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Lateral Hip Pain: Iliotibial Band Syndrome

What is it? Iliotibial Band Syndrome occurs when the iliotibial band, which runs from the lateral hip down to the knee, becomes tight. This tightness can cause the tendon to “flip� over the outside bony prominence of the knee (lateral tibial tubercle) as the knee flexes.

The tightness can also affect the mechanics of the whole lower limb and pelvis.


You may experience the following:

• Pain and or swelling on outside of the knee

• Tight hip flexors

• Outside hip pain in your stance leg

• Painful “pop” when you plie, jump, or developpé


1) Rest

2) Ice the insertion point at the knee.

3) Use of a foam roller: manual therapy can assist in releasing tight tissues

4) Avoid grand pliĂŠ and 5th position.

5) Evaluate training schedule to determine if you are over training

6) A kinetic chain/ biomechanical examination is advised. info@

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Lateral hip pain  
Lateral hip pain  

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