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Chad Blakeman Activities: Track, Football, Porch sitting, Bruce Springsteen Fan Club, Skiing, Senior Activities Career Interests: To live happily ever after

Elinore Boeke Activities: Youth & Government, Senior Steering Committee, Vocal Ensemble, Thespians, Sigma Si, Yearbook, CSF Career Interests: Mass or Political Communications

David Boiling

Eric Bradford Activities: V JV Football Career Interests: Electronical Engineer, Computer programmer

Roshunda Bradford Activities: Softball JV and Varsity Career Interests: Successful business woman

Andre Brannon

Valerie Brocks Activities: Tripping hard, boy watching, Dance Career Interests: Accountant, Computer Science

Paul Brody Activities: Forensics, "Cabby" Asst, Ed-in-chief, Asian Studies, Doug Fraleigh Fan Club Career Interests: Used car salesman, Unemployment

Wanda Brooks Activities: SA officer

84-85, Dance 84-85, Leadership


Career Interests: Fashion merchandise and buying

Paul Brody is an outstanding senior in forensics. As a junior, he received the highest award the Natonal Forensics League confers. He has already competed in the state speech tournament twice and this year will hopefully be as successful. Tim Zahnley, nominated for forensics, also received the highest award the National Forensics League confers during his junior year. Last year he represented ECHS at both the state and national speech tournaments. He and his debate partner, Natasha Zalkin, are the first El Cerrito students ever to qualify for nationals. For his fine competitive spirit, we thank him. E