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TASK 2 All this news talk about the other face of football, the face of violence and discrimination, the face of bad example or bad values that little fans to the football learn and for this reason the bad face of the football never will change, because the future of this sport learn the worst and after they copy this. An example of bad values is the racism. It has been a stain on the soul of soccer for generations. Every day we can see on the TV or newspaper a lot of news that talk about situations of racism in soccer; for example stadiums where the players are discriminated with screams saying "monkey" or "black. But the worst is that this discrimination is not penalized because this words not respect the right to not be discriminated for the race. And all the players and all the people must be respected. In soccer we can see other bad values apart from the racism. Like the violence that this sport awakes in players and fans. In one of this news we can read one specific example where one football player forgets that the football is only a game and cause irreparable injuries to an umpire only because he marked an offence. It is very sad to see a player forgetting that the soccer is only a game, because for that player in this moment football is not the same game that he loves, now is a sport that the player used to injure the others only for the color to his shirt. This player ended with the dreams to a young loving to the football and for do this not have permission no one. To finish we mention one of the most impressive bad values: this is the gender discrimination. We think that this is impressive because we are in the XXI century, the age of the equality and for this reason it is shameful that in a sport that is so present in our lives and we can see it in lot of newspaper, and practically all the hours in the TV. It is a sport that we all speak often but we aren’t think that is a sport where possible to found gender discrimination of many fans and even of the most important person of soccer. How we say, this face of soccer is a badly example for all children that love soccer. The example for the children are the players, the fans and all the people that form the soccer. If this people have a racist, violent and sexist attitude, the future of football will continue with this actions and never be possible change the bad face of football for do this sport a beautiful sport where all the people can play with respect and tranquility. But, how can the attitude of the adult persons change? In our opinion to change this it is necessary to apply hard sanctions from football's governing bodies as for example closing stages or eject players that have a sexist, violent or discrimination attitude. For the gender discrimination we think that it is necessary to do equality campaigns to make aware person that have a sexist attitude, in this case, in soccer. And force a number of teams that incorporate women for example as assistant’s referees to demonstrate that women and the men can do the same jobs with the same quality.

TASK 2  
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