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Facebook is extremely important when wanting to connect with people 20-35 years of age. At this point they revolve around social media and they love to know what is going on with the people they know. Liking: It is important to increase the number of people who are following Sense of Security! 1. This indicates the organization has gained another person who knows about them. 2. When they chose to like the organization it is automatically posted on their live feed, which goes out to ALL of their friends. What to DO? 1. Search for pre-existing groups that relate to breast cancer or are based in Colorado. Join the groups and request the people to like Sense of Security. Examples: Team Colorado (93 members), Colorado Pink Plate (29 members)

2. Create a group about the organization which people can join. Must keep it up to date with the events, news, updates and interesting facts on a regular basis. (The more often there are posting, the closer it is to the top of the searches)

Postings: 1. People who are 20-35 years of age want instant gratification. If there is a post every day talking about what is going on with the organization, they will be more willing to donate money. Examples: “Was able to get the waiting list from 50 people to 20 people.” “Was able to help a single mother with 4 kids pay electric bill today.” “Received a wonderful donation of $5,000 yesterday, Thank you.”

2. In addition to increasing donations, it will also reach out to people who need the services or who have a friend or family member who needs the services. It is showing the organization is real and is really willing to help and be there for them. Discussions: This is a great area to get discussions started and people who are interested in them can join in. One discussion can be for people who have gone through treatments; another might be for people who have mothers who have breast cancer, or people who are the support groups of breast cancer patients. The object is to get people to use this page as a resource. Events: 1. Make the events public, so people browsing through can see what is going on and the upcoming events. In addition invite everyone who likes the organization to the events. 2. Create random events. Example: Dec 18th post on 4 friends walls about Sense of Security. January 1st Breast examination day

Radio Commercial Music: (Song) Inspirational, (Album) Music for Pilates, (Artist) Universal Energy Treatment patient Voice: (very calm female voice) I was 31 years old and 8 months pregnant when I found a lump on my breast. (Pause) Tuned out that I had stage 3 breast cancer and the doctors ended up inducing me 3 ½ weeks early. Shortly after my daughter was born, my husband was sent over seas for a year and I was left alone raising a toddler an infant while going through Chemo. (Pause) It was incredibly difficult and stressful like nothing I have ever experienced. Most of the money went to child care and I ended up quitting my job even though I really couldn’t afford to. (Pause) Eventually I was so sick, I could no longer drive or keep up with my bills. A friend here in Denver told me about this Colorado based organization called Sense of Security, who helped men and women going through breast cancer treatment with their monthly financials and other services. Out of desperation I contacted Sense of Security. (A little more upbeat voice) They helped me tremendously and were so easy to work with! I sent them my electric and gas bills and they mailed a check to Excel. On the days I needed to get to doctors appointments or to treatments, they had someone pick me up at home and take me to my appointment. It was so nice to know there was someone there for me and to know I wasn’t alone. A man’s voice: Sense of Security is a non profit organization that is here for you! Please visit to learn more

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These are the second two ads for the Sense of Security marketing plan. The Facebook page shows them how to use facebook to their advantage t...

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