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Beauty Isn’t Gender By: Andrea Flores “I really hope people who maybe haven’t been confident enough to try out makeup see me and realize literally anyone can do it and feel beautiful”, said by internet personality James Charles. The world of makeup is changing a lot thanks to Youtube beauty influencers like James Charles. Who is also the first male CoverGirl spokesperson. There are quite a few male makeup personalities on Youtube who inspire, and influence everyone and let them know that anyone can wear makeup. The art of makeup should be able to be appreciated from people of any sexuality, race, or gender. For example, male makeup YouTubers are some of the best MUA’s on the internet. When I think of any beauty blogger it’s Manny MUA. The Mexican-American YouTuber is the first ever male ambassador for Maybelline New York. I feel like so many people can relate to his Latino heritage in a way. He shares on his Youtube channel how hard it was for him to come out in a strict Latino household. He was so scared what his parents would say, but when he did they accepted him for who he was. He had realized there was no point of him being so scared. A quote that Manny MUA wants everyone to know is, “Don't let anyone stop you from what you are doing, from your dreams and what you want to do”. Male makeup beauty artists are also killing the makeup game. Artists such as Jeffree Star, Manny MUA, and Patrick Starr have created their own makeup lines for all their fans to love. YouTube makeup artists such as Jaclyn Hill and Patrick Starr

have collabed with celebrities such as Kim Kardashian West, Katy Perry, and Jessie James on their channels for all of their fans to watch.

YouTube beauty bloggers set trends and shape pop culture. “ 70% of subscribers say these YouTube personalities shape and change pop culture and 60% of them say they would make buying decisions based on a recommendation of their favorite YouTube beauty artist over the recommendation of a TV or movie star,” according to Forbes.

It’s important to let everyone know of any kind no matter the circumstance that is it perfectly fine for anyone to wear makeup. Male beauty vloggers post and share their works of art on the internet to show and express their talent. We get to learn from these male beauty vloggers and help support and celebrate them because they aren’t ashamed to embrace or share what they love.

Beauty Isn't Gender  
Beauty Isn't Gender