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used drugs

​By andrea miles

There are many people that overly using drugs in the past years. These drugs are commonly used in a everyday life, the most commonly used drug is marijuana, under age kids are doing it for fun and some do it for medication. There are different types of cannabis sativa is one type of cannabis this is used like medicine as a part of a​ ​religious ceremonies, and even as a fiber for making rope clothes and paper for many thousands of years

Cannabis sativa

There are many names for this plant but some only call it weed or green goddess and many more but this plant was

olarigly made for make paper and clothes and ropes until someone found THC and injected it into the sativa strain

The way most people smoke it is by rolling it in cigarettes papers. Now people also use cigars they take out the filling and replace it with marijuana. Marijuana isn’t only a drugs it is also use for medication in some states and other it illegal to have this substance in passation because

of the chemicals in the strain.

This cannabis can also be put in any baked good even lollipops and the effect will take at least 4-6 hours to kick in. edibles aren’t the same as smoking marijuana the effect is way worse it make you imagine thing that aren’t really happening sometimes the effect doesn’t hit hard as that but sometimes it let you see thing you never seen before some cases it lead to death or hospitalized if you have eaten to many of these edibles.

Andrea miles feature article rough draft  
Andrea miles feature article rough draft