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THE SELECTION OF NEW CANDIDATES WILL START IN OCTOBER 2013 As the BoxTechnique project has become a concrete worldwide reality in strong development, we aim now to create many BoxTechnique Centers in the rest of the world. Reason why we are planning “The BoxTechnique Tutor Training Course”, a new BoxTechnique Course where only selected clinicians will have the opportunity to take part in and then finally represent the BoxTechnique world in their countries. A the end of “The BoxTechnique Tutor Training Course” the clinicians will have not only the opportunity to represent BoxTechnique in their countries but also to become themselves BoxTechnique Tutors for their own countries attendees during BoxTechnique International Courses. To submit your application for this position inside the BoxTechnique Team please contact us and you will get more info. Mrs Ilaria Bottoli (Manager BoxTechnique) mail:


Boxtechnique International Tutor  
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