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Birds Migrations

I was outside with my friends playing hide and seek—and then, it started to rain. “What can we do?” said my little brother, almost crying. We went inside the marquee and waited until the rain passed. “I know!” said my little brother. “I can bring my DVD player and we can watch a movie!” “Great idea, Peter!” said my neighbors at the same time. It was a Barney’s movie, so I refused to watch it. When the rain ceased, I went outside, and watched the sky, singing my favorite song, (Waiting outside the Lines by Greyson Chance) and, at the same time, thinking about a romantic date in this scene. Suddenly, I heard a squawk, it was some birds flying over the sky, free, without worries or much responsibilities. When I observed closely I saw 10, 20, 31, more than 50 herons flying to the north, a huge herd free of every problem, of responsibilities and lot of love. It was like a teamwork race to the finish line. Some herons were on small groups about from 5 or 10 herons flying. I thought that they were family and flew so much, united, avoiding any danger from depredators. Suddenly I saw a pair of herons, and I thought that they were a couple, waiting to settle on a nest and take care of their future babies. I was watching, closely, breathing heavily feeling that the minutes passed so slowly. I only heard the squawk of the herons and the songs from Barney. I know that the movie was almost over because I heard the song I love you, but I didn’t care so much. I dropped to the floor and relaxed. I started to count herons and watch the sunset, the beautiful and colorful sunset, with some clouds from the rain covering the big sun,

and the herons flying over the entire beautiful scene that I was contemplating. All these happen when I thought about the boy I loved. I never forget this stupendous scene.

The Flight of the Herons  

A descreptive scene narrated by a girl who watched.