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Armonia ArmoniA is the ideal place to restore your energy levels from

the stress of day-to-day living.

An expert team of professionals will help you choose from the wide range of wellness opportunities, so you can find the best solution for moments of relaxation for couples, to share with friends, or as an exclusive gift to pamper someone special. We recommend you contact ArmoniA before you arrive so you can be ensured of enjoying our exclusive treatments. Let us lead you on your ideal path to well-being.









Beauty Day Lavender

... to find your natural balance


N 2013

New Programmes


1 back massage 1 foot reflexology 1 re-mineralizing body wrap Preparation path with Kneipp foot bath and herbal tea Euro 120.00 - Approx. 120 minutes


... to delicately purify yourself


1 body exfoliation with salt and oil 1 liquid rebalancing massage 1 draining wrap Preparation path with Kneipp foot bath and herbal tea Euro 125.00 - Approx. 120 minutes

Passion Flower inspiration

... a world of relaxation with inebriating exotic scents


1 body exfoliation 1 nourishing bath 1 body massage Euro 120.00 - Approx. 120 minutes

Calla Lily

.. to be immersed in total relaxation

. a

1 hot stone massage (50 min.) 1 nourishing pack with yogurt 1 facial treatment Soin Profilift Euro 190.00 - Approx. 2 hours and 20 minutes

For 2 or more days Gentianella

... a day of beauty for HER

Cotton flower 2-3 days ... for mothers to be

For couples Forget-me-not 2-3 days for two ... to share unforgettable moments





Dahlia 2-3 days ... a brief detoxifying and stimulating vacation

Lily & Gardenia 1-2 days for two ... an infinite world of relaxation to experience as a couple a 1 “PASSION-FLOWER INDULGENCE” NEW couples programme 2 facial treatments Cocon Therapy Euro 380.00

1 "ArmoniA" welcome ritual 1 body treatment with Nigritella 1 facial treatment with peat 1 body solarium session Euro 235.00 - Approx. 3 hours and 20 minutes

... to wake up the joy of liking yourself... for HIM

1 manicure with smooth hand pack 1 pedicure with floating foot pack 1 facial treatment Soin Thalasso Visage 1 head and shoulder massage Euro 240.00



Globe Flower

Camellia 3 days … to discover the millenary culture of oriental well-being

1 "ArmoniA" welcome ritual 1 body exfoliation 1 "ArmoniA" massage 1 facial treatment for men and Masque Modelant Yeux 1 body solarium session Euro 220.00 - ca. 3 hours and 20 minutes

1 "ArmoniA" welcome ritual 1 peat treatment: complete body 1 facial treatment Mille Lumière Euro 215.00 - ca. 2 hours and 20 minutes


... to shine with new light


1 manicure 1 pedicure spa “… a touch of Thai” 1 body treatment with Ribes Nigrum 1 facial treatment Soin Mille Hydratant Euro 275.00 - Approx. 4 hours and 20 minutes

Snow Flower… teen special

… a taste of well-being for the younger set


1 facial treatment for teens 1 hydrating aromatic pack 1 back massage Euro 140.00 - Approx. 120 minutes … a mini manicure offered FREE

1 draining wrap 1 liquid rebalancing massage 1 facial treatment Soin Thalasso Visage & Masque Yeux 1 press therapy Euro 225.00

1 Hammam for couples 1 massage for couples 1 polysensorial experience for couples with Ribes Nigrum Euro 350.00


1 Udvarthana 1 Kerala treatment with Swedanam 1 Shirodara Euro 250.00

Azalea 5 days ... surrounded with the aromas of spices and oils, oriental treatments give tranquillity and balance


1 Udvarthana treatment with Swedanam 1 Abhyanga treatment with Indian herbal wrap 1 traditional Thai massage 1 synchronized 4-hand massage 1 Shiatsu Euro 435.00



Maria Galland facial treatments Face cleansing

80 minutes - Euro 110.00

Deep cleansing treatment of the skin with steam, imperfections treatment, eyebrow reshaping, serum, massage and mask.

Note: If you add eyelash tinting to the treatment, the duration will be longer. Please request more information when you make your booking.

Soin Thalasso Visage

This sea algae and aloe facial mask energizes and stimulates your skin, leaving it wonderfully supple and moisturized, making it just the perfect holiday for every skin type!

Therapie Cocon

This exclusive wellness treatment combines the latest advancements in products with a massage ritual carried out by expert hands. Wrapped in the exclusive foam cocon, your beauty will flourish.

Soin Masque Modelant

This intensive facial treatment utilizes a self-warming mask to enhance the absorption and penetration of its essential ingredients. Inch by inch every area of your skin will be treated with specific substances, which will give your skin a much smoother, silkier and more supple look.

Facial treatment for men

Offers vitality and an extraordinary freshness to men's skin. R.T Arctic, the active energizing ingredient of HOMME GALLAND, protects against stress and the negative influences of the environment. The skin will feel reborn, regaining a smooth, attractive and well cared-for appearance.

60 minutes - Euro 95.00

60 minutes - Euro 105.00

60 minutes - Euro 110.00

60 minutes - Euro 90.00


Soin Profilift

60 minutes - Euro 110.00

Soin Mille LumiĂŠre

60 minutes - Euro 130.00

Soin Mille Hydratant

"Modelant Mille Hydratant" 75 minutes - Euro 120.00 "Thalasso Mille Hydratant" 60 minutes - Euro 120.00


60 minutes - Euro 110.00


Innovative "face lift" with a 3D effect. The combination of oriental massage movements inspired by Shiatsu and western techniques aid the active ingredients in working efficiently. Final result: the facial contours are noticeably firmed, clear and defined, as in after a face lift.

A very high level cosmetic treatment. A product with active ingredients based on vegetable stem cells extracted from a strain of rare apples and a very high quality grape, united with the TOP-CMG complex (white truffle, 24 karat encapsulated pure gold, peptides, cellular activator) to reduce the number of wrinkles and their depth, as well as prolong skin cell life, offering a fresh and radiant glow.

A hydrating treatment with an intense protective effect on the cells. The hydro-complex CP-DNA (bio-minerals of genuine pearls, micro-extract of algae, squalane olive oil, shea butter, sodium DNA), offers maximum hydration of the skin and promotes cellular functioning and restores firmness of the skin. Available in two versions: Modelant: firming and thermo-active, and Thalasso: refreshing and revitalizing.

New facial treatment by Maria Galland created for the needs of mature skin. Efficient active ingredients reduce the production of melanin and notably lighten the dark spots and the patches caused by aged skin. The skin takes on a lighter and more uniform colour and radiates a healthy glow.

Masque Modelant Yeux

Revitalizing and refreshing algae mask with the addition of special retinol vial for the delicate area around the contours of the eyes. Signs of stress and tiredness disappear, puffiness and bags under the eyes are noticeably reduced. To add to any other facial treatment excluding the protocols Soin Masque Modelant and Système dermatologique.

Masque Patch Lift Yeux

Refreshing patches dipped in a super-concentrated solution of the precious extract of apple stem cells: the perfect solution to save the day!

Euro 20.00

25 minutes - Euro 45.00

Facial treatment Système dermatologique 75 minutes - Euro 115.00

Facial treatment for teenagers 60 minutes - Euro 80.00

Maria Galland has created a system to regenerate the skin, based on dermatology without parabens and perfumes. This treatment can achieve various objectives: evens out the surface of the skin, reduces pigmentation problems, normalises impurities of the skin, comes to the rescue of irritated skin, has an anti-age effect, makes the skin more taut... the skin receives just what it needs, when it needs it. The secret is individuality! New for 2013: The new "ROUGE" line with highly effective antioxidant effects!

A treatment that soothes and equalises, specifically for young skin. Frees skin from impurities, cleans pores and normalises functions. The skin regains its natural, delicate and youthful glow.

With every facial treatment you will receive a personalized programme to take home.



Extra Slim up face Euro 35.00

This electro-stimulation session will tone up your face and neck area beautifully. We recommend the combination with the "Soin Masque Modelant" facial treatment as a perfect match.

Eyelash tinting

Euro 30.00

Eyebrow tinting

Euro 20.00

Eyelash and eyebrow tinting

Euro 45.00

Hair removal Full body solarium* Euro 20.00

Euro 20.00 / 50.00

This UVA sun bed will allow your skin to tan delicately and leave you with a beautifully, even, golden tan.

*Note! We wish to inform you that our solarium has been updated in accordance with the decree of 12 May 2011 n. 110 regulating the technical-dynamic characteristics, the form of use, the applications and cautions of the use of electro- mechanical apparatus for aesthetic use. This decree is in force to guarantee a high level of safety.



Hands & feet beauty ritual Manicure

Euro 40.00


Euro 50.00

Smooth hand pack

Regenerating, moisturizing hand treatment with Cocon mousse and coconut oil.

Floating foot pack

Relaxing, softening foot treatment with Cocon mousse.

Euro 35.00

Euro 35.00

"A TOUCH OF THAI..." PEDICURE & MANICURE SPA A wellness experience for hands and feet with green tea, Thai coconut and lemongrass.

For the hands Euro 60.00

Exfoliation ritual, manicure and warm, nourishing and aromatic pack.

For the feet

Exfoliation ritual, pedicure and relaxing foot massage.

Euro 80.00


Exclusive biocosmetic line for VitaNova


The polysensorial experience of "Vitanova� Re-vitalising body treatment with Nigritella 85 minutes - Euro 110.00

Nigritella is the orchid of the mountains. A small, dark violet flower with a natural smell of chocolate and vanilla. Perfect for particularly dry skin, the products of the new Vitanova line have antioxidant, soothing and toning properties, for silky soft skin.

Ribes Nigrum facial treatment

The moisturizing and calming effect of this treatment containing blackcurrant extract is obtained from particular cosmetic products that respect the physiology of your skin and do not contain any synthetic scents but only natural fragrances that evoke the sensations generated by the spectacular Trentino territory.

Ribes Nigrum body treatment

This is a wonderfully relaxing body treatment thanks to the regenerating and vaso-protective properties contained in the blackcurrant extract, offering radiance and smoothness to your skin through specific relaxing reflex movements.

Ribes Nigrum polysensorial face and body treatment

All five senses are stimulated through music, fragrances and manual movements to fully inspire the essence of Trentino. This complete treatment is delightfully relaxing and nourishing.

50 minutes - Euro 75.00

55 minutes - Euro 85.00

85 minutes - Euro 135.00



Peat treatments


The all-new peat treatments have been developed from the collaboration between Pavia University and Versilia Spa. Peat is a completely natural plant product, which is a dark brown, buttery mixture. The one we will use is the best quality peat: it comes from the Massaciuccioli Lake and it has formed in very ancient times; in an extremely long process, vegetable material has transformed into peat, enriched in minerals, vitamins, inorganic acids and natural antibiotics. The subsequent maturation in the saline/bromine-laden waters of the Versilia Spa has enhanced the many beneficial actions, such as: draining, microcirculation, balancing of the skin's pH, purifying of the skin, toning and tissue revitalization. It is especially recommended for treating cellulite, muscular tension and skin aging.

Peat wrap: total application 55 minutes - Euro 85.00 3 treatments - Euro 215.00

Peat wrap: partial application on back or legs 50 minutes - Euro 70.00 3 treatments - Euro 180.00

Total or partial application of peat, combined with relaxation in the Soft Pack tub. Especially recommended for muscle cramps due to the myorelaxing and micro-circulation action, and for its draining properties in the case of water retention. It has superb skin rejuvenating properties because it removes dead cells and purifies the skin. The treatment is completed with a hydrating massage using spa water lotion.

Peat application

Full body 20 minutes - Euro 50.00 Partial body 20 minutes - Euro 40.00

Scalp treatment

This treatment is highly re-mineralizing, revitalizes the micro-circulation, purifies the skin and is especially recommended for those suffering from an excessively oily scalp. Thanks to the skin purifying action of peat, it gives an immediate sensation of lightness to the hair and it provides the effect of thicker hair.

25 minutes - Euro 45.00 3 treatments - Euro 115.00



Body exfoliation Exfoliation with salt and oil 20 minutes - Euro 35.00

Exotic exfoliation

Hydrating Rasul wraps and Soft Pack Bath This type of treatment will not only offer the healthy benefits of its specific wellness products and the comfort of a warm immersion. Floating lightly in the water bed, or surrounded by essences and steam, you will experience the sweet sensation of flying and dreaming...

20 minutes - Euro 35.00

Rasul Innovation

45 minutes - Euro 45.00

This deep peeling treatment activates a draining effect on your body and promotes silky smooth skin while preparing it for a wrap.

Pleasant purifying and aromatic ritual for the body. Stimulates the regeneration of the skin offering a luminous and fresh glow. The perfect preparation before a massage or wrapping treatment.

Steam bath, aroma and colours accompanied by a hydrating body mask. The intense action of the steam on vasodilation helps absorption of the precious active ingredients ad organic products, paraben-free and completely dermo-compatible. For a skin that is silky and hydrated.

Nourishing and soothing pack with yogurt

Particularly suitable for dry and dehydrated skin. The high-quality organic and natural ingredients restore the physiological balance and enrich the skin.

Revitalizing pack

Energizing beauty wrap that makes the skin soft and radiant.

20 minutes - Euro 40.00

20 minutes - Euro 40.00


Body sculpture menu By virtue of the exclusive cosmetic lines used at the ArmoniA Centre, there is a new way of thinking about body care... the secret is individuality. The skilful combination of spa products and active ingredients, together with hightech aids, offers the possibility of treating and targeting different areas of the body, each with its own unique needs. In addition, the opportunity to combine multiple treatments for face, hands and feet, makes it possible to optimize time resulting in cost savings.

Anti-cellulite body treatment with peat

...and extracts of Fucus, Ivy, Asian Centella and Chili Pepper. Local peat application in cellulite-affected areas, with a massage to amplify the scrubbing effect of the peat itself, this treatment is completed by applying another dose of peat in targeted areas enriched with the specific anti-cellulite product. To conclude, a local massage with anti-cellulite gel made with mineral peat and thermal water.

"Slim up" body treatment

Thanks to the combination of the electro stimulation treatment and the infra-red rays, your figure will be literally shaped through muscle toning, your metabolism improved and your silhouette visibly enhanced. A minimum number of 4 treatments are recommended.

50 minutes - Euro 75.00

45 minutes - Euro 60.00

NOTE: To ensure maximum hygiene and safety, at the first treatment we will charge Euro 25.00 to purchase a set of disposable adhesive pads.

Hips, abdomen, buttocks

50 minutes – Euro 80.00


25 minutes – Euro 50.00


Firming and thermoactive treatment.

Targeted manual techniques and rich formulations for tired legs.

Press therapy

Press therapy is a specific treatment that favours body draining through the intense effect it activates on your microcirculation; particularly ideal to combat the "heavy leg" feeling, cellulite and to eliminate fatigue after sports activity.

Mint wrap – legs treatment

This treatment is particularly effective, thanks to the refreshing gel and salt wraps which are applied to your legs; just perfect to combat that "heavy leg" feeling.

20 minutes - Euro 45.00

20 minutes - Euro 40.00


50 minutes - Euro 80.00

Breast & Décolleté

50 minutes - Euro 80.00


Complete cleansing treatment of theback.

Electrostimulation and specific products to enhance the appearance and effect tensor muscle tone of the breast and décolleté.

50 minutes - Euro 80.00


Treatment with a toning and stretching effect to the arm muscles.

Personalized “BODY SCULPTURE” package

15% discount when you reserve 4 treatments from the list above.



Massages: body & soul harmony 45 minutes - Euro 60.00

ArmoniA Massage

Allow yourself to enjoy the relaxation of a classical massage carried out by the expert hands of our team.

Liquid rebalancing massage

A manual massage that aids the flow of the lymphatic system, with draining and detox effects.

45 minutes - Euro 60.00

The Dr. Vodder Lymph draining method 50 minutes - Euro 70.00

Specific massage

25 minutes - Euro 45.00 50 minutes - Euro 70.00

Sport massage

25 minutes - Euro 45.00 50 minutes - Euro 75.00

This is a targeted massage technique used for water retention and heaviness of the limbs. It is performed in sectors with delicate rhythmic movements. Reinforces the immune system and relaxes the nervous system.

Personalized deep massage that acts on muscles and on highly tensed areas. Trust in the skilful hands of our operators.

This massage improves your performance if done before the activity and has relaxing effects when following sports.


We recommend combining each massage with a wrap.


Aroma massage

We invite you to explore the fantastic world of aromathology. A special massage using essential oils will allow you to experience the true well-being of your senses.

Hot stone massage

In this ancient massage technique, muscular contractures are relaxed by using lava stones and hot oils, which release the vital qi energy in the body's meridians.

Hawaiian “Lomi Lomi� massage

The art of a light rhythmic massage and the beneficial effects of the essential oils are combined to create the sensation of complete relaxation, and expel any tension to reach your ideal psychophysical balance.

Foot reflexology

This technique is an Oriental tradition based on the theory that our body is reflected on the soles of our feet. Therefore, the stimulation and massage of specific foot areas will positively influence the respective body organs, relaxing and balancing them through reflexology.

50 minutes - Euro 75.00

50 minutes - Euro 75.00 80 minutes - Euro 110.00

50 minutes - Euro 75.00

45 minutes - Euro 60.00


Shiatsu means finger pressure on certain body points to balance the qi energy that flows freely along the body's meridians and promotes self-healing. This Oriental method reduces any stress and tension that may be present in the body, enhancing vitality. (We advise you to wear light, comfortable sportswear.)

Traditional Thai massage

This massage technique is carried out lying on a futon at floor level. The therapist will use pressure techniques and special stretching movements to impart positive energy through your body, enhancing vitality and wellbeing. (We advise you to wear light, comfortable sportswear.)

50 minutes - Euro 85.00

50 minutes - Euro 85.00 75 minutes - Euro 105.00

Energy rebalancing

75 minutes - Euro 105.00

This combination of Oriental massage techniques is used to stimulate the body's energy flow and will leave you feeling relaxed and full of vitality.


Ayurveda Ayurveda means “knowledge of life� and has its origins in ancient Indian Medicine. The balance among the energy sources present in your body, Vata, Pitta and Kapha, which mean movement, transformation and stability, creates a deep sense of all-round well-being.



This particular massage combines a natural peeling treatment using the combination of hot oils and specific herbal substances, which is ideal for all body builds.


The Abhyanga massage is part of traditional Indian science; it has calming, relaxing and energizing properties, while it purifies and nourishes skin and tissues.

50 minutes - Euro 80.00

50 minutes - Euro 85.00

Abhyanga & Indian herbal wrap

80 minutes - Euro 115.00


75 minutes - Euro 95.00

The Abhyanga massage is completed by a purifying and relaxing Indian herbal pack.

Kerala is the most popular Abhyanga massage, with relaxing motions on the head and face, to guarantee incomparable relaxation.

Kerala with Swedanam

The combination of the Kerala Ayurvedic massage and Swedanam, a traditional Indian aromatic steam bath, offers a deep sense of relaxation and purification.


This is the most intense Ayurvedic treatment of all, during which a thread of warm oil is poured onto the third eye zone of your forehead at the sixth Chakra. Such a relaxing treatment helps you to free your entire mind of any heaviness and, by so doing, allows your body to abandon itself into a state of deep relaxation.

Synchronized 4-hand massage

The synchronized movements of two expert Ayurvedic therapists work together to create the perfect synergy between your own body/self and the surrounding world.

80 minutes - Euro 105.00

Abhyanga con Shirodara 75 minutes - Euro 110.00

50 minutes - Euro 125.00


Duo treatments for couples Hammam*

Duo treatment: 45 minutes - Euro 75.00

Rasul Innovation*

Steam bath, aroma and colours accompanied by a hydrating body mask. The intense action of the steam on vasodilation helps absorption of the precious active ingredients ad organic products, paraben-free and completely dermo-compatible. For a skin that is silky and hydrated.

Bottich bath*

Enjoy soaking in a relaxing wooden tub bath, perfumed with the essential oils of your choice, heady herbs and aromas or a smooth milk and cream emulsion. Simply an easy way to unwind in a delightful nostalgic Bottich tub atmosphere.

Duo treatment: 45 minutes - Euro 80.00

Duo treatment: 20 minutes - Euro 45.00


This is a stimulating Oriental ritual of skin cleansing, using black olive oil soap, a peeling glove and argan oil that leave your skin silky smooth.


Passion-flower Indulgence 115 minutes - Euro 260.00

Couples polysensorial experience with Ribes Nigrum 85 minutes - Euro 210.00

Massage for couples

50 minutes - Euro 130.00

An exclusive ritual for couples with a "green" soul. Exotic ingredients of rare quality collected in an environmentally responsible way, ideal for your skin care, leading you through charming scents in a true feast for the senses. Purifying and smoothing exfoliation, a nutrient bath and a relaxing massage to share two hours of relaxation and regeneration with a special person.

Antique beauty recipe with natural products derived from Ribes Nigrum to offer moments of relaxation for couples. The relaxing bath paired with a regenerating ritual for face and body give the skin the nutrients they need in a natural way, imparting a profound sensation of well-being.

Surrender to a relaxing massage with your partner: a unique moment to share.

* We recommend combining these treatments with a couple's massage.


Morning beauty 30

MARIA GALLAND FACIAL TREATMENTS 110,00 95,00 105,00 110,00 90,00 110,00 130,00 120,00 120,00 110,00 20,00

88,00 76,00 84,00 88,00 72,00 88,00 104,00 96,00 96,00 88,00 16,00



115,00 80,00

92,00 64,00

Face Cleansing Soin Thalasso Visage Therapie Cocon Soin Masque Modelant Facial treatment for men Soin Profilift Soin Mille Lumiére Soin Modelant Mille Hydratant Soin Thalasso Mille Hydratant Infiniblanc Masque Modelant Yeux (in addition to facial treatments) Masque Patch Lift Yeux (single treatment) Système Dermatologique Teenager

THE BEAUTY RITUAL FOR HANDS AND FEET 40,00 50,00 35,00 35,00 60,00 80,00

32,00 40,00 28,00 28,00 48,00 64,00

Manicure Pedicure Smooth hand pack Floating foot pack “A Touch of Thai” manicure SPA “A Touch of Thai” pedicure SPA



75,00 85,00 135,00

60,00 68,00 108,00

Re-vitalising body treatment with Nigritella Ribes Nigrum facial treatment Ribes Nigrum body treatment Ribes Nigrum polysensorial face and body treatment

EXTRAS 35,00 30,00 20,00 from 20,00 to 50,00 20,00

28,00 24,00 16,00 16,00 40,00 16,00

Slim up face Eyelash tinting Eyebrow tinting Hair removal Full body solarium

The prices are in Euro. For any treatments carried out by 1:00 pm the rates written in gold will apply.


PEAT TREATMENTS 85,00 215,00 70,00 180,00 50,00 40,00 45,00 115,00

68,00 56,00 40,00 32,00 36,00 -


Peat wrap: total application 3 treatments Peat wrap: partial application 3 treatments Peat application: full body Peat application: partial body Scalp treatment 3 treatments



60,00 80,00 80,00 45,00 40,00 80,00 80,00 80,00

48,00 64,00 64,00 36,00 32,00 64,00 64,00 64,00


28,00 28,00 36,00 32,00



Exfoliation with salt and oil Exotic exfoliation Rasul Innovation Nourishing and soothing pack with yogurt Revitalizing pack


50 min. 25 min. 50 min. 25 min. 50 min. 80 min.

50 min. 80 min.


Anti-cellulite body treatment with peat "Slim up" body treatment Hips, abdomen, buttocks Legs Press therapy Mint wrap – legs treatment Back Breast and & Décolleté Arms

60,00 60,00 70,00 70,00 45,00 75,00 45,00 75,00 75,00 110,00 75,00 60,00 85,00 85,00 105,00 105,00

48,00 48,00 56,00 56,00 36,00 60,00 36,00 60,00 60,00 88,00 60,00 48,00 68,00 68,00 84,00 84,00

ArmoniA Massage Liquid rebalancing massage The Dr. Vodder Lymph draining method Specific massage Sport massage Aroma massage Hot stone massage Hawaiian “Lomi Lomi” massage Foot reflexology Shiatsu Traditional Thai massage Energy rebalancing


AYURVEDA 80,00 85,00 115,00

64,00 68,00 92,00

95,00 105,00 110,00 125,00

76,00 84,00 88,00 100,00

Udvarthana Abhyanga Abhyanga & Indian herbal wrap Kerala Kerala with Swedanam Shirodara Synchronized 4-hand massage

75,00 80,00 45,00 260,00

60,00 64,00 36,00 208,00





Hammam for couples Rasul Innovation for couples Bottich bath for couples Passion-flower Indulgence treatment for couples Couples polysensorial experience with Ribes Nigrum Massage for couples

PLEASE NOTE: No other offers are applicable in conjunction with this price list. Please book ahead of time to ensure your treatments with the advantageous prices of the “MORNING BEAUTY� offer. On the first appointment you will be asked to complete a short questionnaire on health conditions in order to assess the suitability of the treatment required and to act in full respect for and protection of your well-being. Please arrive at the centre 15 minutes before your treatment time in order to prepare for the treatment in a relaxed manner. In case of delay, to respect the bookings of the next appointments, the treatments may undergo changes or be reduced in time. Appointments not cancelled with a minimum 24-hour notice will be charged 50% of the original price.




Aqua Gym

Yoga Gym Regulations • Suitable fitness clothing and shoes should be worn in the gym (bathrobes and slippers are not acceptable). • Please respect other gym users by leaving the equipment tidy after use. • Children under 12 years of age may use the gym until 2.00 PM if accompanied by parents.

Yoga positions express an ancient “wisdom” through beautiful movements. Experiencing this wisdom leads us to health and a pleasant, natural feeling of spirit and self-conscience. Yoga can be practised at any age.


Simple exercises of equilibrium and body posture, which follow the philosophy of Joseph Pilates; accompanied by relaxing music.


Zumba is dance and fitness, healthy and pure fun on the rhythm of Latin music ideal for tonification and modeling of the body.

Body Tonic

Opening Times • Daily from 7.00 am to 8.00 pm

Whilst immersed in water, we can exploit the reduction of our bodily weight and avoid overloading our bones and joints, which will allow us to strengthen our musculature and activate our circulatory apparatus at the same time.

Training aimed at strengthening the whole body, through which belly, legs, buttocks and back are mainly trained, leading to a steadier posture and a better defined figure.

Super Abs (super abdominals)

A special tone-up session for those muscles which are quite hard to find: the abdominals!


A special program for stretch our musculature. Both body and mind can relax!


Mountain Bike or guided walks.


The ArmoniA Centre

• • • • • • • •

Please take off your slippers and any items of clothing before entering the saunas or the Turkish bath. Please wear your swimming costume in the hydro massage and in the relaxation area. Quietness would be appreciated in the relaxation area. Please avoid taking items of value into the ArmoniA Centre. Mobile phones should be turned off. Children under 12 years of age are admitted if accompanied by parents, from 10.00 am - 2.00 pm. Appointments not cancelled with at least 24 hours notice will be charged 50%. In case of a late arrival, in order to respect other guests' appointments, treatment times may have to be varied or shortened.

The ArmoniA team thanks you for your attention and wishes you a pleasant stay



Tel. ArmoniA +39 0464 566.755 Intercom 755 Viale Rovereto, 44 38066 Riva del Garda (Trento) - Italy Tel. +39 0464 566.600 Fax +39 0464 566.566

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