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TASK 4 After finishing the above tasks, we have observed that this famous sport has a number of positive values such as solidarity, respect or teamwork but also has negative values as sexism, racism and violence. Our decision is that football despite have many bad examples , performs a good function to improve society A clear example of what shouldn't be present in football is violence, although isn't present on a regular form there are some matches where we don't see fair play. However in football there are the respect, which is taught from a very young age with the objective to remove anti sporting behaviors. In our opinion the respect currently is above violence thanks to various campaigns, to the equipment work, and players actions, etc.. Every day football is news, not by violence but it by solidarity and respect. Some examples are solidarity games with the objective to rescue the Third World or charitable contributions. the football, in addition, shown that the persons can work as a team such as a family, the football shown that the important to win ( in the game o in the life) is be less individualistic and think in act how a team For all this reasons, we think that the football is one good tool for teach, values, and although, the football have more things to improve, the football teach very important things to our future such as the respect, teamwork and solidarity. Things that we will use for our future jobs, for teach to our children.

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