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Urban Infill

Filling in the gaps of our Downtown

About Myself Phoenix Native Education ASU • • •

Bachelors of Studies of the Built Environment Masters of Architecture Masters of Urban Design

Live/Work/Extended Study New York Chicago Santander & Madrid, Spain Buenos Aries, Argentina

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AiT Creo Architects Phoenix’s Next Flight Phoenix Community Alliance –

Building Phoenix Communities Committee

Urban Design Writer,

What is Urban Infill? And why should we make it our goal? Infill development involves building and developing in vacant areas in city centers or urban settings. -Attract Businesses -Reduce the cost of infrastructure -Reduce Traffic Congestion and Air Pollution -Save Open Space -Create Livable Communities -Density Is Green -Provide a sense of Community and Pride

Phoenix in the 50’s

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Change is Incremental Street Art Scales of Infill Adaptive Reuse Lot Activation New Projects

Street Art

Scales of infill

Uniqueness Counts

Scales of infill

Uniqueness Counts

Scales on Infill

Uniqueness Counts

Adaptive Reuse

Lot Activation

New Projects The Right Way

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Sprawl Repair Toolkit

Getting Involved • My Plan Phoenix • Phoenix Urban Design Week 4/3/14 • Local First Arizona – Infill/adaptive reuse meeting 4/1/14 5:30pm

• Reinvent Phoenix – Community Design Workshop 3/24/14 6pm

Urban Infill, Miguel Martinez  
Urban Infill, Miguel Martinez  

Miguel's talk about Urban Infill at MicroDwell 2014