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Plantar Fascitis Heel & arch pain

What is it? Plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of the plantar fascia or irritation at its attachment on the medial (big toe side) aspect of the calcaneous (heel).

Plantar fasciitis is often related to excessive weight-bearing.

Causes & Symptoms Causes

This is an overuse injury that is brought on by excessive jumping, poor mechanics such as overpronation with plie, jumps or excessive turnout in gait.



You may notice pain at the medial heel after increased use, toward the end of class or end of the day. The pain can be aggravated by dancing on hard surfaces, and is typically worse in the morning or when standing after prolonged sitting.

Treatment 1) Roll arch on frozen water bottle during acute (new injury) phase

2) Cross friction massage at the site of attachment to reduce soft tissue restrictions

3) Hip, gastrocnemius/soleus (calf) and foot intrinsic muscle stretching and strengthening

4) Modify activities by reducing aggravating movements.

5) Cross train with floor barre, cycling, Pilates or swimming until inflammation subsides

6) Address technique and alignment dysfunction.

7) Seek medical attention if symptoms persist; gentle manipulation and myofascial release techniques are recommended.

8) Manual therapies are also recommended to promote and re-establish proper mechanics and prevent the formation of scar tissue. info@

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Plantar fascitis  

Plantar fascitis - Another brochure for LondonDanceClinic. c

Plantar fascitis  

Plantar fascitis - Another brochure for LondonDanceClinic. c