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LET'S GO SENIORS JoA/2 Fontenette Richelle Fortier Activities: Track, Crosscountry, Co-president of Stat. hostess club, JV and Varsity Basketball Career Interests: Working with children

Kristin Fosselius Activities: Yearbook, swimteam, vocal, Jazz Ensemble, McDonald's, Contra Bass Clarinet, pink, V.W., 4 Msktr. Career Interests: Journalist, wolverines

Debra Franklin Derrick Franklin Kim Frazier Activities: Jazzercize, dance, jogging, tennis, swimming, just being with my friends and family Career Interests: Psychology, Art, Horticulture

Tamina Fretter Activities: forgetting yesterday, living today, ignoring tomorrow Career Interests: commune-ist

Ian Furminger Activities: V Basketball 83-84, Pres. F.D.D.A., J.B. Club, S.W.A.T.T., M-R-R-W-J, Fresh. Haze. Thrash Career Interests: C.H.P., Detective, Warden, Border Patrol, HJI.

Michael Garcia Activities: Varsity Football, surfing, M.C.P. club President Career Interests: Business; Business owner

Thomas Gary Adam Garza Activities: Hang out on the hill, Girl Watching Career Interests: Attend C.H.P. Academy, girl watch

Angela Gibson Activities: Softball, basketball, volleyball Career Interests: Computer Programmer, Nursing, Data entry operator

Allison Gossard Activities: Yearbook, JB Club, kickin' it w/wat Career Interests: Cosmetologist

Carla Green Activities: Advanced Dance, Class Rep. 83, Flirting, Acappela 80-83 Career Interests: Registered Nurse, writing music

Portia R. Green Activities: 83-84 Pommer, Track, Dance Career Interests: Mass Communication, Business Administration


Carla Green Tamina Fretter Allison Gossard Kristin Fosselius Activities: forgetting yesterday, living today, ignoring tomorrow Career Intere...

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