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NONA Child Development Centre

Annual Report 2007/2008

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have personally enjoyed the past year with the NONA Board of Directors as I have seen the fruits of our past labours come alive at the Centre. I have had an opportunity to see the many rooms of NONA being used and enjoyed. Seeing the children and families enjoy our building reminds me every day why we embarked on our building project five years ago.

Over the past year the Board of Directors of NONA has continued to guide the policies and vision of the NONA Child Development Centre. The eight members of the Board have dedicated many hours to fundraising and board meetings. While we continue to fundraise for the Treehouse, the Board has enjoyed a relatively “quiet” year at NONA. We continue to advocate through the provincial British Columbia Association of Child Development and Intervention (BCACDI) table for additional services for children with special needs, and we are pleased to see a small increase in therapy dollars, without any reductions in other programs.

Our Executive Director, Helen Armstrong, continues to successfully manage the day-to-day operations of NONA and represent NONA in the community. The Board appreciates and thanks her for her commitment to our organization. The staff of NONA continues to provide exceptional services to the children and families of the North Okanagan. I would like to thank them on behalf of the Board of Directors for their dedication and great work. Looking forward, the entire Board has agreed to return to the table to continue our important work. Next year will see the completion of Phase One of the Child Health BC project on our third floor, and the continued excellent service provision to the children of the North Okanagan. As the title of this report says, it is a time for the roots of the Treehouse to strengthen and grow. Thank you again to our members, the NONA Board, the families we serve, and our wonderful staff that bring a positive and professional attitude to work every single day of the year.

One project we are very pleased to see finished is Respectfully submitted, the completion of the playground. This project took the involvement of most of the NONA staff! From securing the base funding through Ronald Janice Foster MacDonald House, to ensuring that the Board President equipment was finally installed, the staff did a wonderful job. At times the staff were even involved in the physical labour of the project! We are very grateful the children now have a safe and accessible place to learn and play – thank you to all those that made our playground possible.

NONA Board of Directors 2007/2008 President Janice Foster

Director Peg Graham

Director Nancy House

Vice President Betty Barker

Director Linda Graves

Director Marlene Sokol

Treasurer Allen Dubeski

Director Jacquie Hansen

Director (Honourary) Betty Brisco

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he theme of this years annual report is “Setting Down Roots”. We have chosen this theme because we have been in this building for three years, and we are now starting to feel at home in our Treehouse.

Positive feedback from families: “True concern about our children’s wellbeing, not just for today but for their future.”

Over the past year we have experienced “Your entire staff is patient, kind, stability in funding that is very welcome. Our knowledgeable and is readily available program contracts have remained constant, when we need them. We always feel very with a small increase to therapy funding . This welcomed and at home at your building stability has allowed us to look forward in as well as in our own home.” terms of growth potential and service delivery. I am very pleased with the growth within our “The positive attitude and programs, as well as the continued work done encouragement that “every child can.” towards improving and providing excellence in service delivery. Our community connection with the Ministry of Children and Family Development is strong and will continue to be Today we have finally put the last piece of the so for the next year. Treehouse puzzle in place. The playground is now complete! I know that this project took a The Treehouse is functioning at full capacity. great deal of work on behalf of the staff. The On the third floor, the pediatricians have project’s main funder was the Ronald settled into their space and on the other side, MacDonald house, whom we gratefully the Children’s Assessment Network is running acknowledge. Thank you to everyone who full force. Our recent partnership with Interior worked on the playground project; it could not Health and Child Health BC, will provide have been done without you. NONA with video conferencing capability within the province and beyond. Stay tuned for Looking forward, I am struck by the number of more about this multi-phased project. possibilities available to our Centre. With the stewardship of the Board, the experience and The Board of NONA had a very busy year efforts of the staff, and the continual guidance fundraising for the Treehouse. Their efforts of the families we serve, I can’t wait to see are recognized through the continual what we come up with next! Please take a few reduction of our mortgage. Their attendance at moments to read this report - if you have any board meetings, and efforts at fundraising questions don’t hesitate to talk to me. Thank events is invaluable. I have enjoyed working you to the Board, staff, and families for their with the Board and thank them for their continuing patience and support. support and direction through the year. Respectfully submitted,

For more information about our programs and services, please visit us at:

Helen Armstrong Executive Director

NONA Child Development Centre

Annual Report 2007/08

setting down roots

Agency Performance 2007/2008 NONA Child Development Centre measures performance in four areas: We want to know: We make a positive difference in the lives of the children and families that we serve (effectiveness): •

92% of families surveyed felt that involvement with NONA programs made a positive difference to their children’s lives

92% of families surveyed felt that involvement with NONA programs made a positive difference to their family’s lives

96% of families surveyed felt that our staff worked with them to meet their needs regarding their children

We are efficiently using our space throughout the year (efficiency): •

The playroom is used on average 5 hours per day, 4/5 days per week.

The large therapy room is used on average3 hours per day, 4.7 /5 days per week.

The gym is used on average 2.5 hours per day, 4/5 days per week.

We contact families quickly after a referral has been made (service access): •

Average number of days for initial contact: 13.3

The families we serve are satisfied with the services we provide: •

92% of families surveyed reported satisfaction with our programs and services page 4

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Some Interesting Statistics: FROM APRIL 1, 2007 TO MARCH 31, 2008 Ov erall Number of Referrals Per Y ear 433

2 0 0 7 /2 0 0 8 2 0 0 6 /2 0 0 7


2 0 0 5 /2 0 0 6


2 0 0 4 /2 0 0 5


In 2007/2008, this has doubled to 23% of all referrals.


2 0 0 3 /2 0 0 4 2 0 0 2 /2 0 0 3

27 6 0

1 00

2 00

3 00

83% of children referred to NONA live in Vernon/Coldstream area.

4 00

5 00

Most common reasons why children are referred to us: •

Concerns with communication development

Concerns with motor development

Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapies-1.7 years

Delayed in more than one area of development

At risk for developmental delays

Speech Language Therapy-2.9 years

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Music Therapy-2.7 years

Average age at referral for early intervention services: • •

Infant Development Program-9 months

63% of children served this year were boys. 1

In 2002-2003, 11% of total referrals were from families who had concerns about their child’s development.

In 2007/2008, 283 children from the North Okanagan were referred for services from our Centre. That’s 84 more children than five years ago.

Top Community Referral Sources: In 2007/2008, we served 459 children.

1. Public Health Nurses 2. North Okanagan Paediatric Clinic 3. Family Physicians 4. BC Children’s Hospital

NONA Child Development Centre

Annual Report 2007/08

setting down roots

Annual report 2008  
Annual report 2008