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Lemon Communications We’ll squeeze out the success!

The Workshop

What is going to be covered •  Main Issues (Social relationship, nonverbal communication, attitude towards authority, values) •  Solutions (Two-way communication)

Ice Breakers •  Ice breaker games ease a group of people into a meeting or workshop •  Allows interaction •  Teaches people to communicate in different ways •  Example game: Copy the Cat

Martin Yan


Social Relationships •  •  •  • 

Socialise in very small groups. Hierarchy Americans prefer quality American acquaintances

Non-Verbal communication •  •  •  • 

Standing close together Don’t show emotion Bowing and hand shaking Present with two hands

Negotiation Styles •  Direct conflict or confrontation is frowned upon. •  Listen and observe before proposing. •  Fairness •  Diplomacy and •  Reasonability.

Culture styles •  Traditional principles •  Reputation is extremely important. •  Focus and achievement.

Attitudes towards authority •  •  •  •  • 

More faith in personal relationships Written word Respect Obedient Written rules presumably apply to everyone and are assumed to produce fair, reasonable procedures and decisions.

Values •  Relatively more attention to the past and to the longerterm future. •  Less interested in the past; eye on near-term future. •  Americans value staus and wealth. •  The chinese value the same things, but have a fiery competitve streak about them. In previous years, they teneded to value harmonious relationships over competions, but the pas 2 decades, things have changed. •  Chinese have a lot of humility, which allows them to portray a humble persona. •  Westerns tend to brag and display their achievements in big gestures of joy, unlike the Chinese.


The journey to China… •  •  •  •  • 

Joint-venture Helps form relationships Guanxi Learn cultural differences Disadvantages

Social relationships •  Managers should be father figures •  Communicate indirectly •  Relationships first, business second

Ethics •  Ethics vs. profits •  Have a prepared budget for possible ethical issues

Do your homework •  Negotiation styles •  Do not bargain •  Do not fill the noise

Feedback •  Feedback from employees


Conclusion •  Focus on  important  issues  that  can  affect  the   communica1on  between  different  cultures   •  Benefits  of  the  workshop   •  Any  ques1ons?    

Lemon Communications We’ll squeeze out the success!

Fluffy Orange Presentation  

fluffy Orange Presentation

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