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NHS Modular Ward

Even though the twentieth century brought about positive innovations in mental health treatment, unfortunately the design of psychiatric hospitals still lags behind. In the UK, hospital, including psychiatric hospital design, is primarily the responsibility of the NHS. For reasons of economy, the NHS has opted for a modular design for hospital wards (see Figs. 11 and 12). This decision was

42 Leff, J., & Warner, R.,

undertaken under the assumption that a basic ward unit could be

(2006). Social inclusion of people

utilised for any branch of medicine with little modification re-

with mental illness. Cambridge:

quired.42 Consequently, any NHS ward can be used for disciplines

Cambridge University Press.

as diverse as surgery to maternity.

Below Fig. 11 NHS Modular Ward design


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Architecture Dissertation - The Modern Asylum  

Architecture Dissertation - The Modern Asylum