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Sep 23

What Causes Hiccups? Hiccups are causes by spasms of the diaphragm, which usually occur due to irritation of the nerve diaphragm known as a “nerve phrenicus”. So, what causes hiccups? The reasons for this irritation may be manifold: cold drinks, hot food, eating quickly or swallowing air during the conversation, and psychological causes such as stress (To learn how to get rid of stress read our anti-stress article) and excitement. Contractions of the diaphragm make lungs to spread with a hitch, then the part of trachea – in which the vocal cords are also known as a mouthpiece (glottis) close with lightning speed, air flow is interrupted, and there come hiccups. Babies and young children hiccup about 3,000 times more frequently than adults. This is called baby hiccups. No one is immune to hiccups, including unborn children, who often hiccup in the womb. Men are more sensitive to hiccups than women. Hiccups are generally harmless, but if it does not stop for hours and sometimes days, however, you should talk with your doctor. Hiccups cause can also be an organic cause such as abscesses (pyogenic inflammation) in the abdominal cavity below the diaphragm, inflammation of pancreas or the central nervous system disorders, and in the worst case the bleeding in the brain. This is mostly what causes hiccups. Before you consult with a doctor, you should always try a few simple ways to stop hiccups.

How To Stop Hiccups? There are few traditional ways which work if you want to stop hiccups: remember the names of seven bald men, scare yourself, remember the day before yesterday what we ate for breakfast, eat a spoon of sugar or drink some water. Generally these tips have only one function – to mentally distract our attention from the hiccuping. That usually helps a lot, but if you do not succeed, experts have a few more advices. If you are alone or at home, you can try to quickly breathe through the mouth or nose, panting like a dog, which relaxes the diaphragm or protrude your tongue, which also leads to the desired relaxation of muscle. Finally, if you find yourself in the company of loved ones, there is the nicest way to control hiccups: Kiss! These all are natural, non-aggressive ways which will answer your question: How to stop hiccups? Copyright from All Rights Reserved.

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