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2000's All in one bind! Editors: Olivia Martin-Johnson, Andrea Perez- Retes, Allysa Gold, Joshua Brown, Bakari Edwards

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Era of Fashion The 2000’s had crazy fashion trends. From the low rise jeans to the cowl neck tops, these fashion styles were out of this world. The rapid developing technology inspired some of these poppin looks. Metallic fabrics were extremely popular. Politics also had an effect on style. People became more conscious about climate change and environmental issues. People used more natural fabrics, like organic cotton. Conflicts in the Middle East influenced people in the United States to dress with military clothing. Pashmina worn by Indian women, traditional Arabian scarves, were often used. Music also had a big impact on the type of clothings worn. Classic hip hop styles were sneakers, ball caps, sweatpants, and tracksuits. When trucker hats were famously used by, Ashton Kutcher and Britney Spears, they set a revolution. It was the iconic style of the decade, but it faded out very quickly and turned into a joke.

“Goblet of Fire” by J.K. Rowling One of the most iconic and memorable books that the entire world knows and has read about it the Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling. The first book that came out in the 2000’s was the fourth edition of the series which is “The Goblet of Fire”. “The Goblet of Fire” is an amazing book that follows Harry Potter in his fourth year in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. There is a tournament in school in where other wizard schools are invited to play. In total three schools participate and only one person from each school can participate in the game. Harry’s name is drawn from the even though he is not eligible to participate. Now, Harry must participate in this deadly tournament and win the cup.

This became part of culture because the book was created into a incredible, world popular movie. The movie was created five years after the book was written. It was produced by Warner Brothers, which is extremely famous because every person knows their movies. These movies of Harry Potter was so popular that it was turned into a theme park in Universals Studios. In Universal Studios there is a ride that relates to directly to the Goblet of Fire.

Education The education in the 2000s had greatly improved from previous years. The role of teachers had changed. During this time period, teachers were 100% supportive of their students and did everything in their power to help and guide them when they needed help. But not only did the teachers change but the class courses did as well. New classes were added such as art, computer classes, and foreign languages. With these new classes came a change to the curriculum. For example, in English class kids learned grammar and spelling and in they math they learned how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide. In most schools and universities, there were many different races. During this time period, schools started to become more diverse and everyone had a equal opportunity to learn. This increase in numbers allowed more people to be successful and have more jobs. With the great improvement of education, dropouts became less common. In the year of 2000, the percent of dropouts was 11%. As the years went on, this number continued to drop.

Sports During this time period sports such as baseball, basketball, and football were very popular. Basketball was played all over the world ranging from America to in overseas countries such as Europe and Spain. Everyone knew and loved basketball, especially when the finals came around. Great players such as Kobe and Shaq were very famous at this time, especially during finals. Baseball was just as popular. Just like basketball, baseball also had sports teams all over the globe. Baseball became famous at this time with great players such as Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez. Even with these stars, a common problem in baseball was steroids. Players consistently got in trouble for using it. Lastly, there’s football. Football started to become a huge sport in america and spread throughout the world very fast. Stars like Randy Moss, Ladainian Tomlinson, and Ray Lewis. Players like these changed the game and made football very entertaining for the people to watch back at home. When the superbowl came, everyone either went to the stadium to watch or stayed home. It was a highly anticipated game for the people of this time and still is to this day.

Law and Justice During 2001 President George W. Bush the United States of America Patriot’s Act. The Patriots Act is an anti terrorism law that allows law enforcement agencies to use court-approved wiretaps on people that are suspected terrorists. Also to share criminal investigate information with terrorism investigators and other government officials. It was created following the terrorist attack of 9/11. This is to work with other governments agencies as well to be able to secure America's borders and to attack money laundering. Money laundering is illegally obtained money involving transferring of foreign banks or legitimate businesses. One of the reasons George W. Bush created this act was to strengthen domestic security and to stop terrorists by strengthening the law enforcement agencies. People found this act controversial because they say that it gives the government a lot of power. Supporters of this act say that it has helped stopped terrorists and terrorist activities. While opposers state that it threatens civil liberties and it is not democratic, which the act is supposedly protecting.

Government and Politics In the early 2000’s, there was an election between George W. Bush and Al Gore. The results of this election were that George W. Bush defeated Al Gore because he had more electoral votes. When Bush received power, he decided to lower taxes and have less government. He did not pay very much attention to all of the criminals and terrorists and he also did not give people any warnings about what was going on, so there ended up being many terrorist attacks. Bush then decided to claim dictatorial power, angering many Americans. The Americans worked together many times against this president, and there were many problems that occurred during Bush’s presidency, including Americas depression. There were also many other terrible events that occured in the early 2000’s, which will be remembered forever as history. On September 11, 2001, there was a major attack on the world trade center and the Pentagon. This will be remembered as 9/11. Every year, on September 11 (9/11), all of those innocent people who were killed this day are honored and commerated.

Celebrity gossip! Shhh The celebrities during the 2000’s left many fans in shock, after deciding to go through with different ideas they had, and changing history forever. One major shock of the 2000’s was the big dilemma with the famous Britney Spears. Towards the end of 2006, her and Kevin Federline began to argue about what items belonged to who. In early 2007, they went through a painful divorce, when Brittney decided to make a major decision to change her appearance. She decided to shave all of her famous locks off, leaving all her fans in complete shock. She took a break for a while, due to mental pain and disbelief. Two years later, after she was mentally healed, she decided to get back to work. Though she had a downfall in the music industry, in 2008, she decided to get back to work. This is when her fans began to hear her music again, and again she was a major hit. Britney Spears went through alot during the 2000’s, but she was able to heal and continue with music, as a major celebrity and hit.

Food for You There were many distinct popular foods in the 2000’s. Though they were popular then, they are all still eaten and able to be found in public restaurants and businesses today. The most popular foods during the 2000’s that were very unhealthy and fattening were popular because they were not only delicious, but they are also very appealing to the eye. Though they seem great, they are terrible for the human body. Some of the top unhealthy foods of this time period were bacon, cupcakes, creme brûlée, and cake pops. There were also many healthy foods, or foods that are not terribly unhealthy. Some of these foods include meat, roasted beet salads with goat cheese, fruit smoothies, watermelon, feta salad, sliders, and brown butter pasta. In the 2000’s, these foods were found in many different restaurants and were the most popular everyday foods for people.

Way we lived #Oldies The popular items in the 2000’s still exist today, but they are not very trendy. Nowadays, there are new and improved trends and certain items from the 2000’s. Many of them are still popular today, but they are just different. For example, the flip phone was a very popular item back in the 2000’s. The pink Razr flip phone was just as popular as the new iphone 10 is today. There were also many other popular items of this time. For example, body glitter was a very popular trend to wear to special events. People also used to wear a lot of hairspray with curls on any casual day. They also used Juicy Tubes, which is a lip gloss that was very popular at the time. Baby G watches were also some very popular watches, that many people would wear, as part of a fashion trend.

Film and theatre Action and Adventure movies were very popular in the 2000’s. Many superhero movies such as Iron Man or The Dark Knight earned millions of dollars. Also, the Harry Potter series of movies started in the 2000’s. With the first release “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone” in 2001, the series continued with immense popularity until the last movie was released in 2011. Also, many animated movies and TV shows were popular in the 2000’s. Some movies such as The Incredibles and Monsters Inc. They were adventure/comedy type movies that were wonderful for kids to watch. Pixar Animation Studios created many of these movies. TV show genres were mainly comedies or dramas. Comedies such as “Curb your Enthusiasm” were very funny to viewers which is why they were well liked. Also, shows like “The Wire” were drama shows that were interesting for many people to watch.

Music Latin music became quite popular. It really established itself as a genre during the decade. Many hits released in the 2000’s that had lots of popularity. Also, Hip hop and rap music were very popular in the mid 2000’s and on. Many hits like “Single Ladies” were made that lots of people greatly enjoyed. Other top hits such as “Low” or “Yeah!” were popular during the decade. Rap music became highly popular as well with many songs being released in the towards the mid and late 2000’s. Almost every song released in the 2000’s had music videos as well. Many were uploaded to Youtube as the video as well as the song being sold in CD’s and albums. Hip hop was by far the dominant music genre of the decade. Other genres were still popular though. Some such as rock, alternative rock, and others were much less popular than hip hop waas but still did have fans.

Culture The culture of the 2000’s was kind of interesting. In terms of clothing, there was wearing trucker hats (such as Von Dutch hats) to lace-up jeans. Also, it was a trend to have jeans with either no back pockets or with bedazzled pockets. Tattoo choker necklaces were also in style. Crocs were a very popular type of shoe/sandal that were widely used in the 2000’s. They were desirable mainly for their comfortability. Moving on, other types of trends were popular in the 2000’s. Low carb diets were very popular to do. These diets became so widely used that even fast food places started having options approved by that diet. For music, auto tune was very popular thing for musicians to do. It was mainly used for hip hop and rap music. Almost every song was auto tuned during the late 2000’s. Also for rappers especially, grillz were very popular to show off in many music videos. They were a mouthpiece with gold or silver on them. Rappers loved to wear them to show off their money.

Crossword Puzzle

Foreign Affairs After the 9/11 attack, the United States decided to take action. On October 7, 2001, Operation Enduring Freedom began. The president at the time was Bush. After the attacks, Bush came out with a plan to first dismantle the Taliban which is another Islamic terrorist group, and then later would dismantle Al Qaeda. So, he demanded that Taliban leader, Mohammed Omar be brought to him. When he refused, the plan for war began. It was called Operation Enduring Freedom, because the goal was to keep freedom here in the states. In September, members from the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) were flown into Afghanistan and met with anti- Taliban allies, which were the Afghan people. The different terrorist groups had been trying to overthrow the government in Afghanistan. The CIA agents were met soonly after with American and British troops and supplies.

Fighting started in October, 2001. The United States began bombing the Afghanistan, targeting the Taliban and Al Qaeda, not getting innocent civilians in the middle. Progress was soon shown, when after a month, the Northern Alliance took control of Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul. The original plan of capturing Al Qaeda’s leader and founder, Osama bin Laden, was not completed until 2011. He was found in Pakistan by American soldiers, and was quickly shot and killed. Attention soon shifted to Iraq, and then Afghanistan became a light drag. More than 20 countries had gotten involved in the war and had lost thousands of troops. By Spring 2010, the United States had lost over 1,000 troops. Still today, troops are in Afghanistan, fighting to end the terrorist regime.

Domestic Affairs In the decade of the 2000’s, a major turning point in our nation’s history occurred. On September 11, 2001, the US was attacked by a terrorist group called Al Qaeda, which was founded in the 1980’s by Osama bin Laden. Al Qaeda is a group made up of islamic terrorists, or people that believe that the Islam religion should be the only religion. Al Qaeda’s desire is to turn the world Muslim, which comes with the violence we have seen. It all started when Al Qaeda wanted to get the United States out of Afghanistan. On September 11, 2001, four plane attacks were coordinated by Al Qaeda to attack the United States. Two were coordinated to hit the Twin Towers in New York, one the Pentagon in D.C., and the last was taken off its track by passengers and ended up in a field in Stonycreek Township, Pennsylvania. These attacks were committed by 19 men that were part of Al Qaeda.

The most known and publicized attack was the hit of the Twin Towers in New York City. The first plane hit the North Tower at around 8:50 AM, approximately 15 minutes later, the South Tower was hit. This was when people watching the breaking news on TV realized it was not a mistake. The plane hit the 80th floor of the 110 floor skyscraper, killing hundreds and trapping the rest. The second plane hit the 60th floor of the South Tower. Some people threw themselves off the building because it would be a less painful death. Fireman rushed up to see what they could do to help, which was a suicide mission. 343 firemen were killed. Meanwhile, a plane headed for California was hijacked by one of the 19 men while in the air. The passengers soon realized what was happening and decided to act for the greater good. They then took control of the pilots steering and crash landed onto an open field. The initial location of the hit is unknown, but was supposed to be around the White House. This was the only attack that was unsuccessful. The last out of the four attacks was another plane that hit the Pentagon, also known as the United States Department of Defense. Everyone aboard the flight was killed, along with people from the building inside. The said reason of the attack by Al Qaeda was the dispute between the group and America. They argued about the military presence in the Middle East, and the non-involvement in the Persian Gulf War. After the 9/11 attacks, the United States became more strict on their security nationwide. One example is after this day, airports were required to have major security. This is because the men who hijacked the planes easily brought weapons to use. The system of calling 911 in case of an emergency was created.

2,996 people died on 9-11-01.

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