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1st August 2011

New Funding Opportunities Government Announces New Coastal Communities Fund (UK)


Government Announces £10 Million Investment and Contract Readiness Fund (England)


Funding to Support to Voluntary Projects in Health and Social Care (England)


Funding to get People Online (England)


Government Launches £25 Million Higher Apprenticeships Fund (England)


Funding for Research into Third World Poverty Alleviation (UK)


Idlewild Trust (UK)


Sita Trust's Enriching Nature Programme (England)


Funding to Support Disadvantaged Young People (UK)


Youth in Action Programme Launches New Call for Proposals (UK)


Renewable Heat Premium Payment Scheme (UK)


Enhancing Communities Programme (UK)


Rising Powers and Interdependent Futures - Research Grant Proposals (UK)


New £4 Million Sports Fund Announced (Scotland)


Stations Community Regeneration Fund Opens for Applications (Scotland)


Creative Industries Innovation Fund (Northern Ireland)


Outer London Fund (London)


Other Funding News Kellogg's Swim Active Grants (UK)


Funding for School’s Science Projects (UK)


Sport England's Protecting Playing Fields Programme (England)


Funding Reminders The James Tudor Foundation (UK)


Macmillan's Training & Conference Grants (UK)


Pilgrim Trust - Social Welfare Grants (UK)


Yapp Charitable Trust Grants (UK)


O2 Programme for Young People (UK)


Healthy Hearts Grants (UK)


B&Q Waste Donation Scheme (UK)

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New Funding Opportunities

Government Announces New Coastal Communities Fund (UK) The Government has announced that Coastal communities across the United Kingdom are set to benefit from a new Coastal Communities Fund. This new fund is designed to support the economic development of coastal communities and will support a wide range of projects, including those that support charities, the environment, education and health. Examples of projects could include support for developing renewable energy, improving skills or environmental improvements,etc. The fund will be linked to the revenues that are raised by the Crown Estate’s marine activities each year. For example, in April 2012 there will be £23.7 million available in the Coastal Communities Fund, this is based on a 50 per cent share of the £47.4 million revenue raised by the Crown Estate’s marine activities in 2010-11. For each country of the UK, the funds available will be directly linked to the revenues raised by the Crown Estate’s marine activities from that area, with separate funding for England, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Highlands and Islands and the rest of Scotland. The fund will be available on a competitive basis and the Government is in discussion with the Big Fund, part of the Big Lottery Fund, about the detailed terms on which they could deliver the funds to communities. The Fund will open for business in April 2012. Further details on how to apply to the Fund will be published shortly.

Government Announces £10 Million Investment and Contract Readiness Fund (England) The Government has announced a new £10million fund to help charities and social enterprises develop the skills and infrastructure necessary to win more capital investment and public service contracts. The Investment and Contract Readiness Fund is one of the latest in a number of actions paving the way for charities, social enterprises and other civil society organisations to play a bigger role in public service delivery. The £10 million programme will operate over 3 years from April 2012. Over the summer, the Government will be testing its proposals with interested stakeholders and a delivery partner will be in place by April 2012. The Government are particularly keen to talk to other funders with an interest in this area about developing a shared platform.


Funding to Support to Voluntary Projects in Health and Social Care (England) The Government has announced that applications are invited to the 2012-13 Innovation, Excellence and Strategic Development Fund that supports the voluntary sector in developing innovation across health and social care. The fund is open to third sector health and social care organisations in England that provide a service similar to a service provided by the National Health Service or by Local Authority social services and whose activities support the Department of Health’s priorities. Applications must be made under one of the three Funding Strands, which are Innovation, Excellence and Strategic Development. To be eligible, projects must have a national impact. This can include local projects that can be replicated nationally. There is no minimum or maximum amount that organisations can apply for. In the last funding round grants awarded ranged from £14,000 to £173,356 (for the first year allocations). Projects supported include the British Lung Foundation which received a grant of £22,000 for “Caring for carers of people with lung diseases” and the Chinese Mental Health Association which received a grant of £22,000 for its “Chinese Mental Health Carers Project”. The closing date for applications is 21st October 2011. e/DH_118373

Funding to get People Online (England) UK Online Centres, which was set up by government to provide public access to computers, has announced that thanks to the financial support of Nominet Trust, applications are now being sought to fund organisations wishing to develop their outreach activity, reach new audiences or communities and help people take their first steps online. Grants of up to £5,000 are available to for both revenue and capital expenditure. UK Online Centres are particularly interested in supporting projects that want to use unusual places and spaces to learn. Any organisation can apply, including organisations that are not UK online centres Partners. However they must become a Partner as a result of the application process. Applications close on the 19th August 2011, with projects taking place between September 2011 and 31 March 2012.


Government Launches £25 Million Higher Apprenticeships Fund (England) The Government has announced details of a new apprenticeship programme that will see £25 million support up to 10,000 advanced and higher apprenticeships in industries including manufacturing, IT and engineering. The scheme will promote the development of apprenticeships up to degree equivalent in companies where there is unmet demand for the higher level skills that are crucial for job creation and growth. The scheme will be called 'The Higher Apprenticeships Fund' and is open to bids from employers; Sector Skills Councils; Professional Bodies; National Skills Academies; Employer groups; Learning Providers, including independents; and FE colleges and HE institutions. The closing date for applications is Friday 16 September 2011.

Funding for Research into Third World Poverty Alleviation (UK) The Department for International Development (DFID) and the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) have announced a third call for applications under Phase 2 for new and innovative research proposals in the field of international development (Poverty Alleviation). The scheme is open to applications from UK and non-UK researchers based in higher education institutions, research organisations and organisations with a credible research capacity. The purpose of the scheme is to provide a more robust conceptual and empirical basis for development, and the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The second phase of funding retains the overall 'poverty alleviation' theme from the first phase, and applications under this broad heading will still be eligible. However, ESRC and DFID have identified three thematic areas for this call where work will be of particular interest. These areas are: •

Resource Scarcity Growth and Poverty Reduction;

Information and Communication Technology and Development;

Measuring Development.

Available grants are of between £100,000 and £500,000. Previous research includes: work on gender based violence that informed the design of a micro credits scheme in East Africa. The deadline for applications is the 27th September 2011.


Idlewild Trust (UK) The Idlewild Trust is a grant making trust that supports registered charities concerned with the encouragement of excellence in the performing and fine arts and the preservation for the benefit of the public of buildings and items of historical interest or national importance. Occasionally it also supports projects that conserve the natural environment. The total funding available each year is approximately £120,000 and registered charities can apply for grants of up to £5,000. Applications are considered twice a year. The next deadline for applications is 23rd September 2011.

Sita Trust's Enriching Nature Programme (England) Environmental organisations, voluntary organisations, charities and community groups are able to apply to the SITA Trust’s Enriching Nature Programme for funding to support biodiversity projects around any licensed and registered landfill site in England. To be eligible for funding projects must have been identified as a priority by Regional and Local Biodiversity Fora in England. The Enriching Nature Programme has two funding levels. •

The Small Fund which provides grants of up to £25,000 for projects that meet national and regional priorities for species and habitats, local priorities will also be considered.

The Large Fund which provides grants of up to £120,000 for projects that meet national priorities for species and habitats.

Previous grants awarded under this programme include: •

A grant to the Suffolk Wildlife Trust for Restoration and management of valuable heathland, which will benefit acid grassland, silver studded blue, nightjar and woodlark

A grant to the RSPB to manage upland heath and blanket bog at Geltsdale for hen harrier, black grouse, skylark and reed bunting.

The next deadline for applications is the 4th November 2011.


Funding to Support Disadvantaged Young People (UK) LandAid, the property industry’s charity which supports projects that help disadvantaged or homeless people (particularly young people) has announced that its grants programme is currently open for applications. Grants of between £5,000 and £25,000 are available to support training, education or support programmes targeted at disadvantaged young people, this can include young people not in Education, Employment, or Training (NEETS), homeless or those from a low income background. Projects should engage young people and lead to recognised qualifications. Previous projects include a grant of £8,800 to New Horizon Youth Centre in Kings Cross for workshops to educate young people about gun and knife crime and Robert Blair Primary School in Islington which received a grant of £7,500 for the refurbishment of school rooftop to create a safe play area for young children. The closing date for applications is the 31st August 2011.

Youth in Action Programme Launches New Call for Proposals (UK) The European Commission has announced a new call for proposals under its Youth in Action Programme. This call for proposals is under sub-action 4.6 (Partnerships) and aims to support partnerships with regions, municipalities, civil society actors; etc, in order to develop over the long-term projects that support their capacity building as bodies active in the youth field providing non-formal education opportunities to young people and youth workers. In particular, this call seeks to promote the development of sustainable networks, the exchange of best practices as well as the recognition of non-formal education. The type of actions that can be funded include: •

Trans-national youth exchanges

National or trans-national youth initiatives

European voluntary service

Training and networking.

The total budget allocated to the co-financing of projects under this call for proposals is estimated at €2.300 million. The maximum grant allocated to each project will not exceed €100,000. Financial assistance will not be granted for more than 50% of a project’s total eligible expenses. The closing date for applications is the 3rd November 2011. 61b4d 6

Renewable Heat Premium Payment Scheme (UK) The Government has announced that its new £15 million ‘Renewable Heat Premium Payment’ scheme is now open for applications. Under this scheme, Householders across the country could get up to £1,250 of government funding to help towards the cost of installing renewable heating systems such as biomass boilers, air and ground source heat pumps and solar thermal panels. The scheme will be mainly focused at around 4 million households in Great Britain not heated by mains gas, who have to rely on higher carbon forms of heating which also tend to be more expensive than gas, such as heating oil and electric fires to keep warm. The scheme will be open until March 2011 and aims to support up to 25,000 installations.

Enhancing Communities Programme (UK) Under the Sita Trust’s Enhancing Communities Programme grants of up to £60,000 are available to not for profit organisations, community groups, parish councils, local authorities and charities for projects that make physical improvements to community facilities and historic buildings / structures. There are now 70 new qualifying SITA UK waste treatment sites included in the programme and new funding opportunities for communities in Avon, East Anglia, Kent, London, and Yorkshire. SITA will accept applications from projects which are within 3 miles of qualifying SITA UK waste processing sites. The next closing date for applications is 10 am on the 19th October 2011 for the Fast Track Fund (formerly Small Grants Scheme) scheme and 10 am on the 28th November 2011 for the Core Fund (formerly Large Grant Scheme).


Rising Powers and Interdependent Futures - Research Grant Proposals (UK) The Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) has increased the amount of funding available for the Rising Powers call from £3.3 million to £4.3 million and is inviting applications to explore the UK's relationship with and understanding of 'rising powers' such as Brazil, China and India. The 'Rising Powers and Interdependent Futures' initiative contributes to ESRC's strategic priorities, especially Economic Performance and Sustainable Growth; and Vibrant and Fair Society. Project proposals must focus on one or more of the following themes; •

Causes, sustainability and competitiveness;

Global and regional governance and the balance of power;

Wellbeing and equity.

Available grants are of between £200,000 and £750,000. The deadline for applications is the 8th September 2011.

New £4 Million Sports Fund Announced (Scotland) The Scottish Government has announced that communities across Scotland will be able to apply for grants of up to £100,000 to improve sports facilities in their area. A total of £4 million will be available through the Sportscotland Small Projects Fund to help communities upgrade equipment and facilities such as sports halls, pitches, tennis courts and changing rooms. Etc. The fund is open to local authorities, schools, colleges, universities, voluntary sports clubs, trusts and national governing bodies of sport, etc. The Sportscotland Small Projects Fund covers sports projects with a value of up to £100,000 with award levels for communities typically set at up to 50 per cent of the project cost, increasing to up to 100 per cent in exceptional circumstances. Applications to the Small Projects Fund can be made at any time.


Stations Community Regeneration Fund Opens for Applications (Scotland) Transport Scotland and First ScotRail have announced that the Stations Community Regeneration Fund (SCRF) has re-opened for applications. The scheme was launched in 2009 to make use of disused railway station. The SCRF will fund projects where passengers will benefit from improved facilities at stations, redundant buildings will be brought back into use, and new opportunities for job creation and community involvement will be opened up. The last funding round resulted in funding for 2 successful applications. These were a continental style cafe at Inverurie Station and a Model Railway Clubhouse / Community Hub at Fort Matilda station. The total budget for the Fund is capped at £1 million, but there is no upper limit for individual schemes. The minimum grants that organisations can apply for is £5,000. Grants can be used to; carry out structural repairs to building not covered under the Network Rail/Train Operating Company lease agreement; meet up to 50% of fit-out costs of the building for its intended use.

Creative Industries Innovation Fund (Northern Ireland) The Arts Council of Northern Ireland has announced that its Creative Industries Innovation Fund is currently open for applications. Grants of up to £10,000 are available to support digital content development projects in Northern Ireland particularly those in areas of digital animation; mobile and web content; e-learning and serious gaming; film; television; and music (where activity is focused on the use of music in the areas above). Eligible organisations that can apply for funding include businesses who are sole traders, partnerships and incorporated companies. The current call for application has two deadline dates. The 25th August 2011 and the 29th September 2011. Irrespective of which deadline applications are submitted all projects must be delivered and completed by 31 March 2012.


Outer London Fund (London) The Lord Mayor of London has announced that the 2nd round of the Outer London Fund is now open for applications. Under the 2nd funding round up to ÂŁ40 million is available to strengthen the vibrancy and growth of high streets and their environs in the outer London boroughs. Round Two applications can be made by a range of organisations including community, creative, cultural and business groups. All bids must have the agreement of a local authority to act as the accountable body. There is flexibility about what actions and projects the initiative can support, as long as they are part of a coherent package focused on the uplift of high street places that are most deserving and will clearly benefit from this initiative; helping their self-confidence, vibrancy and economic growth. The focus of round 2 will be on capital projects. To be eligible the area should be one that will likely benefit less directly than other places from Crossrail, the 2012 Olympic investment and other strategic infrastructure and regeneration projects. The maximum level of funding available per area is ÂŁ2 million and the closing date for applications is the 14th October 2011.


Other Funding News Kellogg's Swim Active Grants (UK) The Kellogg's Swim Active Programme has announced that its Swim Active grants programme will re-open for applications on the 20th October 2011. Applications will be accepted from non for profit organisations such as; swimming clubs, schools, facilities, pool operators, community organisations and enterprises. The programme is offering minimum grants of £10,000 and is seeking to support any aquatic activity which enhances motivation, removes barriers and increases participation in the sport. Projects must focus on one or more of the following areas; reach deprived communities; target non swimming individuals; break down barriers to participation in aquatic activity; increase participation in aquatic activity; target socio-deprived communities. Example projects that could be supported include; Supportive social sessions for mums-to-be and new mums; to provide an additional social opportunity; aquatic Youth Clubs for young people aged 14-19; etc .

Funding for School’s Science Projects (UK) The Royal Society has announced that the next round of Partnership Grants will open for applications on the 5th September 2011. Through the scheme grants of between £250 and £3,000 will be available to support teachers, scientists and engineers help develop science projects. The aim is to make the teaching of science more interesting within primary and secondary schools. The Partnership grants scheme forms partnerships to allow teachers to increase their scientific knowledge and to give scientists and engineers the chance to develop their communication skills and engage with enquiring young minds. Any UK primary or secondary school teacher or practising scientist/engineer can apply as long as the students involved in the project are between 5 and 18. Applications must be made together with the partner, and need to be signed by the teacher, partner and schools’ headteacher. Examples of previously funded projects include St Michael on the Mount Primary School received a grant of £2,050 to help pupils to learn about the human body by constructing a 15 foot skeleton. Working with engineers from Airbus UK, every class constructed a working model of their particular body part, giving the pupils the opportunity to apply some of the scientific principles they had discovered and Netheard High School, Dereham (Norfolk) received £2,488 for ‘Our Star’. The project gave the whole school the opportunity to explore the solar system at first hand. The deadline for applications will be the 4th November 2011. 11

Sport England's Protecting Playing Fields Programme (England) Sport England has announced round 2 of their Protecting Playing Fields Programme (PPF) will open on the 24th October 2011. The fund will be open to organisations such as voluntary or community organisations, local authorities, sports clubs, playing field associations, charities and education establishments. PPF is seeking to support projects that help communities maximise the sporting benefits of playing field land. Grants of between £20,000 and £50,000 will be available towards: •

The purchase of land for new playing fields and bringing disused playing fields back into use

The purchase of playing field land where there is a known and established threat, such as through the expiry of a lease or a development proposal

Improvements to existing pitches through levelling, drainage, reseeding and realignment.

Local Education Authorities and schools are also able to apply to the programme to provide new playing fields, bring into use disused playing fields or improve existing playing fields in order to establish and/or host a community club-schools link. All projects will be required to secure partnership funding. The application deadline for round 2 will be the 12th December 2011.


Funding Reminders

The James Tudor Foundation (UK) The James Tudor Foundation which was established in 2004 makes grants of approximately £1 million per year to registered charities within the UK. The areas which the Foundation wants to support are Palliative care; Medical research; Health education, awards and scholarships; the direct relief of sickness; and the UK independent healthcare sector. The grants are usually available to cover project costs (although core costs will be considered) and are usually available for one to three years. Applications can be made at any time and decision for grant applications of below £5,000 are made within one month whist decisions on applications of above £20,000 will be made within four months.

Macmillan's Training & Conference Grants (UK) Members of self-help and support groups, community groups and small voluntary organisations can apply for grants of up to £3,000 through Macmillan's Training and Conference Grants. Grants are available to help with the costs of hosting or attending training courses, workshops, conferences and events which aim to provide people affected by cancer with the knowledge, skills and networking opportunities that help to; • • •

set up or identify the need for a new self-help and support groups; develop the activities of an existing self-help and support group; raise awareness of self-help and support to address an unmet need within a particular community.

Grants awarded in the past include; travel expenses to and from the venue; food and accommodation costs; child care costs and carer costs; fees for speakers, therapists and trainers; venue hire; expenses for delegates. Applications are assessed on a monthly basis. up.aspx#DynamicJumpMenuManager_2_Anchor_1


Pilgrim Trust - Social Welfare Grants (UK) The Pilgrim Trust has announced that the priorities for their Social Welfare programme have changed. Through this programme the trust aims to break cycles of dependency and to help develop a sense of social inclusion in disadvantaged or marginalised groups within the UK. The fund aims to support projects; • •

that support people who misuse drugs and alcohol; in prisons and projects that provide alternatives to custody.

Grants of up to £5,000 will be rewarded through their small grants scheme, and grants over £5,000 through their main grant fund. The Pilgrims Fund also provides funding for projects that seek to conserve historical buildings, monuments and collection, and also projects that promote awareness either by making collections more available or supporting academic research, through their Preservation & Scholarship programme. Applications can be submitted at any time.

Yapp Charitable Trust Grants (UK) The Yapp Charitable Trust is an independent grant making trust that aims to make grants totalling £300,000 to about 100 small registered charities each year. Grants of up to £3,000 per year for up to three years are available to sustain the work of charities that work with •

elderly people;

children and young people aged 5 – 25;

people with disabilities or mental health problems;

people trying to overcome life-limiting problems of a social, rather than medical origin such as addiction, relationship difficulties, abuse, and a history of offending.

Grants are also available to promote lifelong learning.

Applications can be submitted at any time.


O2 Programme for Young People (UK) The O2 programme supports projects by young people (13 - 25) that have a positive impact upon their community. The new programme Think Big will offer young people up to£ 300 in grants as well as training, support and mentoring from a number of youth charities. These include the National Youth Agency and UK Youth. Examples of projects that could be supported could include fighting knife crime, starting local youth groups, teaching skills to other young people or renovating community spaces. Eligible projects should be run by young people for young people, and may have the opportunity to apply for a further £2,500 to continue their work. Applications can be submitted by individual young people or groups of young people and can be submitted at any time.

Healthy Hearts Grants (UK) Heart Research UK Healthy Heart Grants support innovative projects designed to promote heart health and to prevent or reduce the risks of heart disease in specific groups or communities. Grants of up to £10,000 are available to community groups, voluntary organisations and researchers who are spreading the healthy heart message. The types of projects supported in the past have included; the Foresight Project in Grimsby which encourages visually impaired people to take regular exercise using tandem bicycles; the Ross-shire Bravehearts project in Inverness which educates adults with learning difficulties about heart health so they can take part in physical activities; and Superleague team, Wakefield Wildcats, which uses star rugby players to educate children about heart health. There are two applications rounds per year. The next closing date is the 31st August 2011.


B&Q Waste Donation Scheme (UK) Schools, charities and community groups can apply for products and waste materials through the B&Q Waste Donate Scheme. B&Q operates this Scheme through all of its stores within the UK. B&Q donates products and waste materials they haven’t been able to sell for re-use such as slightly damaged tins of paint, off-cuts of timber, odd rolls of wallpaper and end-ofrange materials. Donated products should benefit the local community and the environment and can not be resold. Due to its Health and Safety scheme, electrical, petrol and gas items are not available for donation. Applications must be made directly to B&Q stores. Applications to the scheme can be made at any time. ation.jsp

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