12 max. 1 Day (6.5 hours teaching time) + 30-45 minutes of one-on-one coaching after the workshop $4,500 Every reader - lay and legal - craves clarity. Lawyers must be able to apply their critical thinking and analysis skills and then translate that into accessible writing that gets to the heart of the matter as quickly as possible. This workshop for students and associates in all practice areas focusses on this core skill of conveying complex concepts and issues simply. We’ll cover writing for a range of audiences - clients, senior colleagues, opposing counsel, and adjudicators. Participants will learn an approach that speeds up the writing process and helps readers understand the message. Most of the practical exercises and all of the post-workshop coaching will be based on participants’ own work writing.

Approved by the Law Society of British Columbia for 4 CPD credits.


Editing Legal Writing Lawyers with over 2 years of experience. 12 max. 3.5 hour workshop + optional post-workshop coaching $3,500 This workshop offers experienced lawyers a no-fuss, practical approach to reviewing and editing writing (their own and others’) and giving feedback to others. The aim is that attendees will return to their desks to find themselves spending less time reviewing, editing, and rewriting others’ work; and taking a more streamlined approach to their own writing. Individual attendees are entitled to 30-45 minutes of one-on-one coaching after the workshop.

Approved by the Law Society of British Columbia for 3 CPD credits (3.5 with coaching option).


Creating a Knockout CLE: A Skills Workshop 4-6 Lawyers or Students with a CLE to plan. 3 hours of small group time + 1 hour of one-on-one coaching $3,000 for 4 people, $250 for each additional person We’ve all sat through CLE sessions squinting at endless PowerPoint slides while the presenter reads them verbatim. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Communicating legal ideas in a practical and interesting format is a skill that lawyers can master at any stage of their career. This intensive workshop is perfect for anyone wanting to brush up their skills for an imminent presentation. In Part I, attendees develop their session from start to finish during two small group sessions. This includes analyzing audience’s needs; crafting key messages; and choosing the best stories, scenarios, discussion points and visual aides to support them. In Part II, attendees polish their delivery through an hour of one-on-one coaching in the lead-up to their presentation.

Approved by the Law Society of British Columbia for 4 CPD credits.


Before You Hit Send: Taking Charge of Email Lawyers, Students and Staff 1 hour: no maximum / 2 hours: 15 people max. 1 hour or 2 hours $1,250 / $2,000 Get practical about planning, crafting and editing email messages. We’ll cover how to: (1) organize an email; (2) be clear; (3) maintain a professional tone; and (4) make the text easy to read. This workshop can be taught as a one-hour “lunch and learn” or as an interactive two-hour workshop that includes analyzing and revising one’s own emails, with more time for practical exercises.

Approved by the Law Society of British Columbia for 1 or 2 CPD credits depending on the workshop’s length.


Simply Indispensable: A Workshop for Legal Support and Shared Services Professionals All non-billable staff: junior and senior shared services, legal assistants 2 hours $1,750 This workshop explores the elements of great service in a legal environment. Whatever your support role, embracing your indispensable self means: (1) anticipating and investigating what people need; (2) innovating in ways large and small; (3) delivering reliably; and (4) having the courage to ask for and act on feedback. We explore these indispensable qualities in a series of short, practical activities that will reflect the participants’ current realities.


Managing Your Work Junior Lawyers and Students. 25 max. 2 hours $1,750 The ability to manage work has a big impact on every lawyer’s performance. Building this skill improves one’s ability to deliver consistently great work on time, maintain a sterling reputation, and find joy (or at least genuine professional satisfaction) in one’s work. This workshop looks at the common challenges students and associates face, including: 1. Getting good instructions, and staying in touch 2. Juggling priorities and conflicting demands from work providers 3. Dealing with having too much work, or not enough 4. Practising good billing hygiene 5. Getting good feedback and - as important - acting on it

Approved by the Law Society of British Columbia for 2 CPD credits.


The Joy of Delegating Mid-level to Senior Lawyers. 25 max. 90 minutes $1,500 Mastering the age-old art of delegation can have a huge impact on success (and stress levels) as a lawyer. This workshop covers the skills required to delegate work well: careful planning, assigning, supervising, reviewing work, and giving actionable feedback. We’ll discuss how individuals can adapt these skills for each assignment, saving time and developing solid teamwork in the process. And we’ll tackle some of the most common delegation challenges through scenarios that reflect the participants’ current reality.

Approved by the Law Society of British Columbia for 1.5 CPD credits.


Networking From The Inside Out All Lawyers and Senior Legal Support 60 minutes $1,250 Networking is not just for wild extroverts and seasoned rainmakers. This workshop explores the importance of personal connections for individual, practice group and firm success; and for our professional happiness. It focuses on practical ways for lawyers at every level to grow and maintain their informal networks in a way that feels true to their style and their career goals. No business cards or painful analysis required – just a willingness to think creatively about the care and feeding of your network.


Walking the Delegation Tightrope: A Primer for Paralegals 25 max. 90 minutes $1,500 Paralegals inhabit a unique place in the legal world. They must be nimble enough to manage work up and down the delegation ladder - accepting assignments from lawyers at all levels, delegating work to juniors and students, and supervising work flow on large matters. This workshop brings paralegals together to master the broad set of skills along the delegation tightrope: careful planning, assigning, supervising, reviewing work, and giving actionable feedback. We’ll work through an escalating series of challenging scenarios that cover the most common work flow challenges, and discuss how to maintain balance -and a sense of humour - at every stage.


The Power of Quiet Any audience 1 hour $1,250 In 2012, Susan Cain’s blockbuster book, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking, got everyone...well...talking, and the conversation continues. Cain, a former commercial litigator in a large Wall Street firm, is our starting point. What is it like for introverts (the majority of the legal profession) to live in a world where the extroverted “mighty likeable fellow” is the ideal and where firms seem to be designed for extroverts and their need for ongoing stimulation and group activity? We’ll look at ways to: (1) ensure that introverts get the opportunity to shine; and (2i) encourage a culture that values careful thought and understanding.


Schmooze 101: The Practical Art of Corporate Socializing Anyone involved in corporate socializing 90 minutes $1,500 Some people make it look effortless, but almost everyone admits that they feel a bit awkward when it comes to the niceties of corporate socializing. This popular workshop reviews how to handle introductions, name tags and business cards, food and drink, and small talk. It also covers the Big Four: (1) knowing no one, (2) breaking into a group, (3) forgetting a name, and (4) breaking away. It’s fun and practical for lawyers and other legal professionals at all levels who interact with clients, prospective clients, or prospective recruits.


Getting Real About Mentoring Any audience 60-90 minutes $1,250 Mentors. Sponsors. Champions. Lawyers all want them, and there is no shortage of studies and commentators to tell us they need them. But many lawyers are not entirely sure how we’re meant to find this supportive magic. Formal mentoring programs help – sometimes. After a while some might also start to feel guilty about not doing enough to give back as a mentor, or for not enjoying being a mentor as much as they’d thought. This session gives us a chance to stop, and to stop being so hard on ourselves. It takes a straightforward and practical look at: (1) what successful mentors, mentees, and other supporters do, exactly; (2) the conditions that will naturally connect you with supportive colleagues; and (3) how to make the most of the career development time one can give, or is lucky enough to receive.


Making The Most of Your Mentoring Relationship Lawyers in a formal mentoring program 90 minutes $1,500 / $2,500 for segregated sessions This session offers practical advice about how to make the most of your time paired in a formal program. We’ll discuss start-up issues like what to do in the first few meetings, how to set energizing goals, what to understand about confidentiality, and what good mentoring etiquette looks like. We also talk about issues that can arise later: what to do when you hit a plateau in a relationship or if one person drops away because of work commitments or lack of interest. The session is designed to be informal, reassuring and frank - and to strengthen the sense of commitment within each pair. This workshop is also very effective split into two 90-minute sessions - one for mentors and one for mentees - as a way to encourage more candour and problem-solving between participants. Ideal as an energizer partway through an existing program.

Andrea Verwey +1 778 998 0438 I’m a lawyer who has spent more than 20 years practising law and helping other lawyers and those who work with them. I facilitate career skills workshops designed to help my clients succeed. Some impart practical advice and instruction; others focus on building the skills to sustain legal professionals through the stages of their career. I also coach lawyers one-on-one, design workshops for others to deliver, and help in-house L&D teams create or refresh mentoring programs.

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