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An insight into how Ryanair handle their organisational policies such as security of information, back up, health and safety and costs

P6 Explain the operational issues in relation to the use of business information Security of Information Security of information is Safe-guarding an organization's data from unauthorized access or modification to ensure its availability, confidentiality, and integrity. Ryanair are required the policy and procedure of security of information because they have to collect Passport or EU/EEA national identity card departing from the UK and Ireland. The information required is the passengers, full name, date of birth, nationality, issuing date and expiry date, this information then gets saved and protected as soon as it is submitted and then the date is automatically collected as soon as you check in. Ryanair use SSL (Security Socket Layer) technology. SSL is the industry standard method of encrypting personal information and credit card details so that they can be securely transferred over the Internet. Ryanair secure information so that they can keep organised and ensure that they do not lose any important information and everything is kept in one folder so it is easy to find customer and employee details.

Back Ups To back up information Ryanair use to same software they use for Security of Information which is SSL (Security Socket Layer) every time someone gives in their personal information or enters it onto the website as soon as it is submitted it gets automatically saved into the system, this means that no information can get lost and everything is secure and backed up which means that every time a customer wants to repeat purchase and book another flight the process is a lot easier because their information is automatically backed up therefore the company know who you are when you sign in and the provide your details for you rather than you typing them in yourself. It is important that they ensure that they back up information to keep all employees informed and to satisfy customers, it is also beneficial for the company to back up information so that they do not lose anything important this keeps the company more organized.

Health and Safety Ryanair tries to deliver its employees with a safe and healthy working environment. Ryanair will conform to all applicable laws and regulations relating to workplace health and safety. Every employee is responsible for complying with the law, with safe work practices and with the Ryanair Health & Safety policies in order to ensure their own health and safety. All employees must use all safety equipment as may be required in the normal course of their work. The people at Ryanair who work on the computer are required to take a 10 minute rest every hour. This is important because every employee is well within their rights to receive a health and safety procedure so they know what they are entitled to such as breaks etc. there are many injuries that you can sustain when working on the computers at Ryanair such as straining of the eyes, blindness and becoming short-sighted this is the main reason why Ryanair impose health and safety policies such as 10 minute breaks ever hour.

Organizational Policies Ryanair have many policies such as travel insurance policies, security of information policies, back up policies and health and safety policies. This is in order to benefit the company, the employees and the customers. Within the insurance policy if you want to do something such as change the date of your flight then you have to contact the reservations center to amend your travel insurance covered so you don’t get charged more than you should be. Health and safety policies and imposed to care for their employees and to make sure they do not sustain any injuries when they are working for them. They initiated back up and security of information policies to keep the company organized and to ensure that they do not lose any important documents.

Costs – Additional Resources Needed, Costs of Development It seems like Ryanair are using their costs efficiently and are not spending that much, for example SSL (Security Socket Layer) is only $49.99 which is considered as a cheap price for such a big company however this may show that the software isn’t that great therefore it isn’t so reliable meaning that customer and employee information might be lost easier. The health and safety videos that they make for customers and employees, they make it themselves therefore it wouldn’t cost them too much either, they have to pay the people who participate in them and also pay for the camera which again is not that expensive.

Increasing Sophistication As the years go on the data gets more and more complex therefore Ryanair need to adapt their data to the times, which means that they have to keep on updating the software, this implies that staff have to be trained to use this software, every month Ryanair offer training for their staff where they get paid to be trained so that they know how to use equipment such as SSL, so that all the information can be backed up and customers are left with a good customer service where they can access all their information and use their travel insurance efficiently. s.pdf

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