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Who is Hira Ratan Manek and What are Sungazing Benefits? Hira Ratan Manek sungazing or solar yoga is a technique you can use to improve or maintain good health. This is a technique that was practiced for centuries around the globe, and which was recently re-discovered by Hira Ratan Manek (HRM). This was re-discovered after a couple of hundred years, since it had been forgotten due to the explosion of technology and modern medicine. Through sungazing, it is possible to solve physical, emotional, psychological and mental problems. For some, it is also possible to live without food using only the sun as the main source of energy. This fact is what many people call the HRM-phenomenon, whose name originates from the team of scientists and physicians to whom the HRM has proved that man can live only by solar energy. However, the objective of this practice is not to stop eating, but to live mentally, physically and spiritually healthy life. These are only some of the HRM sungazing benefits. With practicing of sungazing you can get full health of body, mind and spirit, you can live with a smaller intake of. One of the benefits of sungazing is that you can also renew your mind and cure of all diseases. The most intriguing thing is that by practicing of sungazing you can be cleaned of all mental health programs and systems that limit us. You can also reach various levels of enlightenment; live now, here and at this time. Many scientists and physicians have their testimonials after they examined effect of sungazing on Hira Ratan Manek. The testimonials of Hira Ratan Manek sungazing proven that this alternative medicine works and helps our body to rejuvenate. He was put to NASA testing, the U.S. Agency for Space Research for a period of almost two years. Never any man before Manek has been subjected to so thorough and long-term testing. Final conclusion of NASA scientists was that it was a phenomenon, as all studies show the actual values of sungazing, and some techniques were embedded in the program for training astronauts. Several scientists tested personally sungazing and were fascinated by the way and speed with which they encouraged their paranormal abilities, and quickly and powerfully awakened dormant abilities and their health.

Hira Ratan Manek and Sungazing The very practice of sungazing is easy to learn and implemented by your own. You can work sungazing in each group, but you look at sun for yourself and should not interfere with each other. The essence is to learn to interact with the

sun that the watching of 45 minutes goes like looking for only 3-4 minutes. When you learn this then you are close to reaching your goal. Sungazers are mostly very happy people, although some of them had very serious problems with depression in past period of their lives. If you liked our Hira Ratan Manek sungazing article or you are one of the sungazers, then we recommend you also to read about halotherapy and its benefits on human health. Copyright by All Rights Reserved.

Who is Hira Ratan Manek and What are Sungazing Benefits-  
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