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Interview: Teen values by Gabriel Bastidas………………………… 4 Interview: Organizational Development Manager by Miguel Nuñez 7 Interview: A little more of pregnancy by Citlalli Canchola………… 10 Interview: Death Penalty by Andrea Palacios ……….……………… 12 Interview: Journalism in society by Mayra Fernández ………………. 14 Editorial by Andrea Palacios…………..…………..…………...….. 16 17 How to: Make a carrot cake by………………………………….... Mayra Fernández How to: Ask a girl out by Oswaldo Arellano ………………….….. 19 23 News: Enlace application by Alejandra Félix ………………………………….... News: Informational meeting by Citlalli Canchola …………………..…. 24 Literary Criticism The girl who played with fire by Andrea Palacios 25 ……………..…. Movie review: Project X by Miguel Nuñez …………………………. 27 29 Book review: Diles que no me maten by Alejandra Félix ……………. Personal experience: Life is too long by Citlalli Canchola………….. 30 31 Profile on Miguel Alejandro N. by Miguel Nuñez………………. Survey: Racism by Alejandra Félix……………………………….. 33 Service: Top 10 movies by Mayra Fernández………………………. 35 38 Service: ESPN Top 10 baseball stadiums by Gabriel Bastidas …………………………….…. Essay: Animal cruelty by Andrea Palacios…………………….…. 43 Essay: Cats by Fernanda Lobo …………………………….………. 45 Creative: An ugly end by Fernanda Lobo……………………….…. 47 49 Historical: Human nature: War by………………………….………. Oswaldo Arellano Nostalgia: Our childhood by Oswaldo Arellano ………….…..……. 51 Humor: Short guy by Gabriel Bastidas ………………………….…. 53 …………. 55 Investigative: Say no to gay adoption by Gabriel Bastidas Extras by: Fernanda Lobo (Horoscopes), Alejandra Félix (Word search), Oswaldo Arellano (Comic), Miguel Nuñez (Publicity ad), Citlalli Canchola (Publicity ad).





Centro de Enseñanza Técnica Y Superior Preparatory The purpose of this interview is to test the opinion and /or point of view of someone who has studied the subject to be investigated (teenagers) and that somehow this study became his career (Psychologist), with those of an individual who lives every day and congenial to the situation investigated(young).

Interviewer: Gabriel Bastidas Interviewee: Teresa Gastelum: * Psychologist and guiding * Cetys University Date: March 25th2012 1. What are the values​​for you? A. -They are an anchor in my life, a way of life, it’s important not to deviate from your principles and convictions. 2. Of what these values depend? A. –It depends of the education the person receives at home, each family's hierarchy different their values, but the most important thing is the consistency about inculcating these values. 3. Do you think values ​are going through a crisis? A. - No, I think we are passing for it, the people are in crisis and unable to find meaning in our lives, this is causing the gaps and then what we have done is to fill that emptiness with things or actions to avoid our own reality we are living, for example: domestic violence, infidelity, crime and many others. 4. What is the zone of proximal development by Vygotsky? R.- Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD) is the distance between the actual developmental level as determined by the ability to solve a problem independently, and the level of potential development as determined through problem solving under the guidance of an adult or in collaboration with more capable peer.


5. How do you relate the perception of values​​in adolescents? R.- As the human being is by nature a social being, the perception of values​​ come into play by its interaction with the context in which teenagers live, social, education a land family labor causes them to distort. 6. What do you consider to be the main factor in this crisis of values? A. –The lack of boundaries, rules and criteria straight and true in your family. 7. Taking into account the following factors: the media, parents, friends, and transculturation; what is the most influential representing, in your experience? A. -I think you could enumerate first the parents, media, friends and transculturation. 8. Considering that you receive the reports of high school students; what is the main reason why the reports go for? A –Regarding the lack of respect for their peers, teachers and indiscipline. 9. What was the change that you noticed in the young society, since the rise of social networking? A. - Well, first of all a lot of distraction and has undermined the very reason for which they were created, and number two is a widely used medium for the "bullying". 10. Which are the values that ​the school encourages students Cetys mainly? R - Respect, Honesty, Freedom, Justice, Truth, Good, Discipline.


Angélica Romo: Organizational Development Manager By: Miguel Nuñez

• What does this company do? • We generate and package disposable medical products. • What is the organizational form of the Human Resources department? • Well, almost daily, monthly and yearly. Yes there are activities that are conducted every day for example; we count the people who are training every day for different departments and review procedures. • How do you plan Human Resources? • Well, planning is done by the corporate sign and they tell us what is expected for the year. We generate a series of production strategies in order to check which kind of staff we need, with what features and the kind of training that will be required for staff that is already working or for new entry employees.


• Do you have a record for Human Resources? • Yes, every employee has a personal file with important data. • What kind of data do you record? • General information, job application or resume, depending on the position, personal issues which includes home address, CURP, his or her bank credit, Infonavit and FONACOT. In addition, we also include the training that they had had in their working record. • What is approximately the number of employees you have? • We are 293 employees. We manage 2 turns, direct and indirect. • What is your recruitment sources used? • We recruit in newspapers, internet and recommendations. There are good people who come thanks to the newspaper but we mostly recruit through older employee’s recommendations.


• Is it easy or difficult to recruit employees? • For this company it is easy, we rapidly fill the spaces but it depends on the position needed. • What is the induction procedure that the company uses? • We have an induction program for three days for new employees. It uses a power point presentation is an overview of the company and then a more specific area in which they work. • What kind of training do you provide for employees? • In the training area there is a theoretical teaching because there are procedures that are called QSRs production lines and it consists on a practice about a month of product.


I interviewed a Doctor Teresa Milan, on April 10th, of this month. With the purpose to learn more about pregnancy, symptoms, precautions that should be followed and the procedures that are taken during childbirth. In addition, it’s important to know a little of teenage pregnancy and how much is the average supported in teenagers girls. 1. What is pregnancy? A: It is a situation where the pregnant woman carries in her womb a baby nine months form conception until the baby already is a product. 2. What are the symptoms of pregnancy? A: The first few weeks until the twelfth or fourteenth week, is mostly tired, nausea, unwell, there may be colic and follow sleep too much. 3. At what age you body is ready for pregnancy? A: Form the first menstruation, it may be from the ninth, tenth or eleventh years. It means that your organs and body is ready for pregnancy. 4. What precautions should be taken during pregnancy? A: Take your vitamins more than anything based on iron or folic acid, calcium, take enough rest. It is also the same care of pregnant adult, than in adolescence.


5. What are the symptoms of labor? A: There are three contractions in ten minutes, which claims to be a regular labor each contraction should last between forty and sixty seconds. Also there may be mucus with a little blood. 6. What are the different processes of birth? A: it can be delivered vaginally or caesarean section. There are absolute and relative indications for a caesarean section. If a baby is must be caesarean section if there is placental abruption should be cease. if everything is well, if the baby fits in your pelvis, is called a plate cephalometry which measures what the pelvis of the woman and the baby's head, if you see it fits well in the pelvis is extracted by the pelvis, or vaginal delivery. long as it fits and there isn't a contraindication to giving birth. 7. What do you think of pregnancy in young people? A: This very bad, well the truth will be prepared your organs, but psychologically and mentally aren't prepared the girls to take care of a baby. they still need a lot of psychological maturity. 8. What is the average number of pregnant teenagers who have been consulted? A: I haven't the necessary information here, but in the IMSS as 20% and 30% of pregnant women in the age range from 11 to 14 years old. 9. What is the earliest age of a pregnancy for a teenager? What are they? A: 12 years old. 10. Are there higher risks in normal pregnancy for a teenager? What are they? A: They are the same risks of a teenager than an adult. Don't change in anything. By Citlalli Canchola


By: Andrea Palacios

The following interview is applied to the Philosophy teacher, Ricardo Leos Beltran, and is about the implement of the death penalty in Mexico. He teaches human thinking related subjects to high-school students in Cetys Preparatoria. His answers turned out to be very helpful to know more about the philosophy inside this punishment and the thoughts about society towards this subject. 1. How do you define the death penalty? I understand that the death penalty is the mayor punishment declared by the state also known as the capital punishment; or the punishment for that delinquent that has infringed the law, in some countries like betrayal to the nation and even to sex crimes committed in the United States, are some of the offenses punished with the death penalty. 2. What do you think about the implement of this punishment? Even though there has been a lot of attempts to apply it, in some ways I think what they are seeking is a political end instead of a good for the society, in that case, then I don’t agree with the implement because of what said before. 3. What are the bases of the previous argument? Firstly because the proposal is only supported by one political party: “Partido Verde” and it is not followed by any other political party, and based on that when it is exposed to the congress it does not even have a minimum percentage of approval. 4. How important do you think it is to preserve the right to live? It is fundamental, even the enlightening and the end of the laws is basically that, to preserve the right to live, therefore I consider that there shouldn’t feature laws to kill but instead laws to live in peace, harmony, love and union. 5. How similar do you consider your opinion to the ideas of the young generations? I really don’t know how much my opinion matches with the views of young people, but what I can tell you is that my opinion agrees with what ethics say, the values of always be in favor of life and the welfare of others; compared to how are young people aware of the values.


6. Do you think your opinion is influenced by the media? I believe that we can’t put aside the media nowadays, due to that we have it so handy, meaning the simple fact that when we want to know something, we take out our portable device from our pocket and we look up. Still I don’t know how to measure the influence by the media, but I know that the way I’ve been raised by my family and in school, I believe that the media has helped me to learn more information and definitions. 7. Which penalties do you suggest to substitute the death penalty? I don’t know, by listening to you question, I can’t imagine a particular method, but I’m aware that any person that commits a crime has to pay for it, but never by taking away his own life, therefore maybe spending time in jail could be not the best method because prisons are very corrupted, they can actually be considered a school of crime by having together the worst of the society, then in reality instead of making a person change and meditate to be a better person, it seems to be like a university for felony. 8. Do you think this penalty works as a tool to guide the human behavior? I don’t think so, because in the countries where the death penalty is accepted the crime rate hasn’t decreased at all. For example, in Europe, there’s only one country that accepts the penalty: Belarus; and in America there’s the United States, Guatemala, and some Caribbean countries, therefore definitely killing another person isn’t the solution to reduce crime rates. I think that there are other methods, related to the previous question, to teach kids, adolescents, and young people to do well, and care about the others.

9. Do you think the death penalty could help to reduce the delinquency in the Mexican society? Definitely no, it wouldn’t reduce it, I think that the criminals would still be criminals, and especially in México, since there is so much corruption, what they’ll seek would be to corrupt the government to save themselves from being executed instead of avoiding committing the crime. 10. Could you imagine a future where the death penalty is totally abolished worldwide? Maybe yes, maybe no, because truth is that even though the death penalty is totally wrong, I care more about creating something to help troubled criminals, or even better how to convince people to change, be better persons, is what I would seek at the end. I would be worried because society wouldn’t be educated enough to manage this situations, and a better solution would be to integrate the marginalized people into a caring society.


Journalism in society I interviewed a person that knows about society’s behavior, the next interview tells the meaning of the journalism, the tabloid journalism and the ways it can affect human behavior.


10.- How is the communication process of the human social activity?


The name of the magazine originates from the number of members in the team, which are 8 students. The responsibilities were divided equally between the number of writers to obtain a more productive work class by class. It was a very complex process to work as a team, and a real challenge to translate texts that were once in Spanish, but later traduced to English. In this first issue of Octo magazine, we put together a collection of works done by 6th semester students through the month of April to prove our writing abilities acquired through this English course, and also our teamwork skills to contribute to this project. We gather a wide variety of topics and texts, such as: animal cruelty, cats, top baseball stadiums and movies, book and movie reviews, war, personal stories, among others. I want to make a special emphasis in the interviews section, because it was one of the most complicated texts to create, since the interview was done in Spanish, and then had to be written in English. It was also difficult to choose the person who would be interviewed, because it had to be an athlete, professional, or teacher to get reliable information from this conversation.

-Andrea Palacios





Asking a girl for a date should be easy. All you have to do is ask, right? But it's not always that simple if you're shy or nervous. At some point though, you're going to have to step up and be bold, or forever be left to wonder what would have happened. Read these guidelines, draw some courage and ask her out. Steps

Gauge her interest. Does she stares at you? Does she laugh at your jokes and seems to have a great time? Then you are on the right way. But if she just looks annoyed and like wanted to run out of that place in any chance or it´s just not having fun? Then you should try a different thing to entertain her or look for another girl. Make sure to keep your feelings about her private, and not so obvious.

Notice how often she touches you. If she's constantly trying to touch your hand , your shoulder, your chest or finds excuses to do so, then that means she's probably interested. However, don't assume that she doesn't like you if she isn't touching you. But for any reason you must start touching her like she does, that will be awkward or she will take it as an offense. Be cool, relax, if she is not looking at you with interest, change the subject, you might find a subject of her interest.


The way she looks at you is very important. She can stare at you for small amounts of time and pull away immediately when you make eye contact, or look everywhere to avoid your sight if she is shy. Either of these signs could mean that she likes you. Staring at you lips or your eyes with amuse is definitely a good sign. But not because of this it means that you have her, keep like you are going and identify the way she looks with each subject, you can know her likes and dislikes. · Remember that if you are having a conversation, girls tend to look at your face, so don't immediately assume that she likes you if you are speaking and she is simply listening. If you never talk to the girl, chances are you have a low chance of dating her. Friendships lead to loveship, but nonfriendship leads to.... nothing.

Look directly at her. While talking, make sure to look at her face and specifically her eyes. Make sure you can continue the conversation in case she asks you something or finish an anecdote. Do not start hitting on her immediately this doesn’t like to most girls, they like to feel important. Don't get caught staring at her body (especially her breasts). Very few women like this. If she just keeps staring at other people or her cellphone try to give her a little space, go to the restroom think in something that could be of her interest and start again with the conversation. Anything you could help her with do it. Make yourself look like a gentleman, this will impress her. And it is also a great way to start a conversation. If she says no, do not, wait until she really needs help or comforting, like when she's feeling down and having a bad day. Be friendly and outgoing to her. If she walks away quickly, don't follow her or say, "What??" just keep on going.


Make sure you look and smell nice. Women love hygienic men, you wont present to her in a suit but nice clothes will really help on getting her attention. The first they look at it’s the way you look, your body, and your shape. The first impression is very important. So make sure you give a good one. Approach the girl you like. Don't worry about coming up with something overly clever. Simply say "Hi" or "Hey." As the conversation moves forward you can give her a complement or ask her a question with out going to far of course. Keep it casual, you are just starting to know each other. Don't make the occasion seem like a big deal. Flirt a little! Relax, crack a joke, and break the touch barrier. When the time is right, ask her for a date. Wait for the perfect moment, not to fast not to slow. Ask her to go the movies or something else you both would be interested in. Try to make it original. If she doesn’t seem to be very exited about or if she hesitates postpone it, do not insist her, this would just make it more annoying for her. Another thing you might say while keeping the tone casual is: "I was going to check out this art opening on Saturday night. Do you want to go with me? I think it would be fun if we both went together."


Be confident. Self-confidence is the most attractive thing a men can have to impressing a women. Be clear, be precisely, do not say more than what she needs to know either way keep it in good range of time. If she questions if you're asking her on a date, say yes. Never try to go around with this subject, this makes you look like a coward.Girls like guys who are sure of themselves.

Be prepared for rejection. Keep your cool if she says no, smile and respond gracefully by saying, "No problem! Maybe another time." Do not act as if she had hurt you just because she said no, if you play your cards well, she might change her mind at the end of the conversation. Act as if you don't need her, this makes her want to be needed and if you act like she is not, she will find a way to be it by herself. If she makes a face and yells, "Oh my gosh, no way!" this means that the girl is grossed out with you. Leave her alone and move on to another girl. Don't get your feeling too hurt though, think about it as experience or a rehearsal for the moment you find the right one. Some girls just don't like this kind of stuff.


March 30th, 2012. In the past three days test "enlace" was applied the to the students of sixth semester, this test is applied in all the public and private schools in Mexico. The test for high school is used to assess basic disciplinary abilities of the fields of communication or reading comprehension and mathematics. The purpose of ENLACE is to generate a single national level to provide comparable information from the knowledge and skills with students in the subjects evaluated. According to the comments of the applicators, the test was conducted in an atmosphere of discipline and respect. In previous years CETYS high school achieved excellent results, it is expected that this year the school also will be in the first three places around Mexico.

By: Alejandra Felix


On March 29th 2012, there was a meeting in the auditorium for the parents of 6th semester. students Teachers gave different messages such as: the life plan of young people, congratulations to the Principal Pacho, graduation of students and many other topics. The first topic was about the decisions that the students will make with regarding the career that they will choose for their future and their life plan. In addition, the teachers mentioned that the students do not have goals, they don’t know what career to choose, they want to go to other universities, even though they didn’t even have the chance to go, and also others want to make money, or go to an internship. After that, Principal Pacho talked about students not taking advantage of the advice offered for free. However, it was very congratulated by all who attended the congress of ecology, the presentations were very well made, as well as the as the questions, and people who ran the conference said that they were very capable students. Also, she was congratulated for taking the students to watch the film, Panzazo, since students behaved very well. In the end, the psychologists commented that it is possible to pay the school fees online at the school page. Also, she talked about graduation requirements, which were given to parents in a message. Another point to mention was that the test dates and important events. By Citlalli Canchola


by Andrea Palacios

“The girl with the dragon tattoo” is the second novel of the Millennium series by Stieg Larsson. It was published after the death of the author in 2006 in Sweden, and later translated to English in January 2009. This book illustrates the suspense of a crime novel, and even though the same characters are involved in the story, this sequel takes the series to a whole new dimension, because it places the characters in new situations from where you can learn more about their behavior and even answer some questions planted in the first part of the saga. In this book, after traveling around the world for more than a year, Lisbeth Salander returns to Sweden only to face the problems she left behind from the first novel. I found it hard to believe that after stealing billions of konors from a criminal’s bank account, no traces were left and she isn’t linked to the robbery in any way. It’s unlikely that she could deposit such amount of money in her bank account and wasn’t questioned about it. In her return, she struggles to forget ever falling in love with his investigation partner Blomkvist, who turned out to be a centralized man that doesn’t let his feelings take over. I think that this is a very complicated situation for her because she appears to be a tough and independent woman, but when she finds love in a man that isn’t looking for a serious relationship, she learns how difficult controlling her feelings can be and tries to convince herself to never fall in love again.


Then, after discovering the bad intentions of her social services guardian, she blackmails him and now in her return back home, she has to always watch her back and constantly check her guardian moves to avoid being taken advantage of. She appears to be lost in her own world, and she tries to fix her relationships with the few people she cares about. While getting her life in order, she is accused of murdering her guardian and, a young couple of journalists who had been working in the offices of Millenium magazine. Because of this accusations, rumors about her start leaking to the media and she is forced to stay hidden through the entire novel. This situation is very accurate and could happen to anyone who turns up to be in the wrong place and in the wrong time, and after being wanted by the police, it is likely that someone will try to hide from the world. When Mikael Blomkvist, the publisher of Millenium, finds that the police department is looking for her, based on the perception from Lisbeth, he strongly believes that she isn’t guilty and becomes involved in the investigation. The story unfolds through Mikael searching for tracks to prove Salander’s innocence and relates the murders to the sex traffic matters in Sweden. I think that this proves that Blomkvist is a real friend for Salander, and that even though she had been avoiding him, he is interested in her wellbeing and is one of the few people Salander can fully trust. I believe that the scenery described in the novel is pretty realistic because it shows the corruption in the judicial system and the evil inside some people that reaches a high degree. Personally I found it similar to the actual situation in the Mexican government.


Project X • Project X is a movie which explicitly talks about the life of a 17-year old scholar that thinks he is a loser. He and his friends want to be as popular as the other guys so they organize a party the day of his birthday. Fortunately, his parents’ anniversary is the same day and they go out of town so they are expecting a real crazy party because he is left alone in his house. The three young guys start by spreading the word to popular guys and hot girls. After telling everyone in the school they attend, they go out and buy alcohol with a fake ID.


By: Miguel Nuñez

• The movie is really interesting because it shows how parties are today, they have evolved quite much. Years before, parties were not that crazy and Project X is a party which ends up a mess. It also talks about nowadays jokes so it also involves comedy besides drama and action. Project X is not meant to be taken seriously because first of all, you will go to jail for a good amount of time and end up in a bad alcohol influence.

It’s a good movie for teenagers because they can relate the events that take place in the birthday party house. They also represent problems related to police officers and neighbors complaining about the high volumes. This movie was produced by the same people who created “The Hangover” so it’s a fact you will laugh out loud and have an interest in it.


By: Alejandra Felix

This is a review of the book: “diles que no me maten!� By Juan Rulfo, the book is about a problem between two friends. Juvencio Nava killed his friend Lupe Terreros for fighting there maining fertile land. The drought lasted a long time and Juvencio animals died because they had nowhere to eat, the best place to eat was the land of his friend, but he would not let him use it. Juvencio broke the fence of Lupe every night to take their animals to eat. Don Lupe killed a bullock; Juvencio became so angry that killed Lupe. He spent 30 years hiding from everyone, at first gave his animals for debts, but did not avail; lost his land, hid in another town and his wife left him. Not sought, because he was afraid he was found, hidden and preferred to save his life. He stood alone with his son Justino. Tell them not to kill me! He repeated over and over to his son and asked him to help him. But Justino didn´t want to intervene, fearing that to do something. Juvencio not want to die, he thought as he was old, and had answered for his crime, but those who pursued him ignored him and ended very badly.


Many years ago, when I was fourteen, some marbles appeared to me inside my armpit, but it didn’t really bother me right way. I told my mom, but she thought that it was a buried pimple. Through several months it started to grow more and more, and I was feeling more discomfort with the seams of the blouses. When I realized I couldn’t put my arm in a normal position, I started to get scared about it. At this moment, I told my mom what was happening, she asked me. My mom told my uncles, what I felt and asked him about she needed to do with me; he said it was necessary to take me to a gynecologist to find out what was happening. I immediately call a gynecologist in order to schedule a meeting as soon as possible. The next day my mom an I arrived to the clinic. I was very nervous, because the doctor had to check me as soon as possible. I passed with muy mom to the office; the doctor greeted us and told us to sit down. She asked me what the reason of our visit was and I started to explain to her my discomfort inside my armpit. She said she will need to touch me to determine the cause of my problem. She said that it was necessary to get a radiologist ultrasound in the breast and right armpit, to have a better look at what I had. When the had the results, I went to the doctor and she told me the results of my analysis. In that moment, I didn’t know what to think, my head was turning around. I felt the time never was ending, but the doctor effectively told me they the pimples were cysts; they had to be removed in a operation. I thought it was an easy operation, but the doctor said that she didn’t know if it could be benign or malignant cysts, in other words cancer. When she said that, I stood in shock, I was so young to have cancer, my life was in risk, but I noticed that it wasn’t the end. The doctor said that there were other alternatives, that it couldn’t be malignant cysts. When the operation ended, I was very nervous, but it was a success. Everything went well and I didn’t have cancer. I felt very happy and I told myself not to rush the situations. By Citlalli Canchola


Miguel Alejandro Nuñez Lopez By: Miguel Nuñez

• Position: Short stop • Home Town: Mexicali, Baja California • Team: Hit-eros • Height: 5’8 • Leagues: Felix Arce (Baseball), Pop Warner (Football) • Bats: Right • Weight: 140 lbs • Throws: Right • DOB: 5/25/94 • Birth City: Mexicali Baja California


• Miguel Nunez has played baseball since he was 4 years old. Baseball has been a tradition in his family and there are real good players. Cidea is a school in which he played baseball. He won a championship at the age of 10, while playing as second base. His strong side is batting, he know when the pitch is whether a strike or a ball. Fielding is a problem he has always faced but practice helps him to gain experience and confidence. • Baseball wasn’t the only sport he practiced; he also practiced football by the age of 8. He started out playing as a defensive end and finished up as a quarterback. His seasons were also a good experience in his life because he gained self confidence, respect and learned how to follow rules. He never won a championship but played 4 final games. Until this day, he is playing softball with his school. The team he plays with is called Hiteros and it is an internal tournament. They have been playing like a team and hope they can win the championship game.


Racism is a problem that we now live, this seriously affects the people involved, so we decided to do a survey of key questions to know the opinion of young people to the subject, what causes it, if it decreased, and how many are considered racist.

1. - Do people who discriminate are in a higher economic level? 13%

2. - Do you think that physical appearance can create discrimination?

Yes, always

27% 60%





Not 73%

3. - Do you think that racism affects when people want to socialize? 7% 13% Yes Frequently Not 80%

4. - What kind of racism occurs the most of the time? 19%

44% 37%


Social class Race Appearance

5. - Have you ever felt discriminated at school?

Yes 100%



6. - Do you think there´s more discrimination against women? 40%




7. - Do you feel that there are fights because of the discrimination? 0%

20% 13% 67%

Yes Not Sometimes

9. - For what reason you discriminate people? 6% Social class 27% 67%

8. - Do you consider yourself a racist?

Physical Appearance I don´t discriminate



Yes Sometimes No

10. - What do you think are the consequences of discrimination? 27%


Low selfesteem Insecurity 60%

We applied the survey to 15 students of CETYS high school and we realized that there is increasing awareness of the problem. They know that this problem affects a lot of people. Most of them pleaded not racist, this means that the problem is decreasing gradually and it is almost to its total eradication.

By: Alejandra Felix




These movies are cataloged as the best ones of this year, they are about diferent genres such as drama, humor, thriller, infant, etc. You can go with your family and have some fun.



Safeco Field, Seattle Home to the Seattle Mariners, the Safeco Field is a retractable roof baseball stadium in Seattle with a seating capacity of 47,116. Safeco Field has hosted playoff games in two seasons. It hosted the 2000 playoff game in which the Mariners won the American League wild card. It also hosted the playoff game in 2001, when they won the American League West. It also hosted the 2001 MLB All-Star Game.

Coors Field, Denver Home to Colorado Rockies, the Coors Field can accommodate 50,445 people. Reputed to be a home-run friendly Park, the stadium was built in 1995. This stadium hosted the 1998 Major League Baseball All-Star Game.

PNC Park, Pittsburgh Opened during the 2001 MLB season, this ballpark with a capacity of 38,496 is home to the Pittsburgh Pirates. April 9, 2001 witnessed the first official game at this stadium between the Cincinnati Reds and the Pittsburgh Pirates. The PNC Park, although not a very old stadium, is witness to some of the most memorable games and moments in MLB history.


PetCo Park, San Diego Home to the San Diego Padres, this 42,445 seater in downtown San Diego was opened in 2004. The longest game in the history of PetCo Park was a 22inning epic between the Padres and Rockies on April 17, 2008. It was the longest MLB game in almost 15 years.

Turner Field, Atlanta Turner Field is home to the Atlanta Braves. Opened in 1997 after being a centerpiece of the 1996 Summer Olympics, the Turner Field can seat 50,096 people. The rivalry game at Turner Field between Georgia Tech and the University of Georgia is one of the most attended games in college baseball. This 2004 game drew more crowd than that year’s College World Series games. A&T Park, San Francisco Home to the San Francisco Giants, this 41,915 seater with its classic design, was chosen as the 2008 Sports Facility of the Year by Sports Business Journal and Sports Business Daily. The construction cost of the stadium was $357 million. The outside of the ballpark has five statues, four are dedicated to San Francisco Giants alltime greats Willie Mays, Willie McCovey, Juan Marichal, Orlando Cepeda and fifth is in memory of San Francisco minor league baseball club San Francisco Seals.


Fenway Park, Boston The oldest MLB stadium currently in use, Fenway Park with a capacity of 36,298 has been the home for the Boston Red Sox since 1912. It opened its doors to MLB games on April 20, 1912. Host to scores of memorable MLB games, Fenway Park also hosted Babe Ruth’s last official MLB game. . Yankee Stadium, New York City The current Yankee Stadium in the New York City borough of The Bronx was opened on April 2, 2009. This stadium replaced the erstwhile Yankees Stadium which was built in 1923. Game 2 in the 2009 World Series can go down in history as one of the most memorable games in this stadium. This game against the Phillies was the first in a series of three straight wins for the Yankees and a major turning point in the World Series which the Yankees eventually Oriole Park at Camden Yards, won. Baltimore Home to the Baltimore Orioles, this 48,876 seater is the first of the major league ballparks and was constructed in the 1990s and early 2000s. June 30, 2009 saw a record breaking MLB game in which the Orioles rallied to score 10 runs against the Red Sox after facing a 101 deficit in the 7th inning. This broke the franchise record for the largest comeback, and also the Major League Baseball record for the largest comeback by a last place team over a first place team.


Wrigley Field, Chicago

So as we can see it’s not the value or the cost of the ballpark the thing that makes a stadium a good one, it’s the history that it has, and the people that go to cheer their city team, it’s simple the fans are who make a stadium a traditional one.


by Andrea Palacios Many people define animal cruelty by killing animals, slaughtering for food, or pets starving to death, what most people don’t know, is about some other methods to harm animals that are also considered with this term. The infliction of physical pain, suffering or death upon an animal, deprived of their right to live and exist free of human use and abuse is judged as animal cruelty. The human interests and needs are the main reasons for animal cruelty; animals are often used to supply our requests such as wearing a fur coat, testing our beauty products, or simply entertaining us at the circus or zoo, by forcing them to behave at our commands. Every fur coat, hat, scarf, or any trim made of skin caused an animal tremendous suffering, and took away its life. To make fur coats, animals are forced to spend their entire lives in filthy wire cages only to be killed. Fur farmers use the cheapest and cruelest killing methods available, including suffocation, electrocution, gas, and poison. At slaughterhouses, animals routinely have their throats cut and are skinned while they are still conscious. Most leather comes from countries in development such as India and China, where animal welfare laws are either nonexistent or not enforced. The animals that are slaughtered for their fur are seals in Canada; dogs and cats in China; beavers, foxes, minks, rabbits, raccoons and bears used for the clothing industry in the U.S. Leather can be made from cows, pigs, goats, and sheep; exotic animals such as alligators, ostriches, and kangaroos.


Animals can also be harmed by the entertainment industry, performing in circuses, zoos, marine parks, advertisements, television shows, movies, cruel sports such as bullfighting, rodeo events, and horse racing and more. The animals used in circuses do not voluntarily ride bicycles, balance on balls, or jump through rings of fire; they are forced to perform difficult tricks after daily hours of training and being punished with painful tools. Inside zoos, animal’s lives are boring, depressing and deprived from their families and natural wild life, often causing animals to lose their minds and have an abnormal aggressive behavior. Unlike humans, animals don’t dream of being a star on T.V., to them acting can be confusing, stressful and often torturous. To respond to the trainer’s request, actor animals are beaten, and forced to work for restless hours. In cruel sports such as bullfighting or dog fighting, participants are drugged and wake up forced to fight against their will in order to survive; while the winner stays severely injured, the loser sadly dies. To test cosmetics, household cleaners and other consumer product, hundreds of thousands of animals are poisoned, blinded, and killed every year by cruel corporations. Mice and rats are forced to inhale toxic fumes, dogs are forcefed pesticides, and rabbits have corrosive chemicals rubbed onto their skin and eyes. The stress, sterility and boredom causes some animals to develop neurotic behaviors such incessantly spinning in circles, rocking back and forth and even pulling out their own hair and biting their own skin. The best way to stop companies from using animals is to refuse to purchase their products and to write and tell them why you won't be applying their eye shadow, cleaning your clothes with their detergent, or washing your child's hair with their shampoo.


CATS A cat is more than just a pet. They have many different characteristics and qualities. Most of the people don’t know how to deal, or treat with these beautiful animals. Because they think they are unfriendly and have bad attitude, but when they get to take care of a cat, they end up loving them and keeping them; is not just like having a decoration, but taking care and responsibility of your kitten. Cats have needs, that you have to respond; like choosing the appropriate food for him and if it get sick: medicate and cuddle. The cat is one of the pets most popular in the world. They are many of thousands types and breeds of cats. These animals are different colors, sizes, hair and tails. No one knows about how many colors cats look like. These could be black, blue, chocolate, red, seal, silver, white and cream. To find more of this discusses the classification of patterns. The solid is that it has only one color. The tabbies are lines like tigers. Otherwise, torbies and torties combine two solid colors. Another one, is pointed, have it points face, feet and tail. The last one of this five patterns, is solid whit whites, is consist that most of the body has a different color and has white in small parts. They usually weight is between 4-6 kg, it they are healthy.


How to have a cat in your house? To have a cat at home, you should be educating in many ways. One of the most important is to teach where to defecate and pee; constantly you have to clean up in the box that makes their needs. Besides where it will always be they plate of food and water. Most of the time when they are kitten, do many things not to do, but you must say to them should not do. The cats are very funny, most of the time sleeping in the same place of the house. They like to sleep in comfortable beds, sofas, chairs and blankets. Even though have your cat living in the house, doesn’t mean you are not going to take to the vet. They need the same care as a dog; is necessary to give injections and medications. But apart from that occupied the brush, cut their nails and clean their ears so that it was no infected. You must have to them also water and you should put as food according to it age. I want to recap that cats are not bad and are very nice pets that take up much affection and love. They are very loyal. However they help you to avoid mice, pigeons or insects such as cockroaches. The truth all my life had a cat, so I could not live without one. We just have to care for them a lot, no matter what color they are or race. By: Fernanda Lobo


By: Fernanda Lobo

On the afternoon of St. Valentine’s Day I was looking through the window thinking what would happen if I have a boyfriend on that day. Someone was walking through my yard and knock the door, my mom opened the door and called me, I arrived to the door and it all indicates that it was the new guest that was going to live in our backyard on the apartment; my mom told me to take him there and open the apartment; at the moment I got nervous when I was with him, but then I get relax and just walk to my home. He was a manly guy of 19 years more and less, who was going to live there because of school. When the night arrived, I was just thinking in my bed of him, I couldn’t sleep I was rolling in my bed, then I decided to go for a glass of water to the kitchen, when I was there I looked through the window and saw someone outside walking I get scared but when I focused my look I saw him, I run to my bed and try to sleep. The next morning I went to school, and I saw him on the campus, I turned my look down when I passed on the side of him. I realized I was falling in love, the bad part here, was that I didn’t know if he was falling in love too.


I was sitting on the yard of the school, when we came and talk to me asking if I needed a ride, my nerves were shaking but I said yes. When we were on the car, we were talking about many things; one of them was the reason of coming to my town. When we arrived to my place, we stared for a while, then I realized he was falling too, I get down the car and entered to my house running, to leave my things, my mom called me to come and eat, when I got to the table he was sitting there, cause my mom told him if he wanted to eat with us, I can’t believe this was happening, we became good friends, I never told him what I felt for him, and one day he told me he was going to return to his town to graduate, at that moment I didn’t care about anything and I told him that I loved him. He told me that he has feelings for me also, and that he was going to come back for me, and that if I wait for him, this will be true love. At the next morning I say goodbye to him, I stared, and kissed him, then there came the longest days for me, waiting for his comeback. He sends me letters almost every day; but then they stopped coming. It past like a week and there was no sign of him, one day I accept, that he was never going to come back and that he forget me; but then I saw a red car in front of my yard, I can’t see who was driving, but then my eyes shine and I knew it was him, I ran and hugged him, he told me that he would return for me, and that he was sorry for not sending me letters last week, but that he had to go out of town because of some vacations with his grandma. We started a very beautiful relationship, and were happy for the next few years, after his awful accident. By: Fernanda Lobo


Since the beginning of the world, in every culture, in every century there has been always an element, an event that has been characteristic in human history: War. Ever since the prehistoric ages, constant battles for territory, power or respect had taken place all over the world. Every known civilization has been part of a battle, even if they didn’t look for it or did everything they could to avoid it, like isolate from the every civilization, as it was meant to be the purpose of the Great China Wall. Even in Greek mythology the gods fight against their father and the other titans to take the power. Romans fight all their way through Europe conquering every city and village they pass through while Alexander Magno was in the power, The French Empire by Napoleon, the independence of USA, France, Mexico, WWI and WW2.


War has been since the beginning of mankind, primitive or contemporaneous and it will not end. As long as there is something to fight for; a territory, a resource, weapons, any possible attempt of attack between any countries, war will not end. At the edge of worlds end, after a worldwide disaster caused by men egoism battle will not come to an end, this may cause even more battles, because violence is in human nature, and for some people is a form of living. Therefor, as much protests against war and violence people do they will be repressed with violence or will rise against the government with violence; it´s most peoples solution to any problem they have or a way to get what they want. War has been in our past, our present is being rule by the war “industry�, and at the end, it will be our future.


Hide-and-seek, foot base, tag, stop, marbles, spinners, yo-yo, firecrackers and other games and activities kids use to do to have fun, were they could run, jump and yell by their own will, they could exercise and burn all their energy, and still have a great time. There was no need to force them to run in gym class, they were glad and it was their favorite class, which they wait with anxiety. They love to go the park and run all over it, chase each other, wrestle, get angry and cry, but at the end of the day they returned happily to their houses. They could run all recess chasing each other without stopping. That is a good childhood. Doing almost everything you wanted to without challenging your parents and fulfilling their chores. A childhood reserved for kids until the 90´s.


Today kids don’t do anything of the activities I have just mentioned before, they are busy playing video games all day, surfing in the Internet asking and asking for presents they will use for one week and abandon them after that. Making arguments and challenge their elders and their parents. While they could enjoy looking at a beautiful landscape while on the car, they keep their eyes on the iPod or the PSP. The technology had made them arrogant and plaintive without any participation or volunteering.




According to the Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System, on September 30, 1999, 127,000 children in the public child welfare system were waiting to be adopted. The average age of children in this group was 7.7 years, and many had spent more than 36 continuous months in foster care. That same year, 46,000 children were adopted from public child welfare agencies. Some were infants. Some were teenagers. Many were Latino. Many more were white or black. Adoptive parents were equally diverse-31% were single women, 2% were single men, and 1% were unmarried couples. Among these adoptive parents were gay and lesbian individuals and partners. Adoption professionals acknowledge agencies nationwide are placing children with gay parents, but little data is available on how many children are placed with gay, lesbian, or transgendered individuals. "Many agencies are making these placements, but not necessarily talking about them," says Ada White, CWLA Director of Adoption Services. "Agencies are not tracking it and don't intend to track it." Madelyn Freundlich, Policy Director with Children's Rights Inc. in New York City, and former Director of the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute, says numbers are hard to come by because "questions on sexual orientation are often not posed and recorded.“

Conclusion I think the gay community needs to recognize that for them the adoption is not an option. And managed in a way that they accept them, but that does not mean they have the right to educate someone in the way they are. For they say that nobody has the right to tell them how to be so they do not have to educate someone to be like them


Aries Your emotions and feelings are very high today. Feelings of belonging to something larger will highlight. Therefore, today is a day in which your beliefs, possibly, are shaken, but you'll feel satisfied to help others. In your love life you will be feeling depressed and some problems could arrive if you are in a relation.

Taurus Excellent time for love, ideal to say everything you think and feel to a loved one, if you want to print a new twist to the family: marriage, cohabitation, having children, it's time to show it. Improved balance and stability in the workplace will bring peace and comfort to your life, you will feel comfortable and with great confidence in yourself. Balanced health.

Gemini The ability of expression characteristic of the sign will be oriented towards emotions and the senses and enrich the lives of couples. It will be time for major changes in working life, perhaps new approaches in the line of work or vocational drastic changes, the important thing is to take time to decide, not act under emotional pressure. Health: good.



Cancer d Romantic moments in love, and good living in home. It will be a propitious time to stand out and show off in the p rofessional,business will come to fruition, although the results are more favorable to the solitary task for teamwork or partnership. Download the excess energy through any activity that gratifies you. Leo Pride and vanity are not good counselors to the couple claims, and attitudes of pride could gamble a trick in love. It also applies to the workplace, and that this might dilute chance of promotion and benefits. If you feel very stressed, take a few moments a day to go for a walk, return to your work refreshed. Virgo Discordant and hectic moments in love, lack of resilience to deal with personal relationships highlights the differences between partners. The oppositions suggest astral closely monitor the progress of the business and pay attention to budget issues. A good way to compensate for the stresses and strains will be spending more time outdoors. Libra The love interest could be in danger, the astral influences could promote burning love, attractions very strong but very shallow at the same time trying to control your impulses. Fruitful period to close deals and increase profits, especially those engaged in trade and business. Control your blood pressure.


Escorpio The harmony in the couple will be deep and so strong that negative moments will make you forget the past and personal emotional conditions will be favored by the stars. Alternatives are diverse will test your ability to handle business, apply reasonable criteria, and do not get carried away by impulse. Sagitarious The disconnect between partners, lack of common projects dominate the universe loving, it is good to be concentrated in its own right, remember to pay attention to who is on your side. Good profits could be invested in home affairs, whether to restructure the house, buy furniture, or doing renovations. Capricorn The love live will be complacent, like relationships with people close, find the balance between giving emotional and personal stability. The approach promotes balanced personal progress, not tempted to react out of context because you might regret later. Aquarious Avoid verbal, life partner and family peace can suffer within appropriate attitudes. With respect to the area of the economy, wary of decisions outside of prudence and try not to lose your head, there is extra capacity to get by. Try to feed yourself healthy, and avoid anxiety. Pisces If you want to improve your love life, you should reflect on the past issues that negatively affect your current relationships, maybe you need to change the way you relate to others. It will be advisable to follow the intuitions with regard to creativity and artistic activities as may bring you great comfort.

By: Fernanda Lobo


By: Alejandra Felix






















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