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It was found that all too often, for reasons of economy, psychiatric units in the UK were designed in a modular ward fashion like normal wards.84 This design has been found to be unsuitable for mental health units as psychiatric patients are not confined to bed and require more facilities and stimulation to facilitate recovery. Hafan y Coed addresses this problem by being a purpose-built mental health unit, the first of its kind in Wales. The features found in the Hafan y Coed design are found in other modern psychiatric unit designs, such as the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Unit in Cornwall.85 As well as this, the Hafan y Coed design addresses several flaws found by Wood et al in the design for the new psychiatric unit they studied in the north of England. These flaws mainly concerned access to quiet rooms and communal areas and activities. By way of comparison, the Hafan y Coed mental health unit allows users access to quiet areas while also encouraging communal activities such as pool or socialisation in one of its single sex sitting rooms. However, it also possesses an area that are beneficial for the patients i.e. gardens and courtyards. Furthermore, several other studies have highlighted the value of gardens and communal areas on patient well-being in psychiatric units. As well as this, the commission of art work for Hafan y Coed hints at the staff encouraging creativity among patients, something that was cited as being of great importance by the Madlove project as mentioned in the previous chapter. For these reasons, in some ways the Hafan y Coed design represents the ideals of modern psychiatric hospital design and mental health care.

To the Left Fig. 22 A room in Hafan y Coed with garden view


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Architecture Dissertation - The Modern Asylum