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MAY 2015

VOL. 1 ISS. 2

CNH KIWIN’S 32nd District of Key Club International


WELCOME MESSAGES 01-03 KC International President & Vice President, Division Feature 2015-2016 DISTRICT BOARD Executive Board, LtGs, Appointed Board 05-15 ELMINATE PROJECT Introduction, ELIMINATE Week 16-18 PEDIATRIC TRAUMA PROGRAM Introduction LIVE 2 LEARN Introduction

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editor’s message

Hey KIWIN’S! Coming back from May Board, the district board has planned many great things for the upcoming year! I’m excited to see what each club will be doing and have them featured on the district newsletter. As always, my goal for the newsletter is to focus on member recognitionv and promotion to Key Club International. Furthermore, I hope the May Board recap is helpful for the members and officers! I hope you enjoy the May ‘Gems’ and if there are any feeback, please email me!


WELCOME MESSAGES Maria Palazzolo Key Club International President

Greeting, fellow KIWIN’s Key Clubbers! It is such an honor to serve you as your Key Club International President this year! I loved meeting many of you at your fantastic convention. You showed me just how much passion and spirit your district has! As your International President, my main job is to lead the International Board, which consists of me, our Vice President Kevin Zhang, and 11 Trustees. Our main goal is to ensure that: 1. You and our 270,000 members have the best experience possible. 2. Your club has the resources necessary to achieve its full potential. To do this, our International Board has presented multiple webinars, twitter chats, and video updates to connect with members. We also want to increase the organizations that we work with to increase our name and influence. Right now, we are focusing on the final months of the Eliminate campaign as we fundraise to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus! This project is one of my passions. We have the power and opportunity to save millions of mothers and their babies from a disease by paying $1.80. Less than a Starbucks coffee. Less than a pack of gum. Less than a soda and chips. If we give up one of those items, we have saved LIVES. That idea motivates me to spread the word constantly to ensure we reach our goal! If you want to learn more about the project or how to fundraise, please email me!

Thank you for all that you do. Regardless of your position in Key Club (member, club officer, or district officer), we couldn’t do what we do without your hard work and passion for changing the world. Thank you for giving up time and energy to make the world a better place. You motivate me every day! Yours in service, Maria Palazzolo Key Club International President 2014-2015


Kevin Zhang Key Club International Vice President Hello, CNH KIWIN’S District Key Clubbers! I am honored to be serving as your 2014-2015 Key Club International Vice President. I am currently a senior at Olympia High School in the Pacific Northwest District and will be attending Middlebury College in Vermont starting next year. As my term comes to a close, I reflect back looking at all of the wonderful work our organization has done over these past 11 months. In both March and April, President Maria and I had the opportunity to travel to different districts as we attended their District Conventions. Even though I did not have the opportunity to come to the CNH KIWIN’S District, I heard many amazing things from Maria. Our job on the International Board is extremely rewarding because of spirited and service-orientated members like those found in your district. With International Convention just less than a month away, I hope many of you are as excited as I am. This year, International Convention is being held in beautiful Indianapolis, Indiana (the headquarters of Kiwanis!). If you aren’t going to ICON, make sure to check out the live stream on our official YouTube channel! If you ever have any questions or simply want to talk before ICON, feel free to contact me. Hope to see you in Indy, Kevin Zhang Key Club International Vice President 2014-2015


MONTHLY DIVISON FEATURE Renee Su President OCSA Jet Division Hey all you beautiful people! Now that I’ve got your attention with a shockingly true compliment I hope you can stick around for what I think is a pretty worthwhile story. I’m Renee Su and I’m the Orange County School of the Arts KIWIN’S president for the 2015-16 term but before that I wasn’t even a general member, I was a hopeful eighth grader looking forward to high school and along with that, KIWIN’S. My future high school at the time was Fountain Valley High School, who’s KIWIN’S presence was ginormous. It seemed like everybody I talked to around my hometown was A) a KIWIN’s member, B) had a child that was a KIWIN’S member, or C) was at least the best friend of a KIWIN’S member. But after a surprising series of events I found myself at a different school named OCSA, without familiar faces and friends. It was that freshman fall in 2013, that I found myself entering an OCSA KIWIN’S meeting. I was expecting dozens of students, a beyond classy, professional board, and a regal president. What I found instead were a small handful of members (that would one day become some of my closest friends) and a group of welcoming board members, one of whom has become my inspiration. At the time she was the vice president for the club, but would become the 2014-15 term’s president. She, along with the 2014-15 OCSA board, who I was honored to be a part of, revived and breathed new life into OCSA KIWIN’S after it was almost lowered six feet under. It was she who truly brought the

ohana spirit and love into our home club and motivated our members to do more for the sake of service. Whether it be through book drives or League of Legends tournaments, she was always there for the club and its members. Emily Nguyen you truly are an inspiration. However, since the creation of OCSA KIWIN’S a mere 2 years ago, our club has stayed small but mighty, a tight knit family who are all close friends with one another. This year I’m looking to expand our numbers while keeping up our spirit and dedication to service. I’m excited to implement both new concepts, such as in-meeting

service events to accommodate busy schedules, and improve on old ones, such as gaming tournaments. I also couldn’t ask for a better Jet Division LTG or presidential board this term, as each and every one of them so far have been so helpful and hardworking. I’m looking forward to this new term as not only one of improvement but also innovation for OCSA KIWIN’S and the entirety of Cal-NevHa KIWIN’S!






2015-2016 DI








07 appointed board AWARDS CHAIR







08 Greetings! My name is Michael Tran and I’m your appointed District Awards & Recognition Chair for the 2015-’16 term. I’m currently a sophomore at La Quinta High School. I take part in other extracurriculars such as Marching Band and Winter Drumline. My favorite TV shows are The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, and Criminal Minds. I love chicken alfredo and boba!! I’m very thrilled to work with all divisions this year. The District Board has a lot in mind to improve KIWIN’S this next year. My goal this year is to improve member participation in District events by recognizing members, officers and clubs in any way possible. This year will be filled with enjoyment and excitement!! KIWIN’S wouldn’t be an ohana if it weren’t for all you wonderful members. With that being said thank you for being a part of this amazing and life-changing organization!! Feel free to contact me! Yours in Service, Michael Tran Cal-Nev-Ha KIWIN’S Awards Chair 2015-2016

Hiya Grizzliesss! I’m virtually extending you a warm welcome from Segerstrom High School in the Jet Division! I am 5 feet 3 inches. I am 16 years old. My GPA is 4.5789 weighted. I am class rank 11 out of 592. My shoe size is 6. I’m very easily amused. I have the ugliest laugh. I really really really hate cold weather. I love Korean dramas. Just kidding! I am Charissa Nguyen and I am blessed with the opportunity to serve as your District Convention Chair for the 2015-2016 term! I am a self-proclaimed clutz because everyone knows that I’m super duper forgetful and clumsy and I’m bound to break my ankles sometime this term, so please help your girl out! But enough about me, this year is about YOU. What can I do to make this year the best it can be for you? My goal this term is to incorporate as much of your ideas and suggestions as possible, so that the 40th Annual District Convention will be successful. I am extremely excited to work with District Board to make DCON 2016 the most memorable and rewarding experience for the members so I really hope you will go (it will make me so so so happy and grateful)! If you ever need a friend to talk to, don’t be afraid to message me! Yours in Service, Charissa Nguyen Cal-Nev-Ha KIWIN’S District Convention Chair



09 Hello KIWIN’S! My name is Carolyn Le and I hail from Fountain Valley KIWIN’S, Jet Division. I absolutely look forward to my term as CNH KIWIN’S District Kiwanis Family and Foundation Chair as well as working with both the members and officers! I’m 15 years old right now and some quirks about myself; I don’t sleep before midnight, I have a really varied taste in music, I’m really picky with my food selection, my division likes to make fun of how people think I’m three or four years older than I actually am and I get lost/left behind really easily for some reason! I always reply to people no matter what time it is; 3AM conversations are literally the best. I’m always down to go adventuring especially because I have yet to experience the “Southern California Life” as said by my friends! Some of my goals for this term really go back to the members as the scholarships and grants from the Foundation will only benefit the members and KIWIN’S clubs. Our Kiwanis Family is truly amazing and I only wish to see us KIWIN’Sers grow closer to our Kiwanis Family in the following years to come. As my position is rather new to KIWIN’S, I aspire to set a precedent but I can only do that through the teamwork of the entire KIWIN’S District! Please don’t be afraid of messaging me with any questions or if you just want to talk to me, I don’t bite! :) Yours in Service, Carolyn Le Cal-Nev-Ha KIWIN’S K Family & Foundation Chair 2015-2016

WHAT’S UP MY FELLOW KIWINNERS! My name is Meghan Hernandez and I am your 2015-2016 Membership Development and Education Chair. I am truly honored to serve you in this position. I love KIWIN’S with all my heart and I seriously can’t wait for the year ahead of us! I will be a junior at Glen A. Wilson High School and I am from Goldstone Division. I am also involved in Red Cross, NAMI on Campus High School, and Mock Trial. I have a passion for dancing and watching movie marathons and I absolutely love to read and meet new people. Don’t be afraid to hit me up on any social media. I’d love to talk to each and every one of you! This year will certainly be awesome and full of new, exciting events. I hope we can work together to fight MNT, spread awareness for Live2Learn, and raise funds for PTP. Thank you for being my OHANA and showing everybody else what KIWIN’S has to offer. I love you all and please, again, don’t be afraid to contact me if you have any questions or you just want to chat! Yours in Service, Meghan Hernandez Cal-Nev-Ha KIWIN’S Membership Development & Education Chair 2015-2016


10 Hey everyone! My name is Kevin Son, and I am proud to say that I am your District Technology Chair for the 2015-2016 term. I am currently 16 years old and finishing up my junior year at La Quinta High School. I have been an Aztec since I was a freshman and a Manatee since I was a sophomore, with no regrets, of course. I am so eager to serve on KIWIN’S District Board alongside such an amazing group of individuals this year. Without a doubt, I am confident that we will be able to bring forth great changes and innovations that will make KIWIN’S more successful than it has ever been. To give you just a little more insight about me, outside of KIWIN’S, I am currently a member of La Quinta’s Color Guard and Winter Guard Team. When I am not involved in extracurricular activities, doing volunteer work, or studying, I absolutely enjoy spending time on the Internet and my computer graphic designing, video editing, and web developing. KIWIN’S has definitely been one of the greatest surprises that came to me in high school. Even though I joined this organization sophomore year, I never aspired to be a leader within my club, let alone this entire district. However, as my time in KIWIN’S continued, I got the chance to meet my true passion for technological arts such as graphic designing, video editing, and web development. I found the perfect way to combine what I love to do both: KIWIN’S and technology. Therefore, I was appointed the position of Technician Chair for my home club. Later on, I have built the confidence and skill to apply for District Technology Chair with the help of my true KIWIN’S role model, Jennifer Ngo. I know that this year will allow us accomplish many goals and I am so excited to work with all of you this term! Yours in Service, Kevin Son Cal-Nev-Ha KIWIN’S Technology Chair 2015-2016

editor’s note Congratulations to the 2015-2016 appointed board! If you are reading the district newsletters for the first time, please check out the executive and lieutenant governor introduction on the following pages!



11 Hey KIWIN’S! My name is Jade Wong and I am so honored to serve as the District Governor for the 2015-2016 term. First and foremost, I would like to welcome you to the start of a great year. This year will be filled with memories, service, leadership, happiness, ohana, and maybe a little (okay a lot) of tears at the end. Just to say a little about myself, I’m from Goldstone Divison and currently a junior at Glen A. Wilson High School. In my free time, I enjoy binge watching Netflix, eating, and of course sleeping (when I can get some in). After three years in KIWIN’S, I can say that this organization has become a life passion of mine and I’m so grateful to be a part of such an incredible ohana. KIWIN’S has truly changed my life as it has given me so many amazing opportunities to develop my leadership, serve the community, and help change lives. I congratulate each and every one of you who has joined for committing yourself to bettering your home, school, and community. If you are still on the edge, I promise that you won’t regret the decision. Yours in Service, Jade Wong Cal-Nev-Ha KIWIN’S District Governor 2015-2016

Hi KIWIN’S! My name is Tiffany Nguyen, but you can call me anytime (¬u¬) I am your 2015-2016 District Secretary and I will be a senior at La Quinta High School, Jet Division! You can literally hit me up about anything from MRFs to math homework and it’ll be cool with me xD I have been told I have occasional OCD or that I subconsciously correct people’s grammar, but no habit can be as strange as saying “bless you” to strangers who sneeze while walking outside of your classroom ◉_◉ Some things I do outside of KIWIN’S include tennis, piano, Girl Scouts, or other clubs like NHS or CSF! Once every ten million years when I have free time, one of my guilty pleasures is watching hours of Friends or anime at a time!! I have no shame when I say I have watched entire seasons in one sitting. My taste in music ranges from depressing ballads to EXO, so whenever people ask what kind of music I like I never know what to say?? As for KIWIN’S, there is a special place in mi corazón for this family. I have been so inspired and so impacted by the individuals I was blessed with the opportunity to meet through this club, and I honestly can’t wait to see what we can accomplish!! <3___<3 Yours in Service, Tiffany Nguyen Cal-Nev-Ha KIWIN’S District Secretary 2015-2016


12 Hi friends!! It’s your District Treasure, uh I mean Treasurer* here and I could not be more excited for this upcoming term! A little bit about me first, I am currently a junior attending Edison High School from Jet Division and it will be my third year in KIWIN’S next year. A few things I hold dear to my heart include: biking to the HB Pier, eating Chipotle (with the extra guac), shopping with friends, and living vicariously through other people’s Snapchat stories. But enough about me, this year is all about the members and I am so grateful to be allowed the privilege of serving such a great District of people and I plan to make the most of it. I have a lot of new and fun things lined up for both club treasurers and general members regarding improving fundraising, increasing membership growth and retention, and spreading the infectious KIWIN’S love. One thing I am adamant about improving within clubs is incorporating innovation and creativity whether it be through fundraisers, service projects, or anything else for the members. I’m really going to push clubs to break out of their comfort zone and try to experiment with new ideas and events to improve themselves and raise membership. I’m sure you can all agree with me when I say KIWIN’S has changed my life, and I would love nothing more than to widen our Ohana so that other students can share the same experience. I hope you have all recovered from your post-DCON syndrome by now because it is time to get to work! Club Treasurers get ready to make some mad cash flow. Yours in Service, Kathy Bui Cal-Nev-Ha KIWIN’S District Treasurer 2015-2016

Hi KIWIN’S! If you had read my editor’s message in the beginning, then you’re great, but if you haven’t, it’s okay because you’ll learn more about me in this mini introduction. I’m very intersting; I swear. Okay to start off, I’m a junior at Glen A. Wilson High School from the Goldstone Division. I have been in KIWIN’S since my freshmen year and it wasn’t an easy ride but I love this organization too much so here I am today. DISCLAIMER: Please do not hate me for what I am about to say. Don’t get me wrong-Chipotle is my life but not the guac. I dislike guac so whomever out there hates guac too, bless you. I play the flute, but I don’t practice as much anymore; however, I do play when I’m extremely stressed because it somehow relieves my stress. Tumblr and Korean Dramas gets me talking and memes are my area of expertise so if you want to start a conversation with me, just bring up the latest thing on Tumblr or Korean Drama and we will become best friends. The things is, I want to know everyone of you guys better. Wouldn’t it be great to thank everyone in KIWIN’S because every one of you guys matter and help KIWIN’S grow every year. Don’t let others tell you otherwise. To all the editors: let’s have social this term because I am genuinely interested in getting to know everyone better. Onto my term goals-as your District Bulletin Editor, I’m making newsletters every month to ensure that members are connected with the district and having monthly meetings with the club editors to have communication and connection. I’m an advocate of featuring club officiers and members thus my newsletters would have multiple features. Be on the lookout for that! Holla at me if you have any questions relating to my position, design, or anything related to KIWIN’S. Get ready for the 2015-2016 term! Yours in Service, Andrea Hu Cal-Nev-Ha KIWIN’S District Bulletin Editor 2015-2016



13 Hi KIWIN’S! My name is Sena Ji, the Crystal Division Lieutenant Governor for the 2015-2016 term. I am currently a Junior at Fairfax Senior High School and KIWIN’S played a prominent role in my high school life. I’ve learned about the meaning of “Ohana” through KIWIN’S and important values such as responsibility, leadership, and most importantly, serving my community. Ever since freshman year, I met a lot of amazing and giving people through this organization that helped me grow as a person and share the same passion as me. Without my friends and family, I wouldn’t have become the person I am today. I absolutely love KIWIN’S because even though we are separated by distance, I believe that the people who touch our lives deeply in a short amount of time are the ones who are the hardest to forget. I look forward to serving you as your Crystal Ltg! With Polar Bear Cuddles, Sena Ji Cal-Nev-Ha KIWIN’S Crystal Lieutenant Governor 2015-2016 Hello KIWIN’S! My name is Anthony Orejana and I am Diamond division’s Lieutenant Governor for the 2015-16’ term. I am truly excited to work with all of you and continue to see not only our KIWIN’S ohana grow but, as well as your passion to serve. I have been part of KIWIN’S since my freshman year, but never really took an active role in the club until my sophomore year. And from then on the rest is history! I hope you’re all as excited as I am because, this year isn’t going to be great with all of your hard work and dedication to such an amazing organization. Aside from KIWIN’S I am part of my high school’s swim team, and that also has taught me many valuable life lessons that will be applied throughout my lifetime. Therefore, I highly encourage all of you to find an “outlet” in which you too can learn valuable life lessons as well as escape the stressful world we live in today. KIWIN’S has become a huge part of my life these past couple of years. And watching us work together as an organization has helped me see what it means to be a passionate “KIWINNER” It’s really amazing to see how much we as a family can change the world through our many projects such as the Eliminate project. I can’t believe I will be starting my last year of high school soon, which is exactly why I am motivated to give every ounce of effort I have left stored in my little body. I can go on and on explaining to you all about my life story, but there isn’t the time in the world for me to be able to do that. Therefore, I am going to leave you all with a quote a fellow swimmer once said to me, “Sometimes you just gotta want it.” And friends I can tell you now that if we all live with the same drive and motivation, there is nothing that we cannot accomplish together. Good luck to everyone on their AP studying, and “lettuce” close this school year out better than ever. Thank you! Anthony Orejana Cal-Nev-Ha KIWIN’S Diamond Lieutenant Governor 2015-2016 Hey KIWIN’S! I am Danilene Prodon and I am the incoming 2015-2016 Emerald Lieutenant Governor. I hope to reinvigorate Emerald, and I look forward to an amazing year of service and memories. If you want to know a little bit about me, I love to meet new people and try new things! I attend Otay Ranch High School and I am a part of class of 2016. Other than KIWIN’S I am involved in after school sports. I have lettered varsity in cross-country and track and field. Also, I’ve joined many other clubs at school such as Speech and Debate. I’ve been an alto singer in my church choir, and a soprano in my school’s regular choir and show choir. I really love pasta, dogs and mystery and crime shows. I love meeting new people and I hope to meet and learn more about all of you sometime! I have many goals for my coming term as Emerald’s 2015-’16 Lieutenant Governor. Emerald consists of 5 different schools located in San Diego: Otay Ranch HS, Olympian HS, Chula Vista HS, Rancho Bernardo HS, and Our Lady of Peace. I plan to work with my division to add more members to the KIWIN’S ohana and create new, exciting events for our community. I hope to encourage and help my members develop as leaders. I look forward to the new year and I am excited to make more memories with my division and everyone in KIWIN’S! Yours in Service, Danilene Prodon Cal-Nev-Ha KIWIN’S Emerald Lieutenant Governor 2015-2016




14 Hi my name is Sophia Uemura the Goldstone Lieutenant Governor 2015-2016. One question i often ask myself is, Does KIWINS’s deserve me or do I deserve KIWIN’s? This past few years has allowed me to conclude that I have deserved KIWIN’s to mature because this organization has given leadership and social skills that I would not have found on my own. But now KIWIN’s deserves me to step up as LTG. to give back what it has given me and to continue serving with a smile. :) Yours in Service Sophia Uemura Cal-Nev-Ha KIWIN’S Goldstone Lieutenant Governor 2015-2016

Hello Everyone! My name is Nicolette Cruz and I serve as the Jade Division Lieutenant Governor for the 2015-2016 term. For those who aren’t to sure where Jade Division is, we’re located up NorCal in the Bay Area! I’m currently a sophomore at Hercules High School where I also served as the Immediate Past KIWIN’S club president. As the 14-15 term gradually went by, I was able to really strengthen my confidence and passion for KIWIN’S. This led me to the decision of running for a position I would not have pictured myself in when I first joined two years ago. Alongside my family, friends, and academics, KIWIN’S has obtained a special place in my heart. The organization itself and the people in our OHANA have truly become the epitome of my thappiness. With that being said, if you’re ever bored, needing someone to talk to about anything (caution: I’m a big lover for Pretty Little Liars, dogs, and boba), just give me a message, text, tweet, or anything! I promise you, this Jaguar doesn’t bite!(: Burning with Jade Love, Nicolette Cruz, The Mama Jaguar of 15-16 Cal-Nev-Ha KIWIN’S Jade Lieutenant Governor I got Chu Flu yes I do! I got Chu Flu how bout you? Hi! My name is Richie Chu, the Jet Lieutenant Governor. I’ll start off by telling you where my whole KIWIN’S journey began. I was only a sophomore as my school KIWIN’S elections approached, I ran for club secretary to be able to put it on my college applications. Unsurprisingly, I was elected! (No one else ran). To my amazement, I fell in love with the organization because it provided me not only with a second family that immediately accepted me, but the opportunity to be a leader, which drove me to take on the position as club president and now Jet’s very own Lt.G! My home club never had much of a standing at the school, and I’m proud to say that as one of my biggest accomplishments throughout my high school career I was able to develop the club into one of the most active and known club at Edison. From there, I fell in love with being a leader, taking on the role as Lieutenant Governor to give back to what KIWIN’S has done for me by reaching even higher heights for the division and by working on the district level. Anyways, some non-KIWIN’S facts about me! As a competitive person, I satisfy desire to win by serving up plenty of bagels throughout my whole tennis career. On my downtime, I like to explore and listen to new music jamming out to genres such as EDM or indie. I’m proud to be a dork! Yes I admit that I play games such as League of Legends, and enjoy watching shows such as various K-Dramas. Cats are love, cats are life, but I don’t even own one. My friends think I might become a crazy cat man, but I only want at least 10 cats when I grow up. I’m Richie Chu and I am so excited for the 2015-2016 term because I know it is going to be a successful year being able to give back even more to the community alongside the KIWIN’S Ohana while getting to meet to grow bonds with all of you! Yes you! So, I have a question for you: Do you have the Chu-Flu? Yours in Service, Richie Chu Cal-Nev-Ha KIWIN’S Jet Lieutenant Governor 2015-2016



15 Hello, my name is Grisel Meza & I am Ruby’s Division LTG. I’m 16 years old & go to Ridgeview High School. I am a sophmore & one of my hobbies I love doing is photography. I actually have been the past photographer for the club since it has started. I decided that I am going to keep that position because i hope to make a career out of it one day. I really hope to make it to a great college or university & become a Photo teacher. My passion i have for photography is huge but not as big as for serving my community. Honestly, I’m actually barely knowing about this club since around late October. It’s crazy to know how many people & how many schools are involved with this organization, it’s pretty amazing. As a Kiwin this is my first year in this club, & it has blown me away. Not only is it my first year in the club but our first year back to Ridgeview as well. My high school had this club several years ago, & it was huge thing back then but since this club came late in the year no one knows about it. And that right there is one of my main goals. I want to get as many members as I can in my school as well as the other school in my division East High School. Our lack of membership has really affected me once I went to DCON. It made me realize how big of a job I have here. The spirt, the enthusiasm at DCON was incredible. It also taught me what I have to do to bring my division as big & as spirited as everyone else. One thing I do know is that DCON will change all of the members. I’ve never been so involved with this club or anything school related until I went to DCON. The truth is I cannot explain how DCON changed me, as a member & as a person myself. My love for this club/ organization has grew way more than it has back in October. Knowing that more than 500 people love serving the community just as much as I do is astonishing. I’m so excited for all I can do for this club, even if I’m just learning about this new position I have, I know that it is my responsibility to prove to my IP LTG that she did the right choice in picking me as her LTG elect. I know this is just the beginning to this new chapter in my life but words cannot explain how extremely grateful I am to serve as Ruby’s 2015-2016 LTG. And I know for a fact that I will give our division one heck of a year!

Hello!! My name is Reba Anil Mathew. I am currently a Junior (only three more weeks until school ends!) and I am so excited to end my senior year next year as the Lieutenant Governor of Sapphire Division for the 2015-16 term!! (that was a mouthful) I am from East Union High School, Manteca, which is in the Sapphire Division, and this is my second year in KIWIN’S! One thing everyone should know about me is my love for chocolates and anything that’s related to chocolates!!!! I also truly love spending my time with anything related to KIWIN’S, even if it’s preparing for a general meeting!! KIWIN’S has turned into my life, and I will work as hard as I can to end my last year of being a part of KIWIN’S very successfully! If you’re ever in a situation where you don’t know where I am, just stop and will hear the most rarest type of laugh ever, follow that laugh and you’ll find me… There isn’t much that I can tell you about myself, but if you ever asked any of the people that have met me already to describe Reba and to give a little summary about Reba, they will provide you a whole ten page essay in a font size of .01!! Thank you!! Reba Mathew Cal-Nev-Ha KIWIN’S Ruby Lieutenant Governor 2015-2016 Greetings! My name is Elise Umetsu, I am currently a junior at Adolfo Camarillo High School serving as the new Lieutenant Governor of the Turquoise Division. In my free time I like to read, swim, or nap with my cats while dreaming about KIWIN’S. I have been involved in KIWIN’S since my freshman year, starting as freshman class representative, then moving up to publicist my sophomore year, club president my junior year, and finally rising to the position of lieutenant governor as I enter my senior year. Needless to say, I am incredibly passionate about this organization and what it continues to do for others as well as myself. This year, I plan to take Turquoise to new heights by chartering the new school that is being built nearby in Camarillo, creating monthly division-wide service or fundraiser events in concurrence with my divisional council meetings, and attending club board meetings at least once a month for each of the four (soon to be five!) clubs in Turquoise in order to ensure their continuous growth and help prepare them for district events such as Fall Rally and District Convention. I am beyond thrilled to have the opportunity to contribute to the current and future success of KIWIN’S and to work with the incredible group of people on district board this year! #turquoisetakeover In caring and service, Elise Umetsu Cal-Nev-Ha KIWIN’S Turquoise Lieutenant Governor 2015-2016


The Eliminate Project raises money to provide vaccines for mothers and their babies in order to eliminate maternal neonatal tetanus. The disease is usually caused by tetanus spores found in soil entering cuts during childbirth. Maternal neonatal tetanus (MNT) effects are excruciating â&#x20AC;&#x201D; tiny newborns suffer repeated, painful convulsions and extreme sensitivity to light and touch. MNT also kill mothers too.However, it only costs $1.80 to provide vaccines in order to save both the mother and her child. More information



18 MAILE CHOW PRESIDENT JADE DIVISION RICHMOND HS GREETINGS FROM JADE DIVISION! Hey hey hey! My names Malie Chow from Richmond High School, Jade Division. Eliminate week turned out better than we expected! I can say it was really successful. Even though we didn’t have much help because most of our members are graduating this year, but with little members + our 2016 officers we managed to raise more than we expected. During the week we showed our spirit by

wearing blue and our MNT shirts, fundraised and pledged to Eliminate. We talked and explained about what MNT is and how $1.80 could make a difference even though it might not seem much. We fundraised by selling candy and went around asking for donations as well. Our goal was at least 80$-90$ but we reached over 100$ which was was really successful. Throughout the week we had loads of fun while doing something that can help many mothers and babies! At the end of MNT week we took a picture with our mothers and or a female figure we looked up to and wrote them letters of appreciation to them! We’re prepared to express our full potential and surpass the goal of future kiwin’s fundraisers, so anticipate the power of Richmond High KIWIN’S / JADE Division. :)

KATRINA DOMINGO & BRYAN THAI PRESDIENT EMERALD DIVISION OTAY RANCH HS and the officers educated their classmates and teachers about the Written by Katrina Domingo Hard work, dedication and generosity were all shown by the club officers and students at Otay Ranch High School to extend their help towards the victims of maternal and neonatal tetanus. This school’s KIWIN’S Club, a part of the Emerald Division, held ELIMINATE Week from May 26 until May 29 and raised an ample amount of money that surpassed the first goal of raising $100. In a span of three days, the previous and newly elected club officers worked together towards success. Danilene Prodon, Emerald Lieutenant Governor, collaborated among all the presidents of the division to make the week prosperous. At Otay Ranch High School, boxes and jars embellished with ELIMINATE designs were made by the members throughout the month of May in preparation for this week. These boxes and jars were disseminated among the officers and members for three days and gathered an astonishing amount of $316.34. The members

purpose of this week and emphasized the impact that their spare change and generosity can make. On the 27th of May, the officers also accumulated more contributions by giving out cookies and brownies for each donation a student gives. Mr. and Mrs. Umbarger donated $100 for this project to aid the division in reaching their goals. Other schools in the division garnered over $170 in total, which makes this week a total success for Emerald Division. Otay Ranch High School also did the eLEMONate challenge. Over 10 people accepted the challenge and ate a part of a lemon. Otters/Mustangs did this challenge to raise awareness about this amazing project that KIWIN’S participates in. The funds rose for this week by ORHS and other schools in this division had a lot of important outcomes. First, the money can inoculate about 300 mothers and infants against M/NT. It also helped the club officers build a stronger sense of cooperation. But most importantly, it proved that teenagers could make a difference in this world and that every small amount adds up and can lead to progress.



Every year, CNH KIWIN’S hosts an event called “Fall Rally” up North and South of California. The purpose of Fall Rally is to have the members gain awareness of this program and raise money in order to donate to the local hospitals. Clubs also raise money throughout the year to help with this program.

What is Pediatric Trauma Program?

Pediatric Trauma Program (PTP) raises funds to donate to local hospitals in order to save children injured by trauma. Its main goal is to develop local projects in order to reduce the amount of children getting killed by trauma. Unintenional injury is the number one killer of children under 14.

If you want to learn more about PTP, please check out:


what is live2learn? Realizing the need and interest in supporting the Major Emphasis Program through hands on service, a new service initiative will be created on a two year basis. All of the hands on service provided to children by Key Club International members can be directed to a single area of need to make a substantial impact. This service initiative directs and focuses the attention of KIWIN’S members to serve children in a specific hands-on approach.

what does KIWIN’S do?

KIWIN’S members currently will focus their time and talents on Live2Learn, specifically focused on 5-9 year old youth, with the main goals of promoting education and building literary skills. This program not only creates endless possibilities to strengthen the common goal of service, but also allows each KIWIN’S member to develop into a well-rounded individual community leader and lifelong advocate for children’s education.


22 The Women SPEAK Founding Team is excited to announce the establishment of the inaugural Women SPEAK Scholarships and Awards Program for deserving high school and college students

SCHOLARSHIP INFORMATION This year, Women SPEAK will award scholarships in the amount of $250-$500 to high school students and college students of any age who exemplify at least one of the key pillars of Women SPEAK through personal development, extracurricular activity, or interaction/involvement in his/her local community or campus.

PUBLIC SERVICE GRANTS This year, Women SPEAK will award up to 2 public service grants in the amount of $250 to high school students and college students of any age who wish to carry out a public service project that addresses at least one of the key pillars of Women SPEAK. Public service projects can range in scope including but not limited to a community service project, awareness event, or creative arts project.

OUTSTANDING CHAPTER AWARD This year, Women SPEAK will recognize one chapter for their outstanding work of furthering gender equity, awareness, and activism in their campus and/or community. This award is decided by the Women SPEAK Executive Team.

APPLY HERE Any questions, comments, or concerns, please email



JET DIVISION|EDISON HS CLUB HISTORIAN//MADELYN YOUNGERMAN event/DUCK-A-THON date/may 16, 2015 The Huntington Beach Duckathon took place at the Huntington Pier. Edison brought 17 people to volunteer for this event. Our shift was from 1:30-4:30 PM. The event was hosted to sell ducks that would be dropped off the pier and the first hundred ducks to arrive on the shore would get a prize. The volunteers would get a number on their hand to dictate what number

duck they would get. Richie Chu was the first duck getter, meaning he was the most important because the first duck was given a one thousand dollar prize. The rest of us would just collect the ducks after the first one was selected because the next 99 ducks were given prizes from a raffle. After we collected one hundred ducks we grabbed baskets to pick the rest of the ducks up from the sea. Since the duck collecting finished before our shift was over we went up to the tents to help in the booths.



2015 Editor’s remark: Congrats to the all members whose hard work paid off ! Keep doing great things for KIWIN’S and I’m looking forward to seeing more great things, KIWINNERS! Thank you Awards Chair, Michael Tran, for taking the time in choosing the Dsitrct Member of the Month, Officier of the Month, and Club of the Month!





{DOWNEY HS/DIAMOND DIVISION} thank you for your hardwork and dedication to service Congratulations Robert Perez!!! First I would like to congratulate you on receiving Member of the Month for May. Being the first recipient of any award for the term must be exciting!! Your role as a member is crucial not only to the success to the club you serve, but to the CNH KIWINâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S District and thus the organization as a whole. Thank you for your service and passion!You will make a leader through your service and caring it beyond your future. One again thank you for contributing!!


Yours in Service, Michael Tran





Jachin Moss (Palisades)

Bronte Sorotsky (Palisades)




Noelle Gavino (AOLP)

Mariana Sauceda (Chula Vista)


Derrick Kousavsth (Glen A. Wilson)

Edith Cabrera (Chaffey)


Asya Saechao (Richmond)

Justin Siu (Hercules)


Steven Chun (Edison)

Kim Nguyen (Los Amigos)

Anahi Estrada (Ridgeview)

Karina Flores (Ridgeview)


Ruby Sapphire Turquoise

Samantha Yang (East Union) Roshni Mathew (East Union) N/A






Editor’s Remark From May 22-24, your district board went under rigorous training and planning to make this year the best year for the district! Here are what we planned and we hope that this would help everyone out and connect us with similar goals this year. We made ‘goals’ and ‘stretch goals’ in order to push ourselves to the fullest potential. District Board at Your Service!





MEMBERS (stretch)


CLUBS (currently)





650 ATTENDEES (stretch)

DCON 2016//LAX

20 HRS


$14K $15K






2016 Projects






Editorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Ending Remarks I hope that the May Board Recap gave more insight on what we are aiming for together this year! Congratulations to the District Member of the Month and donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t forget to apply for Club of the Month and Officer of the Month!

ONE FAMILY. ONE MISSION. ONE WORD. KIWINâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S JADE WONG 2015-2016 District Governor (626) 688-9844

SENA JI 2015-2016 Crystal LtG (213) 235-5797

RICHIE CHU 2015-2016 Jet LtG (760) 622-3666

TIFFANY NGUYEN 2015-2016 District Secretary (714) 340-6036

ANTHONY OREJANA 2015-2016 Diamond LtG (224) 766-0730

GRISEL MEZA 2015-2016 Ruby LtG (661) 437-1260

KATHY BUI 2015-2016 District Treasurer (714) 725-248

DANILENE PRODON REBA MATTHEWS 2015-2016 Emerald LtG 2015-2016 Sapphire LtG (619) 395-2429 (209) 244-0911

ANDREA HU SOPHIA UEMURA ELISE UMETSU 2015-2016 District Bulletin Editor 2015-2016 Goldstone LtG 2015-2016 Turquoise LtG (626) 400-3983 (626) 623-8609 (805) 910-9951 NICOLETTE CRUZ 2015-2016 Jade LtG (925) 550-9260 MEGHAN HERNANDEZ 2015-2016 MD&E Chair (626) 483-6246

MICHAEL TRAN CAROLYN LE 2015-2016 Awards Chair 2015-2016 K Family Chair (714) 902-7080 (714) 235-0555 CHARISSA NGUYEN 2015-2016 Convention Chair (714) 659-2043

KEVIN SON 2015-2016 Technology Chair (702) 328-6302

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CNH KIWIN'S Gems/May 2015  

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CNH KIWIN'S Gems/May 2015  

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