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Speleotherapy Speleotherapy (from the Greek speleos – Cave) is a method, which is based on well dosed patient’s stay in a specific microclimate of the cave. Speleotherapy has been practiced for hundreds of years in salt mines in Eastern Europe. Patients with asthma, chronic bronchitis and other respiratory diseases spend a few days or weeks in these mines, breathing in the salty air and gaining numerous benefits from the special microclimate of these “ salt caves”. Speleotherapy is also known as salt therapy, or salt caves therapy. Three main effects of salty caves are: ● clean air aerosols(presence of salt particles in the air) ● specific climatic conditions (constant temperature and high humidity) ● natural radioactivity The caves contain clean air, free of allergens and pathogens, without ozone and with a high concentration of ions. These are all factors that improve breathing, not only during your stay in the cave, but even later. Cave aerosol is the main factor that operates at speleotherapy. Its properties are: ● constant high relative humidity ● constant low temperature ● high concentrations of calcium and magnesium ● high levels of ionization and electronegative charge ● sterile environment – the absence of bacteria, mold, fungi ● no aggressive allergens ● no organic and inorganic pollution of the environment For example, at the Budapest Szemlőhegy Cave, near where the air is quite polluted at the surface, deep in the cave was measured that the air is very clean. Analysis of aerosols in the air using X-rays showed the presence of elements of K, Ca, Ti, Cr, Mg, Fe, Ni, Cu and Zn. Additional potential impact during your stay in the cave is natural radioactivity, which mostly comes from the radioactive gas radon. Speleotherapy is performed at centers in Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Italy, Slovenia, and Russia. Speleotherapy proved to be effective in treating of: ● asthma ● chronic cough ● shortness of breath ● bronchitis ● sinusitis ● rhinitis ● seasonal allergies ● pharyngitis ● tonsillitis

While speleotherapy includes a stay in a natural salt caves, a new method – halotherapy – uses special technology that creates a microclimate of the cave. Halotherapy includes a stay in the so-called salt-rooms, and is available for almost all major European cities. Similar to colloidal silver, this sort of alternative, nature therapy started it’s widely use in recent period. Copyright by All Rights Reserved.

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